Monday, January 31, 2011

You May Be Surprised at My Answer

Ohio Congressman and former Presidential Candidate Dennis Kucinich is suing a Congressional cafeteria for $150,000. Three years ago Kucinich ate a sandwich and bit down on an olive which still contained a pit. Kucinich says he suffered serious dental problems as a result, and according to his lawsuit "a loss of enjoyment."
Throw out the amount he's seeking, because you always ask for way more than reasonably should be awarded, fully expecting the judgment to be reduced. Consider only the merits of his claim. And forget the loss of enjoyment too, though I guess it makes sense, you would enjoy food and life a lot less if you had a broken tooth requiring serious oral surgery to repair.
Focus only on his claim: he expected everything in his sandwich to be easily edible. I agree with him. No one should put a olive with a pit in a sandwich, that's negligence on the part of the cafeteria's food preparers. And he suffered actual damages as a result of that improperly prepared sandwich. I say this is a legitimate lawsuit.

Dennis Kucinich and his wife, possible love is blind candidates


Damino said...

I hate frivolous lawsuits as much as anyone, but I agree that this one has merit and he's at least entitled to recover monetary damages from his surgery. They actually just announced a settlement but I don't think the amount has not been disclosed.

damino said...

I mean I don't think the amount has been disclosed.

Cayla said...

If the olive still has the pit in it you can't put it on your fingertip.