Saturday, November 23, 2013

Even Redskins Fans Can Be Oversensitive Babies

In Virginia, vanity license plates are no additional charge, so many people tend to get them. Some moron is driving around with KLIQ920 plates. And another guy has an Audi with OWWWW-D tags.
One jerk, who is a Cowboys fan judging by the sticker on the back of his car, is riding around with F RG3 on his car. An oversensitive baby, and Redskins fan, took a picture of the offending plate and tweeted it to the Virginia DMV.
It's not offensive, it's funny, if you hate the Redskins, and if you do like the Redskins it's completely meaningless,. Lighten up Redskin fan.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Is Hot 97 Going Soft?

Hot 97 in New York used to be the best station in the city, and maybe the country for rap and hip-hop music. The station's motto is still "Where Hip-Hop Lives."
In recent days while surfing the stations, I have heard the following songs on Hot 97 "Get Lucky" - Daft Punk, "Treasure" - Bruno Mars and "Royals" - Lorde.
I couldn't believe my ears so I checked the playlist on and it confirmed what I heard. I like all three of those songs, but no one would argue that they are hip-hop joints.
What the hell is happening to Hot 97?

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The NFL is Poop - Week 11

The Thing That's Going to Ruin Football
With his team trailing 20-17 with about 3 minutes to go, Drew Brees, faced a 3rd and 2 at the 49ers 35, not quite reliable field goal range. Brees was sacked by Ahmad Brooks for a 10-yard loss, which would have forced the Saints to go for it on 4th and 12, but there was a penalty for a hit to the head/neck area of the quarterback. The foul was not blatant, it wasn't excessively violent, it seemed accidental, but it was surely a penalty under these rules. And this is the threat to football. It's not that the kids won't play the game. It's not that people will feel guilty for rooting for others to suffer violent hits. And it's not even that if violent hits are legislated out of the game, people will no longer watch football.
The biggest threat to the long-term health of the NFL is that too many penalties on these type of plays will occur at crucial times and end up deciding too many games. That's what will make the games, boring, disappointing and not fun to watch. And I don't really have a solution. The NFL can't reverse course and start allowing hits to the head. And I don't think there is a way to prevent players from accidentally hitting quarterbacks and other players in the head occasionally.
And if and when a flag like this, or even more questionable than this, decides a playoff game or a Super Bowl, that is when the NFL's popularity will be in decline.

Like I Said
There's nothing more hollow than a game ending on a questionable call. That's why so many people are pissed about the ending of the Patriots-Panthers game. Rob Gronkowski was clearly held by Luke Kuechly, and the flag was thrown, but it was picked up when the referees conferred and decided the ball was uncatchable. It's technically the correct call because Gronk would have had to turn around, run in 5 yards and knock away a defender in order to match the catch. But we were robbed of the chance to see Tom Brady with one untimed down from the 1-yard line to win the game. I think it was the correct call by the rules, but the infraction was so blatant, I think the flag could have stood. And from an entertainment standpoint, I wish it had.

Through the Rain and Stormy Weather
We saw the very rare rain delay at Soldier Field as tornadoes were in the area. The Ravens led 10-0 when the game was postponed, an hour and 55 minutes later, the game resumed and the Bears woke up, taking a 20-17 before ceding a late field goal that sent the game into overtime. A Robbie Gould field goal in overtime gave the Bears the win, 5 hours and 17 minutes after the game started.

The Backup Quarterback Theory is Alive and Well
Even I doubted my own supposition that you can't doubt bad teams that are starting backups quarterbacks. Because in the case of the Raiders, their QB of choice was former Penn State Nittany Lion Matt McGloin. But thanks to some typical play by the horrible turnover prone Texans, McGloin took the Raiders in for two early scores, then tacked on a couple more and was able to lead his Raiders to victory.

Does he throw the ball with his hand on the ball and not the laces?

Doesn't Mean Shit
A lot is being made of the Jets trip to Dave and Buster's, before the Bills game, as if their night of merriment meant they were taking the Bills lightly. Even some of the Bills bought into this, saying they felt disrespected. I can assure you this had absolutely nothing to do with the outcome of this game. The Jets weren't distracted or looking past the Bills, the Bills weren't angered and inspired and disrespected. The Jets win-one, lose-one pattern had more to do with their ass-kicking than this ridiculous story bought into and played up by a mindless media swarm who as a group isn't smart enough to intelligently understand what causes teams to win or lose, so they make up shit they think sounds good.

A Brief Rant About the Redskins

The Redskins stink. About 5 players on this team are good (RGIII, Garcon, Morris, Orakpo and Kerrigan), the defense gets killed and the offense stinks too. Make nothing of this comeback, it only happened because the Eagles were up so much they stopped trying. Kyle Shanahan is awful and predictable and everything RGIII said is true, but he shouldn't have said it. He should have played a little better and not thrown a horrible interception on 3rd and 1 late in the game. He also missed so many other open receivers, including Logan Paulsen for a sure touchdown in the first quarter, that he is reminding me of when the Redskins had Donovan McNabb. I do think RGIII can still be great, I'm just a little less certain that he will be.

Game of the Week
Denver Broncos 27 Kansas City Chiefs 17

This game didn't quite live up to the hype as in the second half the Broncos took a commanding lead and won without much drama. But it did give me a little bit of hope that when they meet again in Arrowhead Stadium in two weeks, the Chiefs could pull out the win. If they do that, they have a great shot at home field advantage and the Super Bowl.

Game of Next Week
Denver Broncos at New England Patriots

I never want to count out the Patriots, but I just don't see them beating the Broncos right now even at home.

Picture of the Week
Ryan Tannehill runs on the field during introductions.

If the Super Bowl Were Played Today
Denver Broncos 21 Seattle Seahawks 20

I still think Denver is the best team in the league, if they can get their defense playing on that level on a more consistent basis. The Seahawks are up and down and I have my reservations about Russell Wilson, but I can't quite put the Panthers in this spot yet.

Song of the Week

"So Incredible (The Julio)" - Manny James
This catchy joint was featured in a Visa commericial but unfortunately Julio Jones's injury sort of short-circuited the campaigns effectiveness.

Monday, November 18, 2013

A New Study Confirms What I've Postulated on This Blog for 8 Years

Men notice a woman's body before they notice her face. That's the completely obvious finding of a study that probably cost a lot more money and time than needed to figure that out.
Social psychologist Sarah Gervais of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln did the study. She got 36 men and tracked their eye movements as they looked at pictures of 10 women. Thing is they manipulated the pictures to three different looks, really curvy, not so curvy, and something in between. The men's eyes stared longer at the larger breasts, slimmer waists and bigger hips.

But here's where this study actually proved somewhat worthwhile: women did it too!

Now I know why I have so many female readers: they like to look at tits and asses too!

Here ya go, horndogs:

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Weekly Picks

Over the last 3 weeks I'm 9-3 on regular picks and 0-3 on best bets. I have to turn that around. Will try to shake things up by picking the Thursday night game.

DENVER -8 1/2 kansas city
I like to focus on results more than just believing what I thought, but in this case I think the Broncos are a lot better than the Chiefs, it's just that Kansas City has played great and very consistently so far. There should be no let down for Denver and as long as they don't turn the ball over they should punish the Chiefs.

HOUSTON -9 oakland
There is one corollary to my backup quarterback rule: Matt McGloin.

CHICAGO -3 baltimore
Bears lost a tough game last week, the Ravens won one, a lucky one. These things tend to reverse themselves.

CINCINNATI -6 cleveland
I really like the Bengals, they have so much talent even though they don't always perform up to their capabilities.

indianapolis -3 1/2 TENNESSEE

Both teams have problems, but one team has Andrew Luck and the other team has Ryan Fitzpatrick. Both teams are coming off horrible losses but I feel like the Colts have the talent to do something about it.

Last Week: 3-2 (2 points)
Season: 24-26 (20 points)
Best Bets: 0-1 (3-7)
Home Favorites: 1-2 (10-10)
Home Underdogs: 0-0 (1-1)
Road Favorites: 0-0 (6-6)
Road Underdogs: 2-0 (7-9)