Saturday, November 20, 2010

Get Er Done

If Denny Hamlin wins the NASCAR Sprint Cup I will win $130. I bet on Hamlin in early May at the Conch's Bachelor Party. Hamlin leads 4-time defending champion Jimmie Johnson by 15 points. His lead would have been bigger but his crew chief cautiously made him stop for gas last week costing him valuable track position. Instead, he can win if he finishes 3 places behind Johnson (assuming they both earn the same amount of bonus points) which would likely mean a tie, Hamlin owns the tiebreaker with more wins.

Either way, I'm proud of my bet, showing once again my NASCAR knowledge.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Democrats Need Someone with Proven Leadership in Washington

Representative Heath Shuler says he will challenge Nancy Pelosi for the position of House Minority Leader when Congress goes back in session in the new year. Shuler has no chance of winning because despite her insanity Democrats still love her. Also, Shuler is about as conservative as a Democrat can be (he’s from North Carolina, big on family values and a fiscal conservative) which means he’s mostly unpopular inside his own party. What he’s hoping to accomplish by this is to bring the Democrats back to the center instead of the far left where Obama and Pelosi have taken them.

I’m a major supporter of Shuler’s because I like his politics and because he’s the best quarterback the Redskins have had since Mark Rypien. Unfortunately his career was derailed by injuries. But maybe it was a blessing in disguise because now he was forced to turn to a second career, one in which he can accomplish goals toward a greater good.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Upon Further Review

ESPN completely blew its initial reporting on Donovan McNabb's new contract causing me to overreact.
Turns out the $40m guaranteed figure was completely wrong. The only thing he is guaranteed is $3.75m. They paid him that money for the right to lock him in at $12.5m for next season. But if this year ends in disaster (seems quite possible) and they decide to part ways, they can. If not, they pay him a $10m bonus and another $2.5m in base salary for 2011. After that they can cut him at any time, like any other NFL contract. If not, his salary is about $13m per, not including incentives.
So while the deal is bad, and especially ill-timed it is not the franchise killer I feared when I read ESPN’s initial erroneous reporting.

Song of the Week

"Aston Martin Music" - Rick Ross featuring Drake and Chrisette Michele
I like Rick Ross, love Chrisette Michele and hate Drake. 2 out of ain't bad.
Plus this is the first rap I've ever heard to mention Elroy Jetson.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The NFL is Poop - Week 10

The Most Embarrassing Loss in History
I have never seen a more disgraceful performance in my life than the stinker the Redskins put up against the Eagles. The fact that they ended up scoring 4 touchdowns to make it seem less bad at 59-28 doesn’t wipe away the worst first quarter in the history of the NFL. The Redskins allowed 28 points (and that doesn’t include the touchdown on the first play of the 2nd quarter), and put up 23 yards while making no first downs. The fact that this came at home was bad enough but the timing of it makes it even worse. The Redskins just gave a 5-year, $78m contract to one of the worst starting QBs in the NFL (29th out of 34 qualifiers in passer rating) and then get smoked like this on Monday Night Football. McNabb finished with 17 for 31 for 295 yards and 2 touchdowns including a couple nice long balls. But don’t let that hide the facts. He absolutely sucked while this game was even the least bit competitive. 2 for 6 for six yards and no first downs. Anything he did after doesn’t matter, the game was over at that point. And we are signed up for 5 more years of this shit.

Best Performance Ever
Michael Vick just played the best game any quarterback has ever played. 20 for 28 for 333 yards, doesn’t sound great but when you dig deeper and see how he did early, the perfect passes he threw, with high degrees of difficulty, I’d be hard pressed to remember a finer performance. And he had another 80 yards and 2 touchdowns running. Granted the Redskins defense provided little or no resistance (at least in part due to the fact they were on the field for the entire first quarter) but he was just plain awesome. I’m not sure what they did to him in prison but he has become a much better quarterback. He could always throw, he could always run, but now he is hitting the right receivers at the right time. Even though he missed a few games, at this point it would be almost impossible not to give him the MVP award.

The Most Amazing That Did Not Happen in the Redskins-Eagles Game
An amazing Hail Mary completion by David Garrard to Mike Thomas to give the Jaguars a 31-24 win over the Texans. You almost never see these plays actually work. I don’t blame Glover Quin for batting the ball as he did, that is what you are supposed to do and the Jags just got really lucky to grab the deflection.

If the Super Bowl Were Played Right Now
New England Patriots 31 Atlanta Falcons 17
Note: Because the league is so topsy-turvy this year, I am bringing this back for a little while.
A week ago the Patriots got bamboozled by the Cleveland Browns then they dominated the Pittsburgh Steelers on the road. Who else would you pick from the AFC? The Jets? They just played three bad games in a row and only emerged 2-1 because the Lions and Browns are inferior. The Ravens? They just lost to the Falcons, though in very questionable fashion (uncalled offensive pass interference by Roddy White). The Colts? Yeah they have Peyton Manning but everyone else is hurt. I actually do like the Raiders and the Chargers but I need to see 2 or 3 more wins from each before I’m a believer.
As for the NFC, the Falcons have the best record, the Giants just got embarrassed by the Cowboys, the Bears are the worst 6-3 team ever and though I like the Packers they have a lot of injuries and some poor play too.

Monday, November 15, 2010

This Makes No Fuckin Sense

Many of you who read this blog do so because you want my unique perspective on things. So I assume many of you are wondering what I think of the news that Donovan McNabb has been given a 5 year $78 million dollar extension by the Redskins.
I think Dan Snyder must be fuckin nuts.
And I think Mike Shanahan must not be running the show.
Shanahan rightfully benched McNabb for being terrible, and it's like Snyder felt the need to apologize. I have no idea why this happened now, with no one interested in his services for next year and the possibility of a lockout looming.
Maybe Snyder thinks he can salvage this season by making McNabb happy.
But he can't McNabb isn't good anymore. He's the 25th rated QB in the NFL. You can easily replace that.
Colt McCoy is better than him right now, why wouldn't we dump McNabb and try to get someone else in the draft.
This is why all my teams suck. An ownership unwilling to bite the bullet and suck, instead choosing the path of expensive contracts for old shitty veterans.
In about a year, the Redskins will be wanting to do to McNabb what they wanted to do to Albert Haynesworth in the summer, ie cut him and pay him $40m guaranteed for one year of service.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Weekly Picks

If Jerricho Crotchery throws Santonio Holmes a block in overtime I'm celebrating a 5 point week. Instead I'm licking my wounds and remembering why I hate the Jets. Lots of games I like this week, because there are so many spreads that are essentially pickems.

new york jets -3 CLEVELAND
I think the Jets are better. I recognize the Browns are good but they get lucky too. Maybe the Jets will be the first team to make Colt McCoy look like a rookie.

houston +1 1/2 JACKSONVILLE
The Texans are a better team. The Jags are very up and down and I think this is their time to be down.

philadelphia -3 WASHINGTON
We suck. The Eagles are much better. The last game was a fluke. Even if we hurt Vick again we're not going to win this game.

dallas +13 1/2 NEW YORK GIANTS
Last week Dallas lost by 38 and the Giants lost by 34. Those results are rare in the NFL.

minnesota -1 CHICAGO

The only quarterback who makes Brett Favre look cautious is Jay Cutler. The Bears are a bad team in a 5-3 record and I think the Vikings might be able to get a little something going.

Last week: 3-2 (2 points)
Season: 22-23 (25 points)
Best Bets: 0-1 (6-3)
Home Favorites: 00 (7-6)
Home Underdogs: 0-0 (1-0)
Road Favorites: 1-2 (6-11)
Road Underdogs: 2-0 (8-6)