Friday, April 18, 2014

Mrs. Poop's New Favorite Yankee

Now that Derek Jeter is moving on to make banging Swimsuit models his full time job, this leaves a void in Mrs. Poop's heart.
Who will be her favorite Yankee next season?
Answer: Masahiro Tanaka.

What did Tanaka do to endear himself to Mrs. Poop?
This is what he said when asked about the biggest cultural difference between Japan and the U.S.:

"The washlet is a system in Japan where you press a button and water comes out and washes your ass. Not having that is a big difference."

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


I love Mrs. Poop with all my heart. But it's no secret that we have nothing in common. Ours is a love like Louis and Mrs. Pasteur's, we don't share a lot of common interests, but we make it WORK!

But it does make me wonder what it would be like to marry a woman who "gets" me, who understands what makes me tick and likes the same things I do.
Like Danica McKellar:

Tight dresses, math and palindromes.

Song of the Week

"Baby I'm-a Want You" - Bread

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

3000 Words: Fenway Park Edition

Fenway Park crowd in 1924. Notice how the fans and the concessionaire are dressed.

Fenway Park crowd in 2013.

A Coast Guard helicopter does a flyover and the Green Monster is draped in the American flag during the presentation of the 2013 World Series rings at Fenway Park.

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Song of the Week

"Love is a Verb" - L Young
A smooth soul jam about grammar.
But I have to take issue with this part.
"I wanna listen to you vent
and tell you all about your day."
He must have done something really bad if he has to promise that.

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

What Is In the Lining of Jim Boeheim's Suit?

I noticed something strange inside the suit jacket Jim Boeheim wore during the Dayton game. The number 34,616 was sewn inside. Turns out that is the attendance record Syracuse set against Villanova back in 2011. On closer inspection it seems like the entire lining is a huge panoramic of the Dome, presumably from that day.
Pretty cool, but why didn't he get a new one when SU broke that record against Duke?
And why is he wearing a 3-year old suit? Isn't he supposed to wear them once and throw them away?

Give Billy A House

Congrats to Billy for winning the 2014 Tournament Challenge for our group. In one of the worst performances ever (not our fault, it was a crazy tournament), not a single entry in our group had either of the correct teams in the final game.
But Billy did have Kentucky making the Final Four which was good enough to propel him to a victory over Michael and over his own second entry. There is nothing wrong with submitting multiple brackets (our motto: vote early, vote often) and Billy would have had the top two spots, but he lost to Michael on the tiebreaker.
It was another fun year of the competition and it's cool that some of the kids are starting to pick their own brackets, though maybe next year Jack should be supervised.
Hope to see you all again next year.
One more thing just occurred to me, Billy and I had this debate after Jim Nantz went on his rant about the best freshman (Wiggins and Parker) getting knocked out early and both Nantz and Billy were on the team over talent side, I will take talent every single time. And yet, Billy won because he picked the greatest collection of talent to make the Final Four, beating the best "team" in Wichita State in the process.
As I said before, every game is a different circumstance and there is no one thing that predicts who will win.
Which makes the tournament challenge so much fun.

Billy joins this illustrious list of past champions:

2013: TON
2012: Reissberg
2011: Mrs. Poop
2010: Vacated (I forgot to keep accurate records)
2009: Mrs. Poop
2008: Pa Beers
2007: Michael

Jim Boeheim is a Dick, We Know This

The media and blogosphere are killing Jim Boeheim for what he said about Tyler Ennis on ESPN:

"I think he’s a great college player. I think physically he probably could’ve used another year. A little bit different than Dion Waiters who I had a couple of years ago who left. I think Dion was physically better, more physically ready. I think when you go to the NBA you need to be as physically ready as you can be. So I think Tyler could’ve benefited from another year, but certainly he’s a tremendous player and a very, very smart point guard. And I think the one thing I think is point guard is probably the hardest position to break into in the NBA, it’s a very difficult position, but he’s got the skill-set to do that. It’s just a question of him landing in the right place."

So he said he didn't think Ennis was physically ready to play in the NBA and he should have stayed in college another year. That actually seems like a fair and honest assessment to me.
BUT...why would he give a fair and honest assessment on TV to a nationwide viewing audience? Whom does that benefit? Certainly not Ennis, not Boeheim and not even the NBA scouts. If Boeheim wanted to do the best thing for everyone involved he should have given a stock answer on TV and if questioned by NBA people, given his true and honest assessment.
Sure, I love honesty, but as "Liar Liar" proved you don't just walk around telling people they look for or that you like their big tits.

BUT...I would hate to defend Jim Boeheim on anything but the people who are blasting him for saying something negative are missing half the story. Boeheim said he's a tremendous player and a very smart point guard who has the skills to do well in the NBA. So when sites like Deadspin say kids shouldn't go to Syracuse, that's just so ridiculous that even a Boeheim-hater such as myself feels obligated to point out the other side.

Monday, April 07, 2014

This Year's Passover Parody

Every year some creative Jews come up with music video of some popular song with lyrics referring to Passover.
This year's "Let It Go" version is pretty clever.
The guy who plays Pharaoh steals the show.

Story Suggested by Mama Poop

Friday, April 04, 2014

Trash or Treasure?

While cleaning my house for sale, I have come across some very old items. Instead of deciding whether to throw them out, I will leave it up to the Poopheads.

First item up for bids, a picture of The Concierge cut out of the Staten Island Advance in the mid 1990s.