Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dumb Yankees Fans

How many Yankees fans do you think wondered why Mariano Rivera was playing shortstop when they saw Derek Jeter (and everyone else for that matter) wearing #42 on Jackie Robinson Day?
And maybe a better question is when they found out the reason, how many of them asked "who is Jackie Robinson?"

Derek Jeter wears number 42, Yankee fans wonder why Mariano Rivera is playing shortstop

Angry Yankees Fans

If there's one group of people you don't want to piss off, it's Yankees fans. They acted like animals (which I guess is to be expected, after all, they are Yankees fans) when a Pepsi promotion went wrong. Fans showing up at Times Square for free tickets (they thought for Opening Day) we given free Pepsi and tickets -- to a game in June.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Would You Bang? Kathy Griffin

A recent eye-opening photo shoot in OK! magazine has changed the way I look at Kathy Griffin. Would you do to her what her gay best friend Anderson Cooper never will?

Song of the Week

"I Love College" - Asher Roth

Does make you miss the good old days.

Story suggested by Josh

The Babe Ruth of Fainters

David Buckner faints on the Glenn Beck show. But listen carefully, he calls his shot.

"I'm passing out...I'm passing out...gone."

Incredible, when have you ever heard someone give advance notice of a faint?

And notice the urgency of the floor crew.

By the way, this is what sucks about the new Poop. I heard about this shortly after it happened. But by the time I was able to post it everyone and their mother posted it and most of you Poopheads have probably seen it.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Everybody Leaves

I have said thousands of times that every college athlete (especialy basketball player) who could possibly leave school early to go pro, will (expect for the occassional Tyler Hansbrough).
Even when they say they're staying, don't believe them.
So when it Jonny Flynn, Eric Devendorf and Paul Harris all declared for the NBA draft I wasn't surprised. Ok, maybe Devendorf surprised me a little.
But here's why:
They want the money. They believe they'll get drafted higher than reasonable predictions say they will. And they believe even if they get drafted lower, they believe they'll play their way into the league. They dont take previous failures as cautionary tales. They know Donte Greene is lazy and doesnt work hard or play defense. They're going to be different.

In the case of these three Orange I think they are all making the right decision.

Jonny Flynn has all the skills to be a good NBA point guard and will likely be a mid-first round pick. His only problem is size, and one year is not going to change that. He'll develop his game faster under a good NBA coach than a shitty college coach. How can he work on his defense playing a 2-3? How can he show his late game decision making when all Boeheim ever lets him do is dribble out the clock with a 1 point lead and 5 minutes left?

Paul Harris is making the right decision because Boeheim hates him and the feeling is mutual. Boeheim has already said incoming transfer Wes Johnson will cut into Harris's minutes next year if he were to stay. Boeheim and Harris had a meeting and came to the mutual decision that Harris should leave. Harris also has two kids and could use the money. He has no position in the NBA and I don't expect him to get drafted.

Eric Devendorf probably has an even less likely NBA future than Harris. But like Harris Boeheim basically told him to leave. And Devendorf has been at school four years and is on track to graduate. Like Harris he has a kid who could use some financial support. Unlike Harris, he is tired of working his ass of at a school who makes millions of his performance yet suspends him when some dumb bitch fabricates a story about him.

Maybe this episode will teach you not to believe players when they say they are coming back to school. And while we're on the topic, don't expect any of these guys to come back if they don't like their draft position, or quite possibly, don't get drafted at all.

At Least We Got To See the Apple

An inauspicious debut for CitiField as the Mets lost their home opener in their new home. And not only that, the first batter, Jody Gerut, christened the place with a home run. That makes Gerut the first player to homer in the first at bat in a brand new stadium.

At least in the loss we got to see the new Home Run Apple. Very similar to the old apple (which is on the concourse, available for picture taking), just the new apple is brighter and shinier.

the new shiny CitiField apple

Another new thing I learned about the new park – the distance between home plate and the backstop is only 45 feet, the shortest distance of any park in the majors. I’m sure that will affect wild pitches, slamming into that brick wall back there.

When last we left Shea Stadium, Mike Piazza and Tom Seaver were marching off into the outfield, looking kind of like a gay couple. And they emerged at CitiField looking quite the same.

Tom Seaver and Mike Piazza look like a gay couple

And what is with these cats? There was that famous incident at Shea in 1969 and again a few years ago during the Subway Series. But one game into the new stadium and already we have a cat scampering on the field?

what is with these fuckin cats at Shea Stadium and CitiField?

The stadium looks beautiful and I can't wait to go though my first scheduled game is not until June 20th.

Monday, April 13, 2009

What Do You Give Me For? Tyler Hansbrough & JD McCoy

What do you give me for J.D. McCoy from "Friday Night Lights" and Tyler Hansbrough from the National Champion University of North Carolina Tar Heels.

JD McCoy
Tyler Hansbrough

Story suggested by Juice

Caption Contest

I got this great picture of Chase and Cayla playing behind the bars of the railing, I'm just not sure what to call it.
"Attica! Attica!" or "Better get used to those bars, kid."
If you don't get the second one, your name is not JLeary.

How Do You Eat Your Matzah?

Simple question: when eating a piece of Matzah do you eat with the grain our against?

In other words when holding the matzah and about to take a bite, are the lines horizontal (with the grain) or vertical (against the grain)?

Horny Vegan

A Colorado woman had her desired vanity plate rejected by the Department of Motor Vehicles because it could "be misinterpreted."
Kathy Coffman-Lee requested the plate "ILVTOFU" she says it's because she loves tofu, but it could also be read as "I love to eff you" or "I love to fuck."

this is a photo illustration of what the license plate would look like had it not been rejected for being indecent

Sasha and Malia Finally Get Their Dog

The Obamas adopted a 6-month old Portuguese Water Dog which I’m very happy about it. I love those two little girls, and I think every house (even one as big and important as the White House) needs to have a dog. But a couple things about the way they handled it annoy me.

Note: Pretty much everything the Obama Administration is doing annoys me. From Sanjay Gupta, to Kal Penn, to the Tonight Show to Michelle Obama on every magazine cover. And don’t even get me started on the European Apology Tour. I guess this is how liberals felt for the past 8 years.

First of all, they did not get the dog from a shelter. The whole time they indicated they would adopt a shelter dog, but instead they got him from Ted Kennedy. Second of all, they negotiated an exclusive with the Washington Post. Exclusive pictures, of a dog!

The girls named the dog Bo. Apparently this was the girls tribute to Michelle’s father. He went by the name Diddley, in honor Bo Diddley. But B-O are also the initials of Barack Obama.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Master Bates Goes Wild

Boston University stages one of the biggest comebacks in sports history. Down 2 goals with barely a minute left. In the national championship game. Imagine a team being down 14 in the Super Bowl, or down 2 runs in the bottom of the 9th in the 7th game of the World Series. Absolutely incredible. Here's the last 3 minutes, of the game, the best part starts 3:30 in.

And BU did go on to win in overtime. Congrats to the Terriers!