Thursday, April 07, 2011

Chase's Life as a Dog

Every parent worries. We all hope our child will grow up to become a happy, healthy person. With Chase, I just hope he grows up to be a person.
He seems to be going through an identity crisis right now. He has at least 5 imaginary dogs (his girlfriend Sarah once said to Mrs. Poop after school "Chase's mommy, can I come to your house and play with your three dogs), so he thinks he is a dog, this manifests itself in the following ways:
1) he pantomimes pooping in the grass and demands that we pick up his poop
2) he pantomimes urinating on trees by lifting his leg
3) after doing 1 and 2 he kicks the dirt to spread his scent
4) he refuses to hold hands while crossing the street because he insists he is on a leash
5) everyday when I get home he is lying under the table barking "arf! arf!"
6) he sleeps on the floor and not his bed
7) he thinks his Kix are kibbles

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Song of the Week

"Send Me On My Way" - Rusted Root
This song was played ad nauseum in a car rental commercial during the tournament.
Reminds me of the days this song was played ad nauseum in the Concierge's car.
If you want to feel old consider this song came out in 1996, 15 years ago.

I Wonder If I Need a Referral For This

It certainly does make me feel better and forget whatever's bothering me.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Mrs. Poop Wins Again

For the second time in three years Mrs. Poop is the winner of our tournament challenge group. With perhaps the worst score in years (630) and only one final four team, not even one in the final game.

Once again, she did this in large part because she did it while I wasn't around, she picked all chalked, and she went with her heart and picked UConn.

So once again I salute my beautiful wife with my favorite picture of her.

Mrs. Poop's adoring fans congratulate her on her victory.

Microcosm of Life

Some days you just can't buy a bucket. Butler had one of those days last night.

That was the worst performance in a national title game ever.

12 of 64 shooting. 18.8%. If you thought they were bad in the first half (and they were) the second half was even worse. After Chase made a 3-pointer early in the second half to make it 25-19, they were outscored 22-3 over the next 13 minutes. And missed 22 shots over that time.

It does sort of change Butler's place in history, but you can't just be terrible and win 5 tournament games two years in a row. They just had an exceedingly bad game at the worst possible time.

So did Jim Nantz. First of all, he called Kemba Walker "Walker Texas Ranger."

Note: because I was watching on tape and scanning prodigiously I would have missed that nugget if Bill had not texted me about it.

He also said "the Huskies are the top dogs" as soon as the game ended. What's most galling is he claims he doesn't plan those cheesy lines, of course he does.

Jim Nantz is absolutely the worst announcer ever. In a game where one team missed more than 80 percent of its shots, he was still the worst.

What the Big East lost by having so many teams go out so early it regained by having its 9th place team win the whole tournament. UConn went 9-9 in the conference and unbeaten against everyone else.

As I have said on several other occassions, this is the downside of a tournament with a lot of upsets. The quality of play in the biggest games can be poor. This didn't happen last year with Butler but it certainly did this time, by historic proportions.