Friday, March 31, 2006

The Secret to Their Success

In a story you could only see on CNN's American Morning it was revealed that George Mason's basketball team eats at Outback Steakhouse before every game. They will be dining on Bloomin Onions and hopefully the baked potato soup tonight in Indianapolis. Coach Jim Larranaga is very superstitious, but some of the players are tired of the same meal.
Tony Skinn said he "was starting to be a little superstitious like Coach L. He hasn't changed anything. I hate Outback. I really, really hate it. But I'm going to keep going so hopefully we can be in the national championship game."
Added Jai Lewis after sighing with displeasure: "I don't think I'm going to order anything. I'm going to wait until we get back to the hotel."
As an aside the Outback spokesperson I called regarding this story had no idea, but she was thrilled. She called me back later and told me that other people within the company were aware that GMU has being doing this for sometime. She offered to send free food to the station but I declined because who wants to eat a steak on air at 8am.

It's the Bloomin Best

He Sold His Soul To Get It

1996 World Series MVP John Wetteland is selling his World Series Ring on eBay.

Good thing George Steinbrenner isn't alive to see this

Sometimes She Does Look Hot

There are some times when Anna Benson does look really great. And she talks a good game too. Both of those traits were on display in the FHM Baseball Preview issue.
She says Kris comes into the bedroom last at night and says “Let’s bang!” But she's tired and it's not fair because Kris won’t have sex the day he pitches or the day before. "That’s like 82 days out of the year [he] won’t fuck me. And when I can’t have it, that’s when I really want it."
She calls their 12 year-old daughter "rapidly buxoming" (a little weird) and says that when she was that age she "liked to bang guys" and "I had 34DDs when I was 14, so guys have been chasing me around ever since."
She really wants Kris to win the Cy Young saying she'd do anything, "that’s 50 free times up the ass for real. I’m just saying."
At the end of the interview when Kris says they'll probably be divorced in 10 years she says "We’ll split up like Bruce and Demi. We’ll be best friends and live next door to each other, so we can have sex every once in a while, and we’ll both get lovers who are 20 years younger than we are."

Anna Benson Lookalike

Anna Benson at spring training
Shelly Duval in the Shining

Classic Now, Not Anymore

ESPN cancelled Classic Now which had been running on ESPN Classic several times a day. This show was and still is a "record all episodes" on my DVR but it went downhill since it's debut. They did some really cool stuff at the beginning but then ran out of ideas and guests. It was only drawing about 30,000 viewers. It basically became the Sports Reporters. The same media whore writers everyday talking about things that weren't even "classic." They were talking about today's news in an unentertaining fashion. They'd fiddled with the format 1000 times. For the past few months I've been scanning through it and watching only cool segments or interesting guests. But Classic Now will forever be remembered for the Classic breakdown of Hoosiers vs. Teen Wolf. And they also played the famous Mitch Green "like a sissy, a homo" clip. So long. By the way, ESPN Hollywood, ESPN Classic and Quite Frankly all debuted at the same time. And only one is still running. Stephen A is a cockroach.

Kate hates Josh Elliott's voice and the stupid inflection he uses when he asks questions

Thursday, March 30, 2006

We Traded Him For No Reason

Anna Benson filed for divorce from Kris, saying their marriage is "irretrievably broken." And after seeing this picture Shawn aka Jems aka Mike from Waltham is no longer interested.
I wonder what's next for her. Will she be able to have a modeling/acting career without her somewhat-famous husband? Who will want to marry a former stripper, loudmouth mother of 3 kids and 7 dogs, who likes to take her clothes off, talk about sex and do it in parking lots. Ok, a lot of guys.
But the fact remains the Mets prude front office traded a good pitcher (he'd be a solid #3 on this staff) to get rid of his wife, and she's no longer his wife.

Now this is a better picture

There's Nothing Worse Than Wasted Talent

Dwight Gooden, Darryl Strawberry and Mike Tyson, a picture from better days.

I've seen this photo before, judging from the patch on Gooden's sleeve it must be from 1986 when all three of these guys were on top of the world

Naomi Campbell Arrested

Naomi Campbell has been arrested by New York City police.
The former supermodel has been reportedly charged with assaulting an assistant.
This isn’t the first assistant that has been allegedly beaten up by Campbell.

Enjoys punching assistants and calling them whores

SCZA's Fantasy

Last night (when I should have been in bed) I spent an hour listening (thanks to the internet) to the Fantasy Fix on ESPN890 in Boston. The show focuses on fantasy sports, obviously baseball, but hoping to move to football in the fall. It is hosted by Bob Halloran and Scott Isaacs.
The first caller was "Mike from Waltham" actually Shawn, posing for some reason.
The first e-mailer was Paul from Jersey. Scott read my comment ("you guys are agreeing too much") on air, but I really intended my critique for him personally. My point was this, the conversation went to Scott taking David Wright 7th in their fantasy league. Bob asked how high he'd have gone. Scott said fourth (after Pujols, A-Rod and maybe Santana). Bob should have challenged him on that point. Here is the argument to be made against taking Wright 4th.
1) Scott is a homer, Met fan.
2) Third base is actually a pretty strong and deep position. You have A-Rod and Miguel Cabrera (if he's eligible) who are both better than Wright. Then you have the second tier of Chavez, Ensberg, Ramirez and Blalock. You also have injury risks Rolen, Chipper and Glaus. And Chone Figgins could be a good pickup for steals. Including Wright that's 11 decent third basemen.
3) The Mets are a jinxed franchise.
4) The Mets play in a pitcher's park and it's been a while since a Mets offensive player was a top producer.
5) David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez will both hit for a higher average and both will probably get 10 HR and 25 RBI more than Wright.

And that last one is really my key point, because it's a Boston show, and a comment/argument like that Ramirez or Ortiz vs. Wright would really encourage callers.
But I enjoyed the show and will listen regularly. I would have had it blaring from the computer so I could have heard while I fell asleep (and I would have heard Shawn's call) but Kate's friend and her 2-month old son are staying with us, and it's very important not to wake the baby.

Which Jersey Should I Get?

Distant Replays is having a 40% off sale so its time to buy a new jersey.
I was going to get this Pooh Holes but they don't have my size, and I already have a generic Cardinals jersey like this. Plus the mispelled his name (Pujols) on the back.
So I guess I'll get another Mets jersey.
I want an 86 jersey but they have three players to choose from. Gooden, Carter and Strawberry.
I also like this gray Lenny Dykstra, even though he's a drunk Tom Seaver is still the best player in Mets history and I love Tug McGraw, Ya Gotta Believe. Plus green is a nice color and I already have 2 M&N Mets jerseys.
Please chime in.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Crack is Whack

Whitney Houston is a crackwhore. Bobby Brown's sister, Tina, used to do crack with Whitney but now she sent pictures of Whitney and told the details of her crack addiction in order to help Whitney get her life together.
The pictures show a disgusting mess in the singer’s bathroom after a drug binge. Drug paraphernalia including a crack-smoking pipe, rolling papers, cocaine-caked spoons and cigarette ends are strewn across the surface tops.
She is haggard, with dark circles under her eyes and a deranged look on her face.
She regularly disappears for days and weeks at a time — holed up in seedy crack dens in dangerous parts of town.
And she has blown much of her multi-million pound showbiz fortune on her habit.
Whitney spends days locked in her bedroom amid piles of garbage.
There she smokes crack, uses sex toys to satisfy herself and ignores personal hygiene.
When high on drugs, she imagines she sees demons and is being beaten by them.
The sad truth is that she bites and punches her own body without realizing it.
In her paranoia, Whitney made a hole in the bathroom wall so she could see who was in the house.
Tina said: “She breaks everything — mirrors, phones, cabinets, appliances.”

Down with the FCC

The evil FCC forced the WB to take out some scenes of the pilot episode of its new show, "The Bedford Diaries." It centers around students at a fictional college who record video diaries for their sex education class, taught by Matthew Modine.
But the FCC stepped in, leading to the network cutting some scenes. A montage early in the premiere of "Bedford Diaries" that showed students engaged in sexual activity has been trimmed considerably. Among the shots removed: one brief peek at girl-on-girl kissing, and a shot in which a young woman reaches down into her jeans, apparently for the purpose of pleasuring herself. No pleasuring is actually shown.
To me it sounds like a horrible show that only exists for titilation and has no plot driving it other than who will sleep with whom next. Bill and Alison will love it. But I may give the uncut version a try, it will soon be available on the website.

Corri English plays Natalie

Duke Lacrosse Players Accused of Raping a Stripper

A party among Duke lacrosse players got out of hand and the stripper they called to entertain them is alleging that she was raped by three guys in the bathroom. 46 of the 47 players had to submit to DNA tests. The 47th is black, and the stripper, who is also black, claims her attackers were white. Duke has prevented the team from playing, causing them to forfeit two games, even though the players say no rape occurred.
This has become big news on the campus because the town, Durham, has a roughly 50/50 black/white split. And reports are that the strippers thought they were coming to a party for 5 guys. They got there and saw 40, and the players began shouting racial epithets at them. The strippers left but were convinced to come back in after one guy apologized. That was when they trapped her in the bathroom and said "sweetheart, you can't leave."
Black locals from Durham have been protesting on campus all week.
I don't know how the guilty parties (if a rape happened) expect to get around a DNA test.

Dhani Jones is a Dancing Fool

Dancing in the street got Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Dhani Jones arrested.
Jones was charged with the misdemeanor of failure to obey a lawful command after he allegedly refused to stop dancing outside a South Beach club early Sunday, according to Miami Beach police.
"He refused several orders to get out of the street, and he was arrested," said police spokesman Bobby Hernandez on Monday.
An unidentified woman Jones was dancing with and several other people did get out of the street, Hernandez said. Police were responding to a call about traffic being blocked at 2:51 a.m. outside the Snatch Rock & Roll Bar and Lounge.

Idol Chatter

I'm not a big fan of Jesus but Mandisa really took it to church last night. I'm so glad the shackles are off my feet so I can dance.
Chris and Seacrest had to save face with their little "impromptu" chat about the fact that last week he did Live's version of "Walk the Line." I'm sure the media reports about him being less than truthful about his arrangement of the song had nothing to do with that. I really think Chris is going to have a rude awakening one of these weeks because a lot of people just can't get behind his music style. But last week Simon complimented him for refusing to compromise, this week he criticized him for going too far.
For a show featuring songs from the past 6 years the selections were odd. I'm shocked one of the dudes (Ace or Elliot) didn't choose that "You're Beautiful" song. A million 13 year old girls would have voted for him. Plus the guy who sings it is so horrible and so distinct that it wouldn't have been that hard to be different and better.
Bucky needs to learn to speak English. He may be dumber than Kellie Pickler.
I'm beginning to hate Taylor.

The Secret to Clemens' Success

Roger Clemens takes Icy Hot that pitchers rub on their shoulders and arms and spreading it over his upper thighs and private parts. "He doesn't want to get comfortable on the mound," says Jake Peavy, who tried the same trick Friday night in Phoenix.

At least that explains his erratic behavior...his balls were burning

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Britney Thinks Midgets Are Funny

Britney Spears' husband K-Fed recently celebrated his 28th birthday. They celebrated at Tao in Vegas where Britney hired two female midgets to bring Federline his cake. The next night they went back to Tao and a Cher impersonator sang "I Got You Babe" with a mini-Sonny. The pair and their friends were reportedly in hysterics.

His Immature Attitude Towards Vegetables is Not Very Presidential

The Smoking Gun found the list of riders for John Kerry during the Presidential campaign. Among the things Kerry needs in a hotel, like Pizza Parlor Derek, the ability to order movies. That makes "JK very happy."
As far as good, he has a very specific list of foods he will eat. JK hates celery and NEVER serve him anything with tomatoes. Very surprising since he married the ketchup queen.

This comes in contrast to Dick Cheney, who had less specific dietary demands but required that all rooms have all lights turned on, all TVs turned to Fox News and the room should he kept at a comfortable 68 degrees.

Julian Tavarez Will Bust Yo Lip

Combustible Red Sox reliver Julian Tavarez got into a fight yesterday with Tampa Bay outfielder Joey Gathright. You may remember Tavarez from Game 4 of the 2004 National League Championship Series, when as a member of the Cardinals hebecame incensed with himself and broke his left hand punching a dugout phone.
Yesterday he was covering home plate to catch a throw, because catcher Ken Huckaby had to run up the first-base line to complete a rundown.
As Tavarez braced for the throw home from second baseman Zach Borowiak, speedy Joey Gathright churned to the plate. Tavarez's left leg got caught on Gathright's right forearm as he tagged him out.
Gathright, angered by this, pushed Tavarez's leg and hollered something at him. As Gathright got up off the ground, Tavarez promptly gave him a right hook to the face, and then another punch to the top of the head.
"I slid in and then he was standing on my arm -- I can show you marks," said Gathright, who did have some scratches on his arm. "I was trying to get up. I couldn't get up, because he was putting more pressure on it. I was like, 'Get off my arm,' but he wouldn't move, so I tried to get up and push his knee back, and I was getting up. He swung at me, and that's when it all started.
"I was shocked. It was kind of funny, but it happens. I guess he was upset because he was getting hit a little bit, but whatever the reason was, it wasn't called for."
Tavarez, who gave up a hit, three unearned runs and committed a throwing error over two-thirds of an inning, said he was defending himself.
"You have to defend yourself, man," said Tavarez. "I don't have a twin brother out there. He was like, 'Hey man,' I tried to get out [of the way] and I wasn't going to let him throw a punch at me right away. You ever hear that whoever gets the first punch gets the win? That's what happened. That's how it goes."

He's Still a Douche

Wilmer Valderrama, aka Fez, was on Howard Stern yesterday and spoke in detail about girls he's had sex with.
Lindasy Lohan: one of the best he's had
Ashlee Simpson: loud in bed
Jennifer Love Hugetits: an 8 in bed
Mandy Moore: she was his first love. He took her virginity
Jamie Pressley, Rosaria Dawson and Jessica Alba: just friends, he never slept with any of them
Wilmer also claimed to have an 8-inch penis and said that he had anal sex with a famous actress but wouldn't say who. He also occassionally records himself having sex but always erases it out of fear it'll end up on the internet.

Jennifer Love Hewitt is only an 8
A screamer
deflowered by Wilmer

It's Better to Be Lucky Than Good

Russell Pleasant is leading ESPN's Tournament Challenge, as one of four out of the more than 3 million entrants who correctly predicted all four Final Four teams.
Last year 4,172 people got all four teams; a much easier year as Illinois and North Carolina were locks.
The problem with Pleasant, he thought he was picking George Washington, instead of George Mason.
"One night I was watching some of the games, and I saw George Washington," Pleasant said last night in a telephone interview. "I said that team is good; I like them."
Same first name, different last name. Oh, well.
"Man, all those Georges." he said. "I knew they were all from D.C. I like Georgetown, too."
In November, Pleasant watched George Mason take on Creighton on television. Even though Creighton won, 72-52, Pleasant said he remembered thinking that George Mason was pretty good.
"I thought I had George Mason in the Sweet 16," he said.
That schmuck stands to win $10,000 from ESPN if Florida beats UCLA in the final.

Of course he picked Syracuse to lose in the first round

Randy Johnson Lovechild

Yankees pitcher Randy Johnson got himself in trouble with his Big Unit and now is trying to reduce his child support payments.
Johnson has a 16-year old daughter with a woman whom he dated before his wife. He now has four kids with his wife. He has only seen this daughter, Heather Roszell, one time, when she was an infant. Johnson now wants to recover nearly $100,00 that he paid for daycare services. That amounts to $750/month on top of the $500 he already pays.
Johnson admitted to being the girl's father after a paternity test in 1998, when the mother sought child support. His agent says he's willing to buy the girl a car and a computer but doesn't want to give the money to her mother.
Also, according to the documents on The Smoking Gun Johnson is required to have the daughter on his health insurance plan. So that means the Yankees/Diamondbacks have been paying for her braces.

Monday, March 27, 2006

They're Real and They're Horrible

Skanky Anna Benson hates brassieres

The Jewish Jordan

UCLA point guard Jordan Farmar is a hero the Jewish community.
Farmar was born on November 30, 1986 in Los Angeles to Damon Farmar, a minor league baseball player and his Jewish wife Mindy. The couple divorced in 1988, two-year-old Jordan remained with his mother, who married an Israeli immigrant named Yehuda Kolani who adopted Jordan. His stepfather raised Farmar in a Jewish home, took him to Israel and sponsored his Temple Judea bar mitzvah. Farmar doesn’t consider himself observant, but identifies himself as part of the Jewish people.
“That is part of me, of who I am,” said the 2004 Southern California Jewish Sports Hall of Fame High School Athlete of the Year.
The bigger question: is Farmar black? The answer is yes, his father is black.

nice jewish point guard
his mom must have plotzed when he got that tattoo

Jews Love Chinese Food

Funny article in the New York Times about the relationship between Jews and Chinese food. You need a subscription so I'll just post the entire article:

"IT'S a yin-yang kind of thing.
New York Jews love Chinese food because it doesn't mix meat with milk. But half an hour later we complain we're hungry.
We love Chinese food because it's nothing like what we cook at home. But we get anxious when we can't tell what it is:
"Is this gray thing pork?"
"Omigod, you think it's pork?"
"It tastes like chicken."
New York Jews love Chinese food because you don't need a tie and jacket to eat it. We love it because the portions are big enough to share and Chinese restaurants are open on Christmas Day. We love it because Chinese waiters, like Jewish families, are kid-centric.
There's an e-joke making the rounds:
"According to the Jewish calendar, the year is 5766. According to the Chinese calendar, it's 4703. That means for 1,063 years, Jews went without Chinese food."
Jews probably first tasted Chinese food around 718, the date on a bill of sale found in China and written in Judeo-Persian. By the 1920's, my grandmother was taking my mother to a Chinese restaurant on West 181st Street, above the Coliseum movie theater.
They went Thursdays, Alma's night off. (New York Jews gave their housekeepers Thursday and every other Sunday off.) My grandmother Nana Polly ordered chicken chow mein. Mom was allowed only to nibble from the bowl of crispy noodles. My grandfather, a restaurant man, was familiar with an urban myth concerning cats.
When Mom was 15, she met Dad. In that timeless Jewish dating ritual, he cupped her hand and tried to teach her how to use chopsticks. "Your father showed me 6,000 times," she says. "I didn't get it 6,000 times."
Although he came from a kosher home, Dad introduced her to sweet and pungent pork. "He wanted to educate me about other countries' food," she says. "Once" — she rolls her eyes — "I had to eat an anchovy."
In New York in the 1950's, Chinese food meant Cantonese-style. Every dish contained so much cornstarch, the ingredients appeared suspended.
Paul Novograd, my sixth-grade classmate and now the owner of Claremont Stables, ate at Sun-Wah on Broadway and 87th Street. "We had endless discussions with non-English-speaking waiters about splitting up the orders," he recalls. "What if you got two from Column A and one from Column B? It was just like the Buddy Hackett routine."
When I was 7, my parents and grandparents began taking us for Sunday dinner at the old Ruby Foo's on West 52nd Street. You'd walk through a dim entrance lined with beautiful bowing ladies wearing embroidered cheongsams. A towering porcelain Buddha in green robes presided over the dining room. His earlobes hung to his shoulders, something I worried would happen to my grandmother, who liked big earrings.
Dinner started with ribs, followed by entrees like war hoo hip har and moo goo gai pan. They arrived on stainless steel pedestal dishes with matching covers. The steam could frizz your hair.
Poppy, my grandfather, had permanently forsaken pork by way of thanking God for my grandmother. But just as we were about to dig in, he'd turn to my sister and me and say, "Darling, may I have one of those?" It was, of course, a test. He didn't want the ribs. He wanted to know if his granddaughters were selfish or generous, which in the end translated to, "Do you love me enough to give me a rib?"
My father's mother, Granny Ethel, kept kosher. No pork crossed her lips, at least not in front of Grandpa Charles. Before we'd "go Chinese," she'd swear me to secrecy, an unnerving betrayal. She would put on sunglasses and a hat, and look both ways before climbing upstairs to a Chinese restaurant with a vertical neon sign blinking, "Chopsuey." In the restaurant, Granny ordered almond char sue ding and ate with her sunglasses on. Were Chinese restaurants kept dark so kosher Jews couldn't see other kosher Jews?
By the 1960's, Paul Novograd was eating Shanghai cuisine at Chun-Cha-Fu in the Greystone Hotel on Broadway and 91st Street, and I was finally in Chinatown, always at Hong Fat, where the waiter cleaned the table by pouring hot tea on it and swiping it with a rag. To order, locals pointed to signs on the walls. Everything was written in Chinese except "Not Responsible for Coats." People knew about Hong Fat because it was so cheap. If you ate at Hong Fat, eventually you'd see everyone. It was the Cafe de la Paix of Mott Street.
When I met my first husband, we ate at a Chinese restaurant on Broadway and 112th Street in Morningside Heights. Dinner would go smoothly till we got to dessert. The waiter couldn't say "pistachio." He'd offer three choices of ice cream: chocolate, vanilla and moo-foo-STAZ-eeyo. Andy would look at him and say, "Chocolate, vanilla and what was that last one?" He thought this was funny. I should have known then. I would have been better off marrying Jerry, who tried to make waiters laugh by pretending to order in Chinese. He'd point to the letters on the menu and say, "I'll have a little box with a line through it and an upside down L, and an order of X with a lightning bolt and pi."
BY the 1980's, Sichuan restaurants were everywhere. The food was spicier, less stewed. Soon it was mixing with other cuisines. You could get cuchifritos with your orange chicken and sushi with your shrimp balls. The late Bernstein-on-Essex featured kosher chicken liver lo mein served by Jewish waiters wearing skull caps with tassels.
I began to wonder whether Chinese food in China was anything like Chinese food in New York. So on a recent trip to China, I packed a takeout menu from Empire Szechuan on 97th Street and Broadway. I gave it to Ellen, the local tour guide for our group. She promised to circle any New York dishes we ate on the trip.
Ellen agreed to warn us about "funny food" at meals. So at the Grand Hotel in Beijing I skipped the sea delicacy called big tan, composed of fish lips, fish bladder and tortoise apron. I steered clear of bowls of fried beetles, deer horn and the much-vaunted ostrich leg tendon. I avoided the four hot pot basics: ox tripe, pig blood, duck intestine and ox throat. In Guilin, where the specialty is dog, I went temporarily vegetarian. You don't see people walking dogs in Guilin. It would be like a New Yorker walking a turkey.
Ellen ate everything. When I asked, "What's that?" no matter what it was, she said "fungus."
From my Empire Szechuan menu, she circled thai ho fun (sliced chicken with bean sprouts), yeung-chow (fried rice), curry-flavored Singapore rice noodles, Peking duck, General Tso's chicken and mushroom with gluten. Everything else was news to me: The Schiaparelli-pink winter melon with snow-white flesh and microscopic black seeds. Warm walnut pudding on the road to Dazu. Roast goose buns and, on a mercilessly hot day, long strings of cucumber in a broth with shaved ice.
I never once encountered chop suey or chow mein. And no matter how many ribs I gnawed, not one came close to the heaven of Ruby Foo's."

MySpace Impostors?

Everyone has a profile on now. Even Gerry McNamara and Eric Devendorf. Myspace has tons of phony profiles of famous and semi-famous people. But these two seem to be legit, in part because they are linked to each other. McNamara's also has a generic photo of about 6 SU players. I just wonder why McNamarma has as his main image, a picture of him and three other chicks. What does his girlfriend think of that?

I don't see Erin Andrews on his friends list
This photo comes with the caption -- get at me ladies

Full Dancecard

We've received an overwhelming response to Friday' post about next year's East Regional at the Meadowlands on Friday March 23th and Sunday March 25th. So far, Derek, Isaacs, Mike, Stacey and my dad have all said yes. Including me that makes 6, the maximum number of tickets that can be ordered on one form. If others are interested please let me know immediately and we can submit another form. That leaves the possibility that if there is a lottery some of us will get in and others won't, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

At Least the Knicks Are Good at Something

In a season that has otherwise been a nightmare, the Knicks City Dancers advanced to the final four of the NBA's dance team tournament. It's going to be a tough matchup against the Heat Hookers in the semifinals.
Speaking of hot chick tournaments, the Best Damn Hotties Contest is down to 8.
Jessica Alba vs. Marissa Miller.
Stacy Keibler vs. Eva Longoria.
Ali Landry vs. Elisha Cuthbert. Landry upset #1 seed Pam Anderson.
Carmen Electra vs. Brooke Burke.

The Concierge prefers the Knicks City Kids
Marissa Miller, poised to take down Jessica Alba
I love Jessica Alba, but this might be understandable

Glen Davis is Hungry

Look out world, Glen Davis is hungry. Davis is LSU's 6'9", 310-pound forward is nicknamed "Big Baby." Dick Enberg called him that about 1000 times this weekend. He got the nickname because he's fat and used to whine a lot as a child. This is what Davis had to say during the postgame celebration: "Big Baby gotta say something. We still got tapeworms in our bellies. We still hungry. We not finished yet."

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Biggest Upset Ever?

Wow! George Mason just beat the UConn powerhouse. I'm shocked. Not since Man O' War lost to a horse name Upset has there been a bigger upset. UConn didn't even play badly. George Mason played great. They avoided the pitfalls of so many Cinderella teams. They didn't shoot too many threes, nor did they hold the ball forever hoping the clock would run out. They continued to get the ball inside to their big men, and they never got intimidated. Wow!