Thursday, April 19, 2012

Who Was In This Car?

I was driving home on the streets of Manhattan when on 49th St. I got behind a Bentley. You always notice a Bentley, right? But this one had Miami Heat license plates that also said something about American Airlines Arena. What was this car doing in New York? And who was in it? Had to be either the owner, Pat Riley, Dwyane Wade or LeBron James, right?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I Told You So

To the doubters who didn't see the resemblance between Hollie Cavanagh and Amanda Leatherman I don't care what you think, because obviously Amanda Leatherman herself sees it.

Song of the Week

"Somebody I Used to Know" - Gotye
This song is hauntingly beautiful. Mrs. Poop has been playing it non-stop.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Cryin Wolf

There is real racism in this country. There are stereotypes that diminish groups and hurt feelings. Say black people like fried chicken is not one of them. Jewish people traditionally eat matzo ball soup. Italians enjoy pasta. Japanese people eat sushi. Black people eat soul food, including fried chicken and collard greens.
So why are people upset about this Burger King ad starring Mary J Blige.

Evidently to some this commercial reinforces the harmful stgereotypes that black people like to sing and dance and eat fried chicken. Blige says she thought the ad was going to be a dream sequence. Not sure how that would change it. And not sure why she agreed to sing those lyrics if they were so hurtful.

Ain't No Piece of Ass Worth 4300 Text Messages

Arkansas Bobby Petrino brought down in an embarrassing text and sex scandal. Petrino got into a horrible motorcycle accident and told everyone that he was riding alone. He wasn't. The 51-year-old Petrino had his 25-year-old mistress on the back. She was unhurt. But when the truth finally came out not only was it revealed that Petrino was having an affair with Jessica Dorell, we found out he hired her for a job with the football team, just a week earlier, choosing her over 158 other candidates. And she was engaged to some other dude who worked in the athletic department. Their wedding webpage was immediately defiled.

Sure Petrino is a jerk. For cheating on his wife. For using his power to get his girlfriend a job. For lying to his boss about it. For leaving the Falcons in the middle of the season. But the most embarrassing is that he and Dorrell exchanged 4300 text messages of the length of their affair. Is he a fuckin teenage girl? I thought the best part about these affairs is that you don't actually have to talk to the mistress because you might get caught. And Dorrell wasn't the only hot young slut Petrino was texting.

This is Alison Medler:

She's a bikini model/bikini contest winner, I can see why. Petrino also sent her 200 text messages, and it was mutual because she sent him 7 pictures (wish we could see those) over this two month period.

In summary Bobby Petrino is a piece of shit and it's a shame these hot young girls fall for him, especially Dorrell who basically ruined her whole life for this scumbag.