Friday, April 18, 2014

Mrs. Poop's New Favorite Yankee

Now that Derek Jeter is moving on to make banging Swimsuit models his full time job, this leaves a void in Mrs. Poop's heart.
Who will be her favorite Yankee next season?
Answer: Masahiro Tanaka.

What did Tanaka do to endear himself to Mrs. Poop?
This is what he said when asked about the biggest cultural difference between Japan and the U.S.:

"The washlet is a system in Japan where you press a button and water comes out and washes your ass. Not having that is a big difference."

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


I love Mrs. Poop with all my heart. But it's no secret that we have nothing in common. Ours is a love like Louis and Mrs. Pasteur's, we don't share a lot of common interests, but we make it WORK!

But it does make me wonder what it would be like to marry a woman who "gets" me, who understands what makes me tick and likes the same things I do.
Like Danica McKellar:

Tight dresses, math and palindromes.

Song of the Week

"Baby I'm-a Want You" - Bread

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

3000 Words: Fenway Park Edition

Fenway Park crowd in 1924. Notice how the fans and the concessionaire are dressed.

Fenway Park crowd in 2013.

A Coast Guard helicopter does a flyover and the Green Monster is draped in the American flag during the presentation of the 2013 World Series rings at Fenway Park.