Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Would You Bang? Ayla Brown

Senator-elect Scott Brown has challenged President Obama and his choice of teammate (presumably Reggie Love) to a game of two-on-two against him and his daughter, Ayla. Would you want to go one-on-one with the 6-foot Boston College Eagle and former American Idol contestant?

And guess what fellas, she's available:


Bill said...

she's tall and plays b-ball. I find that super hot.

Juice said...

don't sleep on her sister....

Derek said...

Yeah the sister's an SU student, if we drove to Faegan's next weekend, who knows maybe one of us would get the chance.

Points for:

Republican (that means good in bed)

Points against:

Might be taller than me, that would be awkward

Fuck BC!

That's 2-1 (available doesn't really count) so my vote should be no but she is frickin I give my (almost) universal answer which is...why not?

Paul said...

She doesn't have much in the way of boobies, nor does she have an ass.

As for her face I looked at a lot of pictures trying to figure this one out.

Using Master Bates Hall of Fame criteria (if you have to think about it the answer is no) the answer is no.

ton said...

I agree with you on the pics Poop...but I actually remember the Idol audition...and immediately thinking she was pretty damn I'm a yes.

The Concierge said...

Come On! She is young, has long legs and a pussy right?

Derek said...

Since when did we use "Hall of Fame Criteria" when it came to banging?? I find it safe to say if we did that, most of us would still be least I would.

Anonymous said...

Whoever said no is fucking gay. End of story