Friday, February 23, 2007

And Duke Too


Britney attacks a car with an umbrella outside K-Fed's house after he refused to give up their kids.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Idol Chatter

The hot girl from Jersey, Antonella Barba, may be voted off American Idol or possibly kicked off (I doubt it) after some pictures of her appeared on the internet. They show her peeing, baring her breasts (but covering her nipples), drinking, etc.

Moons Over My Hammy

USC hockey goalie (yes, they have a hockey team), Mickey Meyer rode his stick like a horse, dropped his bulky pants, mooned the crowd and slapped his buttocks during a game against BYU.
Meyer was angry at a referee's call.
He was “riding his hockey stick like a horse and slapping his butt,” the police officer said in his report. After pulling down his pants, Meyer slapped his bare bottom several times.
He was ejected and ticketed for lewdness.
He was replaced by the backup goalie, Matt Buttweiler. I am not making that up.
Evidently no video of the incident exists, but there is the radio call.

Britney is Fucked Up Beyond Belief

Britney Spears is back in rehab.
Maybe she's hoping three times is a charm. The emergency custody hearing that Kevin Federline wanted has been cancelled because of the new development. There will be no custody hearing today.
Federline is concerned for Spears' welfare and wants her to get help.
This will be Spears' last chance -- if she leaves rehab before getting full treatment, Federline will immediately go to court seeking orders allowing him unquestioned full custody of the children.
Spears showed up at Federline's house last night and he wouldn't' let her in.
The kids are now in the custody of Federline and have been since last week.

Where's Latifah?

Cool picture of the crowd at the NBA All-Star game. You can spot a lot of celebrities, including Queen Latifah, James Denton, Julius Erving, Bill Walton and T.O.
This site has some other guesses, some serious, some funny.
The Concierge will be combing this photo for the strippers who are sitting funny because they had anal sex with three NBA All-Stars the night before.

Billy Could Have Died

"I thought I'd share a life lesson: If you hear a crash on your roof or
ceiling; move. This happened two weeks ago and we're still cleaning up, getting our clothes from the dry cleaner and trying to replace the ceiling in our master bedroom. Fortunately, we don't own the house and we weren't injured. It happened at
2am... we heard a loud crash, I got up to go to the bathroom and 30 seconds later part of the ceiling collapsed on my side of the bed. Alison had to dive out of bed. It was scary, but we weren't hurt. Hopefully we'll get new bedroom furniture and stuff out of it. We've been sort of out of the loop because we're dealing with that and the wedding. It appears to be a construction flaw, but we're still not sure why it came down. Just wanted to share some advice. BTW - insurance is a pain to deal with, but nice to have."

Billy soiled his drawers, and his drawers

Weekend in Las Vegas

Pacman Jones of the Tennessee Titans was involved in an incident at a Las Vegas strip club, Minxx, over NBA All-Star weekend.
Pacman was with Nelly and Jermaine Dupri when they started throwing singles on the stage (hundreds of em), an act called "making it rain."
At that point a Houston strip club promoter named Chris Mitchell told his girls (whom he imported from Houston) to hit the main stage and grab that cash.
But Pacman didn't want to part with the money, he was only doing it for show.
And that's when all hell broke loose.
A woman with Jones, Sadia Morrison, was soon fighting with a stripper. Bouncers rushed in.
"Jones became extremely irate, telling security to back off and 'don't touch his girls,' " the warrant stated.
Jones soon engaged the bouncers who were trying to break up the scuffle and reached behind him as if he were reaching for a gun.
The bouncers were able to move Jones out of the club and turned their attention to Morrison, who was biting security and screaming. "Sadia (Morrison) picked up a champagne bottle and hit one security guard in the head with it."
A few minutes later, outside the club, a man with a cornrow hairdo fired a semi-automatic handgun, striking the bouncer, a security guard and a female customer.
The club owner said when one of the strippers started grabbing the money without Jones' permission, he got angry, grabbed her hair and slammed her head against the stage.
Jones is not a suspect in the shooting but it is believed the shooter, who hasn't been caught, was part of his entourage.
As for the club promoter, Mitchell, police searched his room and found $81,000 in cash in a black garbage bag. Police think that is Jones' money.

It's Gotta Be The Shoes

Charlie Weis Gets No Restitution

A few years ago, when he was still with the New England Patriots, Charlie Weis had gastric bypass surgery because he thought he was too heavy to be considered a candidate for a head coaching job.
But his surgery went wrong and he almost died. After which he said "Al Roker can take all that happy shit and shove it up his ass."
Weis should have known that no surgery is without risks, but he blames his doctors.
Weis says Drs. Ferguson and Hodin acted negligently by failing to recognize life-threatening internal bleeding and infection after his surgery.
The case went to trial, Tom Brady testified on Weis' behalf but a mistrial was declared.
A juror collapsed and all the doctors in the courtroom, including the two defendants, rushed to his aid.
After that, Weis' lawyers called for a mistrial evidently feeling as if that juror, and the other jurors, would look favorably upon the doctors.

doesn't look like the surgery worked

As Seen on CNN

An man heard a neighbor watching porn, but mistakenly thought a woman was being raped.
Bret Stieghorst was watching an adult movie with the volume up loud. His downstairs neighbor, James Van Iveren, heard a woman screaming in the movie, but thought a woman was actually being attacked. Instead of calling police, he took matters into his own hands, ran up the stairs and broke down the door, all while brandishing a three-foot long military-style sword.
"He comes in with this three-foot long sword and starts pointing it at me, and going, 'Where is she?'" Stieghorst said.
Van Iveren continued to point the sword at Stieghorst while he searched the apartment to make sure no woman was being held against her will. When Van Iveren did not find anyone else in the apartment, he left.
Van Iveren was charged with criminal trespass while using a dangerous weapon, criminal damage to property while using a dangerous weapon and disorderly conduct while using a dangerous weapon, misdemeanors which carry a maximum total penalty of 33 months in jail.
"The fact that he was at least trying to do something good, that's at least good," Stieghorst said.
"It was a woman screaming," Van Iveren said. "She was screaming for help."
He grabbed the sword, a family heirloom, bounded up the stairs to the other apartment, kicked in the door and confronted Stieghorst.
"I intended to hold it behind my back and knock. But I froze and instead, what happened happened," Van Iveren said. "Now I feel stupid. This really is nothing, nothing but a mistake."
Van Iveren said that he does not have a telephone, so he could not call police when he heard the calls for help. He said he barely knew Stieghorst.
Stieghorst said the incident will not deter him from watching pornography, but he'll have to alter his viewing habits.
"I'm just going to watch it with the sound down, or I'll buy myself some decent headphones," he said.

A Change is Gonna Come II

Starting Monday I will be changing my work hours. I am going to the evening shift, 3pm to 11pm. I will be working Sunday - Thursday. I will almost never see Mrs. Poop but Diesel will have constant companionship, me in the mornings, and Mrs. Poop in the afternoons when she wakes up.
I am not being promoted or demoted, I am making a lateral move, but one that I hope will position me better for my next career advancement.
I do not like my new hours but I realize they are necessary. I will hope to come back to the morning shift as soon as possible, but that probably won't be for another 6-9 months at the earliest, barring other personnel changes.
I will watch almost no sports anymore, other than what I DVR.
I will attend almost no Met games this season other than Friday nights.
But I will be much better rested.
I do not know what this means for the future of the blog, but if you are one of those people who checks early in the morning or at lunchtime, you probably won't be seeing new posts. Most of the posting will come from late at night, or maybe in the afternoon before I leave for work.

A Change Is Gonna Come I

Mrs. Poop is pregnant!
Yesterday we had our 12 week (roughly) ultrasound and everything looks good.
We will not be finding out the gender (unless Mrs. Poop changes her mind) and although we have an agreement in terms on first and middle names for both possibilities, we will not be sharing those with anyone (unless Mrs. Poop changes her mind).
We are sharing this information on February 22nd because that was the due date for our first pregnancy which miscarried over the summer.
We were also told that this pregnancy would probably end in miscarriage but the ultrasound to confirm it, showed a healthy baby with a heartbeat.
Two subsequent ultrasounds showed healthy and normal development so we expecting a baby on or about September 9th.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Song of the Week

"Forever My Lady" - Jodeci

One of the first R&B songs I ever really liked, from the group that really got me into R&B.

Another Hour of Gay Nicknames

ABC has decided to pursue a spinoff of the hugely successful medical drama, "Grey's Anatomy". Leaving the show to anchor the new show would be one of its most popular characters: Dr. Addison Montgomery-Shepherd, a sexy neonatal-surgeon played by Kate Walsh.
The general plot is still a work in progress and "Grey's Anatomy" creator Shonda Rhimes hasn't settled on a title.
But Ms. Rhimes recently told the cast about the project and agreed to write a special two-hour episode that will serve as a pilot for the new series.
ABC is likely to air the special in May -- in time for the network to decide whether to pick up the spinoff before unveiling its fall schedule to advertisers and media buyers.
Despite moving to highly competitive Thursday from Sunday last fall, "Grey's Anatomy" is notching some of its best ratings ever. Last week, 26 million people tuned in to watch the doctors and medical students at Seattle Grace Hospital cope with the fallout of a ferry crash.
At the same time, the ensemble show, now in its third season, has an abundance of strong characters, including Ellen Pompeo as Dr. Meredith Grey and Patrick Dempsey as Dr. Derek Shepherd. Ms. Rhimes recently said it was difficult fitting all 12 "Grey's Anatomy" regulars into storylines.
Ms. Walsh's Dr. Montgomery-Shepherd joined the show in May 2005, appearing in the last few minutes of the season-one finale. She abruptly shows up at the Seattle hospital looking for her estranged neurosurgeon husband, Dr. Shepherd, and discovers he has a girlfriend. Ms. Walsh confronts her with a pointed -- and explicit -- remark.

What do you get when you combine Mrs. Poop and Mrs. Beers?

Bubble Watch

Syracuse is strictly on the bubble right now and here is their tournament resume according to ESPN.

Syracuse [19-8 (8-5), RPI: 64, SOS: 57] That's more like it from the up-and-down Orange, as they took care of all three in this winnable stretch to get to 8-5 in league play. The final three (at Provy, G'town, at Nova) are not easy, and with the relative lack of nonconference heft and the weak computer numbers, Syracuse might need to get two of those to get on the right side of the fence. The good news is that they are in a three-way tie for fourth right now in a conference that will get many more bids than that. The bad news is that 10th place is only a game back in the loss column.

I think the Orange needs two wins and probably won't get them (Georgetown is really big which means Roberts and Watkins will both foul out in the first half and Villanova on the road will be very tough). That would leave them on the bubble going into the Big East Tournament, same as last year.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

We Knew This Was Coming

Britney Spears has voluntarily checked herself into an undisclosed rehab facility today. “We ask that the media respect her privacy as well as those of her family and friends at this time,” Spears’ manager, Larry Rudolph says.

What kind of rehab?
Crazy bitch rehab?
Fucked up child star rehab?
Bald idiot rehab?

Syracuse Loves Us

Did any other Syracuse couples get this card?

XM, Sirius Agree to Merge

The two satellite radio companies have agreed to merge.
If you own stock in either of the companies this is pretty good news, the stocks are up today (Sirius to about $4, and XM to about $16).
But if you are a customer you have other issues.
Will they be allowed to merge? I would guess no, but people more familiar with the matters say it's a possibility especially if they can convince the FCC that free radio and HD radio and other entertainment forms are their competitors.
If they do merge I would be worried about the following:
-a price increase. They might have to make a deal to not raise prices or to raise them slowly and incrementally in order to make the deal pass but I would imagine an increase to $14.95 per month is in the future

-programming. Will the combined company continue to be as aggressive pursuing new deals without another strong entity to steal them. Will the sports leagues, and Stern and Oprah be able to get such sweetheart deals at the end of their contracts without the leverage of another competitor

-your radio receiver. You will almost definitely need to get a new receiver in order to get the combined programming. Will you have to buy it? Will they give it to you free? Will they let you keep your old one and not offer you the new programming?

-your way of doing things. Billy loves that he can select 20 songs (like "Doin' da Butt") and be notified whenever those songs are on any channel. Will those features survive?

But the good part is combined programming. You can get NFL and MLB. You can get Howard and Oprah. Most of the music channels are redundancies but the orginal programming will all be under one umbrella.

Danger Seekers

The climbing group on Mount Hood was saved by their dog, Velvet, but rescuers were able to find them thanks to a Mountain locator unit.
It's a small, lightweight devices about the size of a glasses case. It can emit a signal helps rescuers pinpoint the location of missing or stranded climbers. When activated, the beacons send out a distress signal that allows the beacon to be located by the satellite system. The devices can transmit GPS coordinates in the emergency satellite transmission.
Lawmakers now want every climbing group to carry one of these, but believe it or not some are objecting.
They say it takes the adventure out of climbing. If the only thrill of climbing is the possibility of death, then let's make that possibility more real by refusing to rescue dumbasses who get stuck without taking the proper precautions to ensure their rescue.

As Seen on CNN

Three climbers who were trapped on Mount Hood were saved in part due to their black lab Velvet. Velvet was able to lie on top of them and keep them warm while they waited for help. Velvet was reportedly in the best physical condition of the group when they came down the mountain. She had minor cuts and abrasions on her back paws and legs from prolonged exposure to the snow, but she was cleared to go home. Further proof that dogs don't need booties or coats from Old Navy to brave the winter weather.
Why did these people drag their dog on this adventure I have no idea. Maybe a long hike in nice weather, but a mountain climb in the snow. They should have left the dog at home. But lucky for them they didn't.

Jason Kidd is a Dick

These things happen in divorce. Couples make accusations. But if one-tenth of what Joumana claims is true, then Jason Kidd is the biggest dickhead ever.

There are 20-something pages of accusations including:
-Kidd has engaged in extramarital affairs with "several different television reporters"
-affairs with strippers in Arizona, Sacramento, Miami, Dallas and Indiana, a Nets season ticket holder, a Nets employee, and a cheerleader in New Orleans
-he had a prepaid cell phone containing text messages and naked photos sent by various women
-he assaulted her while she was pregnant with the couple's first child
-he threw stuff at her including a rock and a cookie (which he blamed on TJ)
-he kicked her in the stomach causing blood to appear in her urine, then said "I don't give a f--k."
-he played the Kobe card and bought her her expensive jewelry (a $585,000 pink diamond ring and a $550,000 diamond pendant) to apologize

The physical abuse detailed is so crazy. He basically pushed her or punched her, constantly and at least five instances she claims to have gone to the hospital, which should be easily proveable. Kidd is fucked. But at least Joumana left out other Nets players.

Brady's Baby

Bridget Moynahan is pregant with Tom Brady's baby.
She is more than three months pregnant.
The couple announced their breakup on December 14th, but the statement said they had broken up a few weeks earlier.
I can't see any way this was a planned pregnancy. So either it was a big surprise, she stopped taking the pill, or it was a poke-a-hole situation.
Either way I hope Brady does the right thing here.
Reminiscent of Matt Leinart who knocked his bitch up after they had supposedly split.

Brady and Bridget

Monday, February 19, 2007

Tim Hardaway Doth Protest Too Much

First he said he hates gay people, now he is seen in a locker room video rubbing lotion on his butt. That leads me to believe that Tim Hardaway is either gay himself, or not straight.

Also, if there was going to be a camera in the locker room, why couldn't it have been in the cheerleaders locker room? How come that shit never makes it to youtube?

Best Show Ever


On a sticky day in July, Jessica Hall was driving north on Interstate 95 with her children and her sister, who was six months pregnant and having early contractions. Traffic had slowed to a crawl, when, she said, another car cut her off twice. Angered, she flung a McDonald's cup full of ice into the other car, where it flew across the driver and landed all over his girlfriend.
The driver of the other car, Pete Ballin, 36, and his girlfriend, Eliza Fowle, 28, were heading home to the District after visiting her father in North Carolina.
"It was gross and sticky and got all over me and the front of our car, the dashboard and the windshield," Fowle said of the launched drink.
Now Hall faces up to two years in prison because she was convicted by a jury of maliciously throwing a missile into an occupied vehicle, a felony in Virginia. The instructions given to the jury said that any object propelled by force can be considered a missile.
The jury gave Hall the minimum sentence of two years in prison. A judge will formally impose a sentence Wednesday. Under state law, the judge can only decrease the jury's sentence. Hall, whose husband is serving his third tour in Iraq, has spent more than a month in jail.

The Universe Loves Parking Meters

After parking my car in the snow I realized that meters on Third Avenue run until 10pm. And Mrs. Poop didn't bring her wallet so we had no quarters. Just as I was about to go into the Chinese restaurant for change of a dollar and get told "you must buy eggroll" the universe delivered to me the Concierge.
At that moment he emerged from a Thai-Spanish (his description) restaurant. And I said "excuse me sir, do you have change for a dollar? Of course he did.

Pissing Off Tim Hardaway

Charles Barkley beat Dick Bavetta in the much anticipated match race and All-Star Weekend. In fact Barkley had such a lead in the 3 1/2 court length race that he started running backwards, and they both ended up on their asses. Then they kissed. I have no idea why.

Focks Fest

A rousing game of Taboo broke out at Focks' house in celebration of blonde Julie's birthday. The highlights:

My clue: "The gayest movie ever."
The answer: "The Notebook." Shouted out immediately by jusTON who later had to explain to Special K that he really liked the movie and didn't think it was gay. He was simply guessing what I would think was a gay movie.

Mrs. Poop's clue: "she's on crack."
The answer: Whitney Houston, by five people simulataneously.

The Birthday Girl's clue: Your moms are going through this ---
The answer: Menopause, by all the women at once.

After getting only two points in his round, Juice retreated to the bedroom in a pit of despair. He later redeemed himself.

Victory over the vaginas by the testes.

Matt's hosting skills. TON ate like 34 chocolate covered strawberries.

After making fun of Focks, he discarded about 12 bottles of cologne.

The girl with the Scottheads.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Bald Britney

Crazy Britney Spears is at it again, this time shaving her head.