Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What is She Hiding?

Bloomberg reporter Sara Eisen caught with her pants down (skirt up?) when they suddenly put the camera on her after the previous reporter had an audio issue.

What the hell was that between her legs? I am guessing it was the battery pack for the mic, but I have never seen one that big. Usually its just a small little box clipped to a belt. Not a giant box like that.

Crazy. Poor thing got embarrassed on the internet and she actually handled it quite well.

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Song of the Week

"Let's Get It" - G-Dep featuring Diddy and Black Rob
G-Dep recently turned himself in for a murder he committed 20 years ago. He robbed and shot a man and fled without knowing if his victim would recover. He didn't, but G-Dep got away with murder literally. The case was never solved and wasn't even being pursued anymore when G-Dep walked into the precinct and confessed. He says he did it to "get right with God" but I think he was hoping for more leniency in prosecution. He got convicted on second degree murder and will serve 15 years.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Prom Nightmare

Prom is the most important day in any high school girl’s life. There is so much to worry about, finding the right dress, the right boy, the right hairstyle. So much needs to be arranged, the pre-prom party, the post-prom party, the limo. And once you’ve got all those things you want to go someplace really pretty to take pictures.

In Fair Lawn that place is the park behind our house. Almost the entire school goes there to take pictures with their friends, since they know everyone else they know is going to be there. This year because Chase was in the child care program at the high school we went so he could take pictures with his senior buddies.

Note: there are many great photos of Chase in his baseball tie with teenage girls in prom dresses but I feel a little weird about posting hot barely legal tail on this blog. If you're into that sort of thing, check out Mrs. Poop’s Facebook page.

These girls were so excited to see Chase and so happy to take pictures with him. Even though it was their day they made time for this petulant toddler.

Note: the buddies were so nice to Chase that Mrs. Poop and Mama Poop were nearly reduced to tears.

Much like the Fair Lawn High School prom, the students from Kettle Moraine High School in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin found a beautiful location for pictures, a friend’s lake house. They all gathered on the pier for this lovely photo:

And then the dock collapsed. And someone snapped this photo:

As funny as that is I do feel badly for these poor kids who had their prom ruined, especially the one in the white dress using every ounce of tricep strength she has to avoid becoming submerged and see-through.

There is only one winner here, the guy on the far left holding onto his date. If he got her back on land dryshod you know he got laid that night.