Saturday, March 16, 2013

My Pet Peeve

I like to send people e-mails. When I see a story or a video that I think someone might be interested in, maybe it's about their college, their favorite actor or their hometown, I e-mail that person. All too often the response is "I saw that."
I know I am not the only person who is plugged in and following stories on the internet, and I don't mean to come off that way, but don't you have something more interesting to say than "I saw that?".
Why do you feel the need to let me know that I am not the first person who told you something. And so what? Sorry, you've heard it before, but can't you pretend you didn't and have a conversation with me about it?

Friday, March 15, 2013

He Hates Jack-King Off

2004 World Series of Poker Main Event Champion Greg Raymer was arrested in a prostitution sting in Wake Forest, NC. The men were lured to the hotel by an ad on a website often used by hookers.

We don't have anymore info about how it all went down, but I assume it was something like we see on "To Catch a Predator." The guys set up a date online with someone they believed to be a hooker (of age) and when they got there, cops were waiting for them.

Raymer, also known as Fossilman, won $5M in the first Main Event after the poker boom, and finished 25th the next year, which is quite an accomplishment, with the help of his goofy holographic glasses.

I did a Zillow search for his house. He paid $1.539M for a 6,500 sq ft home in Raleigh. Looks like it is right on a golf course.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Mrs. Poop's Evening Workout

Mrs. Poop normally works out in the mornings so that I have to take care of the little monsters and get them off to school. But on Monday night she is going to be at the gym in the evening.

The sign says a reality show is being shot at the gym, Retro Fitness, and if you want to work out during that time you have to sign a release. She is convinced it's Undercover Boss because Retro Fitness is a big chain and the show's usual gimmick is to tell the employees they're filming a competition show and the winner will be awarded a franchise.
I think the most likely thing is some small production company is shooting some dumb reality show it hopes will get picked up. But it could also be something like Real Housewives of NJ or Snooki and JWowww where they just need a 15-second gym scene.
Not sure what to think, but I hope whatever it is, they feature the gym's baby-sitting service because that's where Chase and Julian will be while Mrs. Poop mugs for the cameras.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Don't Just Stand There, Grab a Mop

One of the sneaky-popular posts in Poop history is this frame-by-frame photo montage of someone slipping on ice. People like watching other people slip and fall. Which brings me to the idiots on the North Platte Community College Girls Basketball team. They decided to celebrate a win by dousing the coach with Gatorade/water. While this is a bad idea on a football field, at least the turf absorbs the liquid. That doesn't work so well on a basketball court.

The first time I saw this video I chuckled but didn't pay much attention. But then I watched it again, more closely, and noticed, not only did the coach fall down, some good Samaritan from the bleachers also wiped out and fell on his ass.

Christian Laettner and 31 Other Guys

The overly pretentious Bill Simmons website,, is running a bracket-style tournament to pick the most hated college basketball player of the past 30 years. The players are broken up into 4 regions: 80s, 90s, 00s and Duke.

I agree that Duke should have its own region, having 8 hated guys (and another 8 who could have made it) is the ultimate compliment.
That's why I'm glad to see Syracuse is one of the few schools with 3 players in the bracket, Derrick Coleman, Sherman Douglas and Eric Devendorf. I wouldn't have thought people hated Sherman Douglas that much.
A lot of these players don't even seem that hateable to me. I loved Marcus Camby, Allen Iverson and Larry Johnson.
I would pick Reggie Miller from the 80s bracket (can't separate his NBA days), Eric Montross from the 90s and Adam Morrison for the 2000s (he'll never live down the crying).
And though I know, and everyone else including the people at grantland who came up with the idea knows Christian Laettner is going to win (lose?), I would still pick Shane Battier. I hate that prick, especially because of the undue attention he gets.
I remember a game Dick Vitale was broadcasting when his play-by-play partner said Shane Battier would be joining them. Vitale's response ("Shane Battier! We're going to talk to Shane Battier?!") is an enduring signal of my hatred for that alien-headed jerk.

Song of the Week

"So Many Tears" - 2Pac

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Once More, With Feeling

I am saddened by the end of Syracuse's tenure in the Big East but even more disheartened by the way it ended, 4 losses in the final 5 games (though all four against teams in the top 12 RPI) culminating in an embarrassing 61-39 loss to Georgetown. I've written before about the conference realignment, and I continue to be sad about Syracuse leaving the Big East, but I understand it was needed and I will enjoy our new opponents in the ACC.
But Syracuse will never be to UNC or Duke what it is to Connecticut and especially Georgetown. Having Georgetown as a foil is part of what made me such a devoted Syracuse fan at such a young age. The details of the early 80s games escape me (though I've seen the Pearl Washington game several times on classic) but I do remember being a young kid and needing to go shopping for a suit for someone's Bar Mitzvah. So I set the VCR to record the Syracuse-Georgetown game. But I was a rookie at this sort of thing and only recorded 2 hours, missing the end of the game.
It was this rivalry with Georgetown that encouraged me to march into Manny's as a freshman and buy a "Your Mother's a Hoya" t-shirt. Still fits!

And it was my first SU-Georgetown game that is still my fondest memory. February 1997, Otis Hill and Etan Thomas both in foul trouble, they'd foul out eventually. And a 6-foot-2, seldom-used guard comes off the bench to score 10 points and grab 6 rebounds (4 offensive), in only 19 minutes. That guard also happened to be the football team's star quarterback, Donovan McNabb, which added to the mystique of the game.

A year later in the last regular season game SU beat Georgetown and we stormed the court. In the picture of the fracas you can see my friend EZE, in the right side of the picture, with the green hat.

After John Thompson and Allen Iverson left Georgetown wasn't a consistent national power again as it had been in the 80s, but those games always meant a little something extra to the fans and according to this oral history from the Washington Post, to the players and coaches as well.

Note: this video is only diminished by the lack of rights to video for rebroadcast on the internet.

I'm hopeful SU can keep the rivalry against Georgetown alive, because those games always provided a chance for SU to be in the national spotlight.
But even if they never play again, your mother's still a Hoya!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Baby Mama Drama

Dr. Amy Dunbar, a St. Louis OBGYN is in trouble for posting this on her Facebook page.

I really don't blame Dr. Dunbar for posting this. If the patients truly has been this late, this often, then Dr. Dunbar is justifiably angry and venting her anger in what should be a safe place, her own Facebook page. Her mistake here was accepting a friend request from the person who shared this. Your Facebook friends should be people who don't want to see you hurt or embarrassed, not people who will take one comment they don't like and make it public to the world.
The patient is an asshole too. Yes you are paying the doctor for her time and service, but that doesn't mean she works for you, serving at your pleasure. I've occasionally seen people throwing fits in doctors' offices, being jerks, and I've always wondered why they don't tell that person to go find another doctor. I used to sit near this really nasty woman at my old job, and when her daughter had the sniffles she would call and berate (this same woman once spelled that word "barrade" in an e-mail) the staff. I wondered why people put up with this shit.
So maybe not doing that was Dr. Dunbar's second mistake. But I don't think she violated this patient's privacy. No one reading that post would have any idea who the patient is. Therefore her privacy is protected. Unless you hear about a woman whose OB showed up late to her delivery.