Saturday, February 18, 2017

Here Lies Personal Responsibilty

Jane Park, 21, of the UK, had planned to sue lottery organizers claiming her life was ruined after she won a million pounds in the EuroMillions when she was only 17.
Her claim was that someone that young could not handle the money and the lottery should increase the minimum age to 18.
She wasted her fortunate on cars clothes and plastic surgery. Plastic surgery, you don't say.

Park has since dropped her suit and said it was her plan all along. She says if she had merely suggested the age increase no one would have listened, but her lawsuit gained attention, which could initiate the change and perhaps save young people in the future from making the same mistakes. And presumably, blaming those mistakes on someone else.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Song of the Week

"Let's Get It On" - Marvin Gaye
This is for all you lovers out there.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Safety First

UCLA's big win over Oregon this week was marred by a scary incident involving a cheerleader. She fell, dragging the whole pyramid down, landed on her back and may have hit her head. Assistance came swiftly and she was carried off the court.

Only problem, the dude carrying her stepped on a bag or some kind of cloth item left carelessly by the court, and he slipped, causing her to fall for the second time.

Sophie did eventually return to the court and is doing fine.

Bill Walton's comment only makes it that much funnier.