Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Song That Won't Die

Usually songs, no matter how popular, have their initial popularity, then fade away to be enjoyed with the occassional radio airplay or when you dig up that old CD or on a TV show or movie to evoke a certain time period.

But "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey seems to be the one song that refuses to go away. I admit it's a pretty good song, but I wouldn't consider it an all-time great. In fact that highest it got on the Billboard chart when it was released in 1981 was #9. But for some reason the song keeps making a comeback

The 2005 Chicago White Sox adopted it as their theme song after singing it at a karaoke bar, and even had Steve Perry sing it with them at their championship parade.

And most famously the song was used for the controversial but memorable final scene of "The Sopranos." After which I made it the Song of the Week and the video I used (one of the few SOTW that hasn't been taken down) has gotten more than 10 million views on youtube.

Now a dance artist named George Lamond has remixed the song with a cool beat, giving it life for a few more years.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It's March Madness, the NCAA Tournament and that means its time for the Poop's annual bracket challenge. Go to's tournament challenge, search for a group called "The Poop," make your picks before the tournament starts Thursday at noon and talk some trash in the comments section.
It's easy really.
Brackets for wives and children are acceptable, but you can only get credit for the picks made under your name.

The winner will be the recipient of a laudatory post like the one Beers received last year.

Hooves + Linoleum = Hilarity

Few things I've seen in my life amuse me more than the few times I've seen deer run into a store.

Poor deer, they never can get their footing on those slippery floors.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Sextuple OT

The most amazing, improbable, heart-stopping, exhilarating victory in Syracuse history. Sure there have been bigger games, and more important victories, but 6 overtimes -- nothing like that.
A team I have derided all season as not knowing how to win fended off five "game points" coming from behind in each of the first five overtimes (without ever holding a lead), pushing UConn to the breaking point, then finally breaking them in the sixth OT.
Without Onuaku, Ongenaet, Jackson and Devendorf, Paul Harris and Jonny Flynn carried Kris Joseph and a walk-on named Justin Thomas (with a little help from Andy Rautins) to a victory over the 4th ranked team in the country.
The big key here for SU was the free throw shooting. Flynn and Harris combined to make 29 of 30 from the line.

Jonny Flynn saved the day with a perfect night from the line

Rautins (as he usally does) contributing a couple big plays, including the 3-pointer 10 seconds into the 6th overtime to give SU its first lead in any of the OTs.

Paul Harris wins the tip to start the 6th overtime, the first tip SU won.  Thabeet having fouled out may have helped there

I still don't have high hopes for this team in the NCAA tournament, and expect them to have tired legs tonight against West Virginia, but they showed me something in this game about their heart and guts.

And even if this season results in another first round flameout (like the one after Gerry McNamamara's amazing Big East run in 2006), this game will go down as one of the most memorable in SU history.

And to think, it almost didn't happen. If the timekeeper starts the clock .2 of a second later, Devendorf wins the game with a 3 at the buzzer. In regulation.

Devendorf's game winner that didn't count
Devendorf's premature celebration

Obligatory picture of Jim Boeheim looking like an idiot

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Getting Chippy

Syracuse blowing out another bad team, this time it was Seton Hall in the second round of the Big East Tournament.
SU was leading by only 2, 46-44 with 16 minutes left in the second half when someone unsportsmanlike conduct by Seton Hall lit a fire under their ass.
It all started with a gangsta swat by Arinze Onuaku on a shot by John Garcia. Garcia then yapped in Onuaku's face, and Arinze responded by clapping with his huge hands right in Garcia's face. When Garcia shoved them away, the refs teed up both players.
Ten seconds later Kristof Ongenaet was fouled hard from behind on a breakaway by Brandon Walters.

dirty foul on Kristof Ongenaet

Eric Devendorf got in the middle to separate them, Eugene Harvey put his hand on Devendorf's face and shoved him.
I thought SU players show considerable restraint in both incidents.

Syracuse - Seton Hall scuffle

And living well is the best revenge as SU went on a 15-3 run, turning the game into a blowout.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Rap Battle

I think Paris Hilton may actually have taken our boy Snoop in this battle.

Song of the Week

"Til I Collapse" - Eminem
You are almost guaranteed to hear this song as walk-in music for at least one fighter on every MMA card.
And it makes me reflect on the career of Eminem (which seems pretty much over now).
And I always come back to the same conclusion, the guy had tremoundous potential to be the realest MC with the strongest lyrics but he chose to sell out and go pop.
But you can tell the guy had deep thoughts and when he let his deepest thoughts come out in his music that's when he was at his best.
"Music is like magic
there’s a certain feeling you get
when your real and you spit
and people are feeling your shit.
This is your moment
and every single minute you spend
trying to hold onto it
cause you may never get it again."

Note: there is no official video for this song

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Jessica Biel's Ass

Jessica Biel made an awesome guest appearance on Saturday Night Live this week, presumably to keep an eye on her boyfriend Justin Timberlake. Gay-T appears on SNL pretty much every week, probably because he is gay with Andy Samberg.
Anyway, Samberg was playing annoying comic book heroine Kathy, JT was her boyfriend, that is until Biel walked in playing Jessica Rabbit.

That costume started the biggest debate in the history of the internet.
Is that ass real? There is a lot you can do with costume, and I agree she is sticking her ass our as she walks, but she has to be padding that thing.
I mean in these pictures her ass is big and round (in a good way) but nothing like that. I have to assume she's using performance enhancing substances.

I'll Take Good Looks Over a Sense of Humor Any Day

People (mosty women) often say they prefer sense of humor in a potential mate, as compared to good looks. Well now Vanity Fair has spoofed one of their more famous recent covers by anointing Paul Rudd, Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill and Jason Segel as the new Legends of Comedy.

But presented with the evidence I'd still take Keira Knightley and a humorless Scarett Johansson any day of the week.

Scarett Johansson and Keira Knightley naked on the cover of Vanity Fair

Monday, March 09, 2009

Fort Malia and Fort Sasha

When Mrs. Poop was a little girl, her father built Fort Kate for her in the backyard, which was basically a really cool homemade swingset.
It even had rings, which Mrs. Poop was using to do a skin the cat, when she fell and broke her arm.
Eventually, Fort Kate had to be taken down (I think it was a drainage issue).
But Mrs. Poop did get a little jealous when she saw the gift Malia and Sasha Obama got from their daddy.
A huge new swingset (no rings, too dangerous) on the South Lawn of the White House so the President can look out the windows of the Oval Office (which he once mistook for doors) and see his girls playing in the yard.

Sasha and Malia Obama get a swingset in their backyard, which happens to be the south lawn of the White House

Something to Think About As We Spring Ahead

Many of you are trudging into work this morning after getting one fewer hour of split and enjoying a weekend that was 2 percent shorter than every other weekend.
But at least you are not Tom Seaver.
A few years ago before he was mercilessly let go as Mets TV analyst, Tom Terrific a great story about the havoc "spring ahead" wreaked on his life.

In a measure of good planning, Seaver set his hotel room clock forward one hour before he went to bed. Little did he know that the clock would automatically reset itself at 2 am.

So when he woke up he thought he was an hour late, so he ran through the hotel lobby to catch the team bus. When he did, he thought he missed it, but he was actually an hour early.

I hope laughing at Tom Seaver will help you get through your "Spring Ahead" blues this morning.

How Did It Get To the 12th Floor?

I'm sitting quietly at my desk when all the sudden I hear a blood-curdling shriek. A girl I work with is standing in the lobby area of our floor shouting "roach, roach!"
Sure enough, there was a huge roach (at least 2 inches long) moseying along the tile floor. After a few minutes of laughter and a cell phone picture, I chased the roach into a conference room and caught it under a cup.
But when I tried to slid a paper under the cup, the roach ran away.
Fast little guy.
The elevators in my building are notoriously confusing. You select your floor outside the elevator and it tells you which elevator to take. When you get in, you don't press a button, you just wait to be lifted (or lowered) to your destination.

How did a cockroach figure that out?

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Idol Chatter

The top 12 is set so I guess it's time to weigh in with my thoughts.

First let's deal with the Adam Lambert issue. The kid had a real chance. He could have taken his androgynous Clay Aiken-Annie Lenox thing to the top. But with these gay kiss and drag queen photos he's got no shot. Say what you want but people just don't like gay dudes. Look at every vote on gay marriage. People hate homos. And he coulda been a contender.

Most of the girls in the top 12 suck, except for 1 (I'll get to her later) so they will quickly be weeded out. But there are a couple of intriguing guys, most notably the two sympathy cases.

Scott MacIntyre makes me want to cry every time he sings. Fact is, the guy is awesome. He could be the white Stevie Wonder, or the blind Ray Charles, that's how good this guy is. But I'm just not sure this is his way to break into the industry. Especially because no one in his family wants to tell him "look bro, I can see, and your hair looks awful."

Then there's Danny Gokey who is everyone's odds-on favorite to win this thing. Not only can the guy really sing, but he has a dead wife (and not the O.J. Simpson kind either, she died during surgery, reportedly to treat a lifelong heart condition) which pulls on Mrs. Poop's heartstrings.

But sympathy will only take you so far in this contest. And with so many dudes being so good, I could easily see 5 vs. 1 in the final 6, they may cancel each other out.

And that is why Lil Rounds is going to win. Now lots of other great black women have been the best singers in their season (LaToya, LaKisha, Mandisa, Melinda) and got voted off because they weren't likable. But I don't see that problem with Lil. I listened to her performance of (former SOTW) "Be Without You" twice when I watched the show and five more times while I was writing this.

We Can't Even Have Salt?

A group of Jesus loving nutbags has had enough of this shit. Jews have monopolized the salt industry for far too long. For too many years Jews have pushed their agenda through Kosher salt. But those days are over. As a way to end years of oppression, some dumbass is now selling Christian Blessed Salt, which will be blessed by an Episcopalian priest. Because you really can't trust those rabbis.

Christian salt