Friday, December 25, 2009

Bo Obama Barks at Santa Claus

Michelle Obama is trying to read stories to children and Bo interrupting by warning the strange man in the red suit to back away from his family.

As much I love Bo that little ham Sasha is still my favorite Obama.


Freedo said...

Hopefully Sasha got The President something to make him realize his presidency will be over in 3 years because he insists on shoving a health care reform plan down our throats that his constituents have no interest in receving

dorotheaa45 said...

He is not shoving anything down my throat. I have not had health insurance for 4 years. I am still paying out of pocket for an ER visit and ambulance ride. I had been working as a temp for much of the end of bushs' term, because I was laid off in the beginning of bush/cheney term. I finally started a real job, November 2nd (thanks Prez. Obama). The President has my vote.

Anonymous said...

Obama is like Jimmy Carter. But like, way worse.