Friday, August 19, 2011

You Can't Always Get What You Want

The New Meadowlands Stadium to be shared by the Giants (Big Blue) and the Jets.
It will be called MetLife Stadium. Which is adequate, but a better sponsor was out there.
JetBlue Stadium would have been so perfect.
Similarly, wouldn't CitiField be so much cooler if Ralph Lauren had ponied up (pun intended) the money to name it The Polo Grounds?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Please Don't Wear Our Clothes

Ambercrombie and Fitch is offering to pay The Situation not to wear the company's clothes.
Sitch wore neon green A&F sweatpants in the latest episode of the show.
That led the company to make the offer to The Situation (and other Jersey Shore castmembers), and to release this statement:
“We understand that the show is for entertainment purposes, but believe this association is contrary to the aspirational nature of our brand, and may be distressing to many of our fans."

Abercrombie and Fitch wants the Situation to take his shirt off

I think this is a pretty funny and savvy move by the store. I doubt there are many fans of the show who will be so outraged they will boycott. And I believe there are a lot of people who hate the show who may look more favorably upon the brand now.

Mostly I think A&F is just trying to steal some buzz from the show sort of like when Vivid video offers every hot chick in some kind of scandal a million dollars to appear in a porn movie.

Song of the Week

"Back in the High Life Again" - Steve Winwood
Dan Uggla's hitting-streak reminded me of this song. In 1987, Paul Molitor had a 39-game streak from July 16th through August 26th. Since this period coincided with my time at sleepaway camp I missed the entire hitting streak. We didn't have computers or cell phones in those days. When I returned home I remember watching a montage of Molitor's hits set to this song. And I always think of it during long streaks.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Rainy Summer Sunday

"The sun did not shine
it was too wet to play
So we sat in the house
All that cold, cold wet day."

would you like to shake hands with Thing 1 and Thing 2?

Good thing I had Thing 1 and Thing 2 to entertain me.