Monday, October 20, 2014

The Twitter Trolls Have Pushed Mike Goldberg Too Far

Mike Goldberg, UFC's regular announcer, has been removed for one week from his gig doing NFL games on Fox.
What happened is long and complicated and begins with your faithful friend, The Poop.
Apparently I have never written about my hatred for Goldie on the blog so I will explain it all.
Bruce Buffer normally ends his pre-fight schpiel by announcing the name of the referee. Without fail Mike Goldberg would repeat the name of the ref right afterwards. So it would go a little something like this:

Buffer: The referee this evening, Herb Dean.
Goldberg: Herb Dean is our referee.

This drove me insane, but on its own, not enough to make me take action. But when you add in all the other stupidity he spews (TON says at least once a fight card Joe Rogan basically has to tell him to shut up because he's saying something blatantly wrong), that would be enough to drive anyone to his breaking point, but not me.

I didn't start trolling him on Twitter until he missed an event while dealing with a "complicated health issue" which many people believe was rehab.

His replacement Jon Anik was so bad I actually tweeted my support for Goldie.

Note: The ashes is a cricket match between Australia and the United Kingdom. The Ultimate Fighter between Australia and the United Kingdom was dubbed "the Smashes." Anik said this 100 times, at least, every time he had the chance.

Here is my original tweet to him and the conversation it started:

Fast forward to last Sunday when Mike Goldberg was calling the Vikings-Lions game. According to all reports it was one of the worst broadcasts ever, with Goldberg constantly misidentifying players (like saying a Teddy Bridgewater pass was intended for Golden Tate -- who plays for the other team) to just not being able to correctly identify down and distance (he said a clear first down was "close," an obvious loss was a gain of "one maybe two" and 2nd and 9 was "3rd and 17"). All in all it seemed like Goldie was back on whatever it was that sent him to rehab in the first place.

As people on twitter are known to do, they gave Goldberg the business after the game. Calling him out for his inept performance. Goldberg wasn't having it though, responding to the twitter trolls with gems like this:

And this:

So that's what got him benched for this week. Let's see if Fox has the temerity to send him back out there. Let's see if Goldberg has the serenity to ignore the trolls. And let's see if I can provoke him into calling me a douche.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Weekly Picks

Bounced back last week thanks to the Patriots, who true to form, followed up two good performances with a near-loss to the lowly Jets.

DETROIT -2 new orleans
I'm not convinced that the Saints don't stink, and I am starting to believe the Lions are pretty good.

SAN DIEGO -3 1/2 kansas city
This seems like a small spread for a team playing as well as the Chargers against an opponent that isn't all that great.

new york giants +6 1/2 DALLAS
You wanna crown em, then crown their ass, but I'm going to pick the Giants as a big underdog. Again, looking for both teams to perform contrary to how they did last week.

houston +3 PITTSBURGH
I like any team with JJ Watt on it.

seattle +6 ST. LOUIS

If you had any doubt that the Seahawks would be my best bet then I just want to thank you for making it this far down in one of these posts for what is likely the first time ever.

Last week: 3-2 (4 points)
Season: 15-15 (13 points)
Best Bets: 1-0 (2-4)
Home Favorites: 0-2 (3-8)
Home Underdogs: 0-0 (1-1)
Road Favorites: 2-0 (4-3)
Road Underdogs: 1-0 (7-3)

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Song of the Week

"Come Get It Bae" - Pharrell Williams
In contrast to last week's SOTW, this song shows what kind of progress we've made in 35 years, we've dropped the second B from babe.
Which I suppose is better than dropping the first one because I'd feel weird calling Mrs. Poop "Abe."
The song mostly sucks, but it doesn't have a funky beat, so I would definitely prefer the instrumental.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Process is Working, Let It Work

Believe me Mets fans, I understand the frustration and the impatience, unfortunately, you can't just will a team to be better and you can't just buy free agents to make it so.
Every time the Mets have tried this (Jason Bay, Curtis Granderson, etc), it has been a disaster. And now, with more and more teams locking up their best players before they reach free agency, there are fewer good players even reaching this point. There are no Carlos Beltrans out there.

Note: This is also a big reason the Yankees missed the playoffs two years running. You just can't buy a playoff team on the open market anymore. Teams hold on to their good young players so only older, damaged veterans make it to free agency.
What the Mets have to do is accumulate good, young players and hold on to them. The Mets are well on their to building what could be an outstanding starting rotation with Harvey, deGrom and Wheeler already in the majors and others on the way. The bullpen is also stocked with great arms like Mejia and Familia and Rafael Montero.
And I am very excited about Akeel Morris who in the last two years at A-ball has struck out 149 batters in 102 innings (13k/9) and 0.79 ERA.
I also like what the Mets have up the middle with Largares (who has the potential to be a legendary defensive player) and D'Arnaud who seems to have come around. Duda, Murphy and Wright could also be positive contributors. And though I think Granderson stinks, we have him for 3 more years like it or not.
What I would like to see the Mets do is sign a left fielder to a 1-year contract and give Wilmer Flores or Dilson Herrera a chance to be an everyday shortstop.
I think the Mets can follow the Royals blueprint of a long, slow rebuilding process that bears fruit when hard-throwing young pitchers combine with speedy defensive players plus a few guys who can hit. That style of team would do well and at CitiField and be poised to do well in the playoffs when runs become harder to come by.

Monday, October 13, 2014

It's a Rare Condition In This Day and Age To Read Any Good News on the Newspaper Page -- When It Comes to the NFL

The story of Cincinnati Bengals defensive tackle Devon Still is one of the few things that makes you feel good about being an NFL fan this season. Still's 4-year-old daughter, Leah, has neuroblastoma, a form of cancer.
He has tweeted about her progress, instagrammed videos of his pep talks for her and the NFL has started selling his jersey and giving some of the profits to charity.
In fact, there are no more #75 Still jerseys available a check will be presented to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital for OVER $1 million dollars. Even the New England Patriots cheerleaders wore them.

That produced a single tear from Still's eye, which dripped on his faux-eye black which bears his daughter's name.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Weekly Picks

Another miserable week as I banked on a team I thought was good (New Orleans) but probably isn't. Still near .500 for the season and 11-9 on not best bets. Don't know why I always struggle with those.

TENNESSEE -4 1/2 jacksonville
I think the Titans are bad but it's a lot to expect for Jacksonville to win a road game. They are the only team I beat on a best bet all season.

baltimore -3 1/2 TAMPA BAY
I keep picking against the ExpensiveCornPrices but they keep burning me. Maybe Mike Glennon really did make a big difference for this team.

CINCINNATI -7 carolina
This seems like way too many points to be giving to a good team like the Panthers, but I'm going to go with it anyway.

detroit +2 1/2 MINNESOTA
I'm sorry but I just don't think the Vikings are any good. I do like the Lions players but they never seem to play up to their potential.

new england -1 1/2 BUFFALO

I thought we were over this New England dynasty is dead crap. Tom Brady is going to play. There is nothing to worry about.

Last week: 2-3 (1 points)
Season: 12-13 (9 points)
Best Bets: 0-1 (1-4)
Home Favorites: 0-2 (3-6)
Home Underdogs: 1-0 (1-1)
Road Favorites: 0-0 (2-3)
Road Underdogs: 1-1 (6-3)

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Song of the Week

"Babe" - Styx
"You know it's you Babe
Whenever I get weary and I've had enough
Feel like giving up
You know it's you Babe
Giving me the courage and the strength I need
Please believe that it's true
Babe, I love you."