Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Song of the Week

"Big Yellow Taxi" - Counting Crows & Vanessa Carlton
We finish unusual covers month with this rendition of a Joni Mitchell classic. As much as I love Joni, this one feels a little whiny to me. Allegedly the song is about her trip to Hawaii, she wrote it from her hotel room, and it's one long complaint about how much nicer the place would be if they hadn't put a hotel there. Can't have your cake and eat it too, Joni.

Monday, February 22, 2016

3000 Words

Pablo Sandoval shows up for spring training in shape for the new season.

German short-haired pointer, CJ, wins best in show at Westminster

"These virtual reality headsets are so realistic. It feels as if Mark Zuckerberg is actually standing right next to me."

Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Clippers Need to Sign Someone Named Stephanie

Not since the Kansas City Royals had Paulo (Orlando) and Yordano (Ventura) has Mama Poop been so excited about a pair of teammates.
But she loves the Los Angeles Clippers high-low pairing of (Chris) Paul and (DeAndre) Jordan.

There is a true story about Mama Poop wanting to buy 6 (or 7) Kirk Cousins jerseys for all her grandkids for one big photo shoot.
Master Bates rejected that idea (evil Giants fan) so now she is turning her attention to DeMarcus Cousins and hoping he gets traded to the Knicks (but not alongside Rudy Gay).