Friday, February 04, 2011

Minka Kelly's Pretty Pink Panties

Minka Kelly, the hottest woman alive, absolutely killing it in another photo shoot, this one from GQ.

This is all to promote her newest movie, "The Roommate" co-starring Leighton Meister. It's an updated, college version of "Single White Female" only with hotter chicks.

The strange thing is, Meester who plays second fiddle to Blake Lively on "Gossip Girl" now plays the less pretty friend of Minka. But in a strange way she kind of looks like her. If this works out she could play her psycho sister in the next movie.

This is Why 3 Million People Watch Sean Hannity Every Night

Sean Hannity arguing with Anjem Choudary. You must stick with this until the end. The good-bye is priceless.

"You're one sick miserable evil SOB but thank you for coming on anyway."

What's the Most Embarrassing Part?

During a recent girls' high school basketball game in Utah Christian Heritage High beat West Ridge Academy 108-3.
This called up the usual questions of sportsmanship, self-esteem, competitiveness and the wussification of America.
But the one thing no one is talking about is which is the worst part, allowing 108 points in a 24 minute (I think) game, or scoring only 3.

I think the answer has to be scoring only 3. I'm sure there was a great physical difference between the two teams, which made it impossible to stop them on defense. But unless the ball got stolen everytime and every shot was blocked, they should have been able to make at least two baskets. Let's say they only get 10 shots off the entire game. They only needed to make 2 of them to get 4 points. Scoring only 3 points, blame yourself.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Song of the Week

"Walk Like an Egyptian" - The Bangles
Tell me you haven't been singing this song to yourself this week.

50 Years on TV and No One Knows Who He Is

Three idiots on Wheel of Fortune

Regis Philbrin and Kelly Ripa
Regis Philbin and Kelly Reepa
Regis Philmin and Kelly Ripa
Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripe-a

That was ridiculous. But I think what happened was it wasn't quite clear what the previous mistakes were so they kept trying to change their answers.

Monday, January 31, 2011

You May Be Surprised at My Answer

Ohio Congressman and former Presidential Candidate Dennis Kucinich is suing a Congressional cafeteria for $150,000. Three years ago Kucinich ate a sandwich and bit down on an olive which still contained a pit. Kucinich says he suffered serious dental problems as a result, and according to his lawsuit "a loss of enjoyment."
Throw out the amount he's seeking, because you always ask for way more than reasonably should be awarded, fully expecting the judgment to be reduced. Consider only the merits of his claim. And forget the loss of enjoyment too, though I guess it makes sense, you would enjoy food and life a lot less if you had a broken tooth requiring serious oral surgery to repair.
Focus only on his claim: he expected everything in his sandwich to be easily edible. I agree with him. No one should put a olive with a pit in a sandwich, that's negligence on the part of the cafeteria's food preparers. And he suffered actual damages as a result of that improperly prepared sandwich. I say this is a legitimate lawsuit.

Dennis Kucinich and his wife, possible love is blind candidates