Saturday, August 30, 2008

My Favorite Song Cheapened to Score Political Points

While I often say that a new song a like is my favorite, truly, for years, I've had only one favorite song of all-time and that is "Wonderful World" by Sam Cooke.
So I was a little disappointed to hear the song's lyrics and meaning bastardized for this new Barack Obama ad.

Friday, August 29, 2008

It's a Free Country, If a Man Wants to Change His Name We Should Respect His Vishes and Call Him Ocho Cinco

Bengals wide receiver Chad Johnson had his name legally changed in court to Chad Javon Ocho Cinco.
He said he did it because he's having fun. I will always side with the guy who's trying to have some fun, but I think this may be going a little too far for a laugh.
I'm not sure he realizes the enormity of this, the difficulty of changing your name, changing all your bank accounts, credit cards, etc.
And what about potential future wife and kids? Do they have to be burdened by this ridiculous decision?
And is his new last name Cinco, or Ocho Cinco? Does he need a hyphen?
Boxer Marvin Hagler legally changed his name to Marvelous Marvin Hagler, which is a bit boastful if you ask me.
But I can perfectly understand why former Eastern Illinois lineback Lucious Pusey changed his name to Lucious Seymour, after getting made fun of by bloggers like me.
That makes sense, but it seems like Chad is doing this just so he can wear "Ocho Cinco" on his jersey without the NFL fining him.

Chad Johnson is now officially Ocho Cinco

At Least They Got Something For Him

The Knicks acquired Patrick Ewing Junior in a trade with the Houston Rockets. And all they had to give up was Frederic Weis.
Weis the 15th pick in the 1999 draft, signifies everything that was wrong with the Knicks. We could have had Ron Artest for heaven's sake.
Maybe dumping him will exorcise some kind of demons.
I have no idea why the Rockets would do this, Weis is never playing in the NBA, maybe just to be nice to the Knicks and Ewing, who might be the 16th man on a 15-man Knicks roster anyway.
But at least this gives him the chance to revel in his dad's glory for a little while.

the most memorable moment of Frederic Weis's basketball career

Phillies Fans Toss Kids Out of the Stands For a Ball

Awesome video of a kid in Philadelphia falling out of the stands in the outfield while reaching for a ball during batting practice. The kid landed hard, so Mike Pelfrey helped him out.

Instant Analysis From Idiots

Major League Baseball is testing instant replay at only 3 series this weekend, and only for "boundary calls" on home runs. On TV you will hear many talking heads make several arguments against this, all of them fallacious.

1) "It's unfair to change the rules in the middle of the season."
Yes, you can. Because the rule doesn't govern the way the game is played strategically, it doesn't favor one team over any other. And that's the true definition of fairness. Conceivably, every team has an equal chance of benefitting or being hurt by a newly reviewable play, once again, fairness.

2) "You're taking the human element out of the game."
Good. The human element makes a lot of mistakes. Instant replay, when applied with in reason will help get more calls right, and therefore make it better for everyone.

3) "Instant replay will slow down the game."
This may be so in other sports but if you've watched any of the disputed home run calls this season you know they begin with a long manager's argument, continue with a long umpires' meeting and if reversed, continue with a long argument from the other manager. If an umpire can go into a clubhouse or dugout and look at a few replays in less than say two minutes, it would alleviate all that trouble. "You'll see it clearly on the replay after the game" is a good way to end an argument with an irate manager.

According to Major League Baseball, under this system only 18 plays all season so far would have been subject to review.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Worst Sex They Ever Had

A British couple accused of having sex on a beach in Dubai face up to 6 years in prison.
Not only did they have sex in public, they did it without being married -- to each other -- which is also a crime.
The third charge against them is for drinking alcohol.
They could get the sentenced stayed if they get married, but the guy is already married to someone else.
Michelle Palmer and Vince Acors apologized for drinking, but insist they were not having sex.
But the cop who arrested them said "Her shirt was off and she was sitting on him and their voices were excited. They didn't even notice me standing there. He was kissing and playing with her chest. I shone my torch on them and said: 'Excuse me.' It was then they noticed me."
Sounds like they were fucking.

Michelle Palmer and Vince Acors -- the Dubai Sex on the Beach couple

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

She'll Be Appearing at Gate D at Halftime

While Jets fans are very excited about the arrival of Brett Favre, they have a much bigger acquisition to crow about.
When the "Gate D Party" story broke last year, the Jets were embarrassed, but now they learned their fans are less interested in the J-E-T-S than they are in T-I-T-S.
The Jets hired former Florida State cowgirl, Jenn Sterger as a host for pregame activities.

jets slut, jenn sterger
she wears a lot of makeup and is putting that button under a lot of stress

Reason Why I Love Mrs. Poop #415,773

Mrs. Poop loves to check the messages on our home answering machine when we're away. Only problem is, she forgot the pincode. So last week while we were in Connecticut for one day she tried several times, unsuccessfully to call our machine and get the messages.
So when we got home, our machine was full of messages that consisted of her pressing a bunch of buttons, and me listening to the Mets game in the background.

They'll Be Good Parents

The dominant volleyball team of Kerri Walsh and Misty May-Treanor is breaking up, intent on creating a future gold medal winning team. After their gold medal match, the ladies spoke of their plans to take some time off to start a family. They spoke very frankly about now being time for a baby.
But Misty will be putting that off at least for a few more months. She'll be a contestant on the next season of Dancing with the Stars. I have a feeling she'll outlast Warren Sapp and Cloris Leachman.
But maybe in the offseason she can spend some quality time with her husband, Marlins catcher, Matt Treanor. She said her one night to see him this past month was when she flew to Arizona after the Olympics.
She attended the Diamondbacks-Marlins game and in a strange break from tradition, threw out the first pitch while wearing a Diamondbacks jersey, but the pitch was received by a player from the opposing team, Matt Treanor.

Misty May-Treanor throws out the first pitch at the Diamondbacks-Marlins game
Who's the pitcher and who's the catcher
Misty May shows off her gold medal to John McCain

Matt Treanor is getting paid $705,000 by the Marlins this year. Do you think Misty May is getting more? Maybe in an Olympic year she's earning more in endorsements, but I doubt she brings in that much during a regular year of playing on the beach volleyball tour.

I hope both women are successful and that they'll both be happy pregos by next year.

Song of the Week

"Pollywog in a Bog" - Barenaked Ladies
Those of you without children, stick with it, it gets gangster in the middle.
And you can watch it in high quality. I love doing that on youtube, even when the enhanced quality doesn't enhance my enjoyment, I still like it.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Last Year on the Poop

A classic and very special post about bringing babies home from the hospital.
I'll post the pictures here again because they're just so awesome and they make Mem and Poppy so happy.



He Must Have Had Syphillis

You can't screw thousands of people and not get syphillis. I bet Dick Butkus and his former NFL cronies are making similar tasteless jokes about the passing of NFL Players' Union President Gene Upshaw.
Unfortunately, Upshaw will be remembered terribly though the union flourished terrifically under his stewardship.
But a lot of the criticism of him is unfair. First of all, he was criticized for saying he doesn't work for the former players, but he was 100% correct, he has to listen to the current union members.
Also, he did a lot to improve benefits for retired players, but many of the problems these retirees have (specifically the more recent ones) resulted from poor decisions on their own.
At its heart, pro football is an incredibly dangerous profession, but a profession for which its practicioners are well-paid. There's no excuse for a current player not putting a portion of his salary towards long-term health insurance and retirement. If you make a bunch of bad business deals and have no money left when your health fails, then you're at least as much to blame as anyone else.
There one criticism of the union under Upshaw I agree with.
I think disability insurance area of the union's coverage is a travesty.
I've heard countless stories of retired players being refused for disability benefits by union doctors who deemed them fit for sedentary work. How is a former football player who has headaches from repeated concussions, and pain from multiple knee surgeries expected to get and keep a desk job?
I hope Upshaw's successor will extend these benefits for retirees but most crucially he should put more pressure on the players to provide for their own nest eggs.

The Volleyball Capital of the World

TON is a very happy man, because the United States is now the world's superpower when it comes to volleyball.
Kerri Walsh and Misty May-Treanor won the women's beach gold, which was expected.
Phil Dalhausser and Tom Rodgers won the beach gold for the men, which was also expected, even though they suffered the biggest upset in volleyball history in pool play.
And the women's indoor team made it all the way to the gold medal game before bowing out.
But perhaps the biggest surprise, and perhaps the most pleasant is the gold medal won by the men's indoor team.
Through several nail-biting matches, they always managed to make the big play to earn the victory.
I love Clayton Stanley and his gangsta serves. I love Riley Salmon and his scrappiness. I love Tom Hoff, the captain who hardly plays. But my favorite player is David Lee. There must be something about the name David Lee that requires you to be incredibly unsung but remarkably efficient.

the cool and calm David Lee celebrates the victory

But the nicest part of this gold medal is the fact that they won it for Hugh McCutcheon. Coaches don't get medals, but he deserves one. McCutcheon missed the first three matches to be with his family after his father-in-law was killed, and his mother-in-law seriously wounded after being stabbed at a Beijing tourist spot.

And when McCutcheon came back, he coached expertly. He called the right timeouts, made the proper substitutions and executed the key strategic adjustments.

After the gold medal match, McCutcheon left the floor to cry in the tunnel for a minute before joining his team in the celebration.

Coach Hugh McCutcheon gets choked up
Ryan Millar goes for a gangsta kill
Reid Priddy getting ready for the kill

Tennis Player We Can Root For

James Blake employed an old wrestling tactic for his first round match at the U.S. Open. Looking for "cheap heat," Blake came out wearing a Mets shirt with the #16 and his name on the back. I couldn't find a picture of that but I did find this shot where you can see (if you look closely) a Mets logo on his left sleeve.
Blake who is from Yonkers, is actually a big Mets fan, so I applaud his support of the local team.

the best picture I could find of James Blake sporting Mets gear at the U.S. Open

Monday, August 25, 2008

Last Year on The Poop

We brought Baby Chase home.
That was the first day I took him and Diesel for a walk, an act I've repeated many times since. Few things have brought me more joy this year than walking through the park with my two boys.
For all of Diesel's behavioral issues (and there are some), he has been remarkably good with Chase. There haven't been any major problems, and all of the minor incidents (tug on the ear, finger in the eye, hand in the water bowl) have been Chase's fault.
I'm extremely pleased that they are developing the special bond that can only grow between a boy and his dog.
In fact, Chase's first word was "dog." Ok, it sounded more like "gog" but Mrs. Bates said as long as he says it when he sees it a dog, it counts as a word.
And the other day when we took Diesel to the dog park (first time since Chase was born), Chase stayed outside the fence, but laughed and giggled and yelled "gog" every time the pooches came running at him.

Best Friends