Friday, June 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Mrs. Poop

In honor of the birthday of Mrs. Poop we celebrate two of her passions. Buying the boys the same shirt and taking pictures of them wearing them.

Note: Mrs. Poop did not buy all these matching outfits.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

What Do You Give Me For? Bob Ojeda & Paul Reiser

What do you give me for Bobby Ojeda and Paul Reiser?
I know this pictures don't really do the comparison justice but they were the best I could find.
Before you vote watch the SNY Mets pregame show. Once you have a good idea of what Bobby O looks like, watch this video of the Paul Reiser Show. Do that and your vote will be much higher.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Song of the Week

"Yearning For Your Love" - The Gap Band
Uncle Charlie before he was Uncle Charlie.
This legendary quiet storm classic has been sampled many times, including by a past song of the week "Love Like This" by Natasha Beddingfield.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

The Straw That Broke Weiner's Back

Lest you believe Congressman Anthony Weiner's big confession was caused by an attack of conscience, let me show you this:

That is a picture of a shirtless Anthony Weiner (though you can't see his face completely you can tell it's him, and confirm with a close examanation of the items behind him, including a picture of his wife) sent to a 26-year-old single mother in Texas, Megan Broussard.

In return Broussard sent him this:

And when Broussard decided for whatever reason she wanted to come out about her online relationship with Weiner she released other pictures to the press, including eventually ABC News. Here's one Weiner sent along with the caption "me and the pussys."

And that's what forced Weiner to finally come out and admit everything. He says he had online relationships with 6 women but never met them in person (I believe him, but after all these lies I couldn't blame someone who didn't). He says most of the relationships started before he was married, but not the one with Broussard.

On April 20th he posted a video of a speech on his Facebook page. She commented "hottttt" and he friended her on Facebook immediately. They started chatting and exchanging sexual messages. She didn't believe it was him so she asked him to write "me" on a piece of paper and take a picture with it.

So far we know of two women sexting with the Congressman. Maybe we'll hear from the other 4 maybe we won't. If we do, I hope they are hotter than these two so far.

But let me repeat this so I am clear. I really don't care what the hell he does on his free time. If he had come out and said right away that he was sending these pictures and having these conversations I would be defending him. I would say that's between him and his wife and nobody else. But it's the lying that always makes it 10 times worse. I don't care if he resigns or not. But I can understand the calls for his head, because of the lying.

Damino Learns An Important Lesson

15 years ago today Damino learned that you should never invite the whole school to a party at your house.

Never have the entire school over for a party when your Nana (may she rest in peace) lives downstairs.

One party ball is not enough beer for the entire school.

Damino also knows you never stop growing and learning.

He has learned a few more important lessons.

Always believe the worst about a politician.

Never believe a convoluted explanation when a simpler one is out there.

And never go against me when it comes to ferreting out the truth.

Rep. Anthony Weiner confirmed what I believed all along when he said "the picture was of me, and I sent it."

He went on to admit having internet or phone relationships with 6 women but claims he never met any of these women in person, just carried sexual conversations and exchanged the occasional lewd picture with these women. I hope he is telling the truth this time.

Several times during his press conference he said he was taking responsibility for his actions.


I have written many times on this blog about the importance of personal responsibility. I think it's the biggest problem affecting this country right now. No one takes responsibility for anything.

And it starts at the top. Bill Clinton (I know he wasn't the first) lied and lied and lied, until he got caught and couldn't lie anymore, then he apologized, admitted it and begged forgiveness.

Bill Clinton officiated Anthony Weiner's politically expedient wedding so I guess we shouldn't be surprised that when Weiner violated it he looked to his mentor for an example of how to take a scandal and blow it up into something 10 times worse by lying about it.

That's not personal responsibility. Once you've been caught, it's too late to be responsible. Personal responsibility is standing up and admitting wrongdoing because it's wrong, not because you have no other choice.

But politicians (in both parties) only care about themselves and their careers, and they will never take responsibility for their actions.

I just hope Damino learned that lesson this time.

Monday, June 06, 2011

Julian is Growing Up -- Fast

Julian is 10 months old today and though he isn't talking yet, he has figured out a way to make himself understood. This is how he tells us he's hungry (wait for the big finish, he's also a little too young to know he needs to begin his performance as soon as the red light goes on):

And he's not walking yet, not even doing a real crawl, but he still manages to get himself around:

As you can see, Julian was crawling towards Diesel's water bowl which likely signals the beginning of the worst phase of child-rearing.

Julian goes dog bowl diving

This is when a newly mobile child realizes he can get anywhere and touch anything (at a certain height). This is how the next few months will play out. Julian will crawl (eventually walk) for something, say an electrical outlet. I will grab him, relocate him to a safe zone and he will cry. Or he will get something of Chase's possibly a toy, or maybe a picture or something he can rip/crinkle or destroy. I will take it away from him and he'll cry, and because something of his was just ruined, Chase will cry too. That is what we call going from zero to two crying children in about 4.8 seconds.

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Third Time is a Trend for Rampage

Quinton "Rampage" Jackson has struck again. Check out his interview with a reporter (Karyn Bryant formerly of CNN Headline News's "Showbiz Tonight.")

Skip ahead to 1:25 for the real good part

Rampage wanted to be a "motor boatin sonovabitch". Pretty funny for us, maybe not so much for Miss Bryant. She tried laughing it off and her body language makes it seem she was somewhat flattered. But I still think it's totally inappropriate. But funny.

You heard Rampage reference how he be humpin reporters, and it's true. This is now the third time I have written about this. There was the time he did a Japanese reporter doggystyle and also an incident where he humped a really hot chick standing up.