Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Kitchen Dance Party

I accepted TON's challenge and had Chase and Julian perform a kitchen dance party to "Shut Up and Dance" by Walk the Moon (SOTW, 4/29/15).

Baseball is Poop

Celebrate, Good Times, Come On!
The celebrations of walk-off victories across baseball have become increasingly elaborate (and messy!)
But the Texas Rangers went way too far in welcoming Josh Hamilton back to the team and celebrating his walk-off double.

The reporter they soaked is named Emily Jones. I don't care if they love her or hate her, she's not on the team and she didn't sign up for that. It was really low class, and it was clear one bucket, the red one, was specifically destinted for her.

It called to mind a famous incident from when the Mets won the National League East in 2006. Several Mets gathered around Julie Donaldson and soaked her with beer and or champagne. It's an unfortunate analogy but it sadly reminded me of a bukkake video. A helpless woman surrounded by men pouring liquid on her face while she tries to pretend she likes it.

The Washington Nationals have taken to pouring chocolate syrup on each other. I hope no innocent reporter gets caught in the cross-fire of that one.

The Mets Are Forward Thinking For Once
I have killed the Mets over the years for refusing to embrace modern thinking in baseball and sticking to the way things have always been done, because that's the way they've always been done.
So I am pleased the Mets are at least trying something different, especially when it comes in an area as old-fashioned, deep-seeded and controversial as protecting young pitchers. The "Nolan Ryan's arm never hurt!" camp must be spinning in their graves over this, but the fact is, young pitchers are less likely to get injured if they have lighter workloads, and especially if their innings pitched totals escalate gradually instead of in big jumps.
It also goes to show the Mets understand that this year the team isn't necessarily ready to compete so they are willing to do things that may cost wins (at least theoretically) to increase the chances of being good next season and down the line.
With three young pitchers as good as Harvey, deGrom and Syndergaard, injury seems to be the only thing that can keep them from reaching their potential.

But Dillon Gee is not a good pitcher and really not good enough to do this experiment for. They had better skip his turn any time they have an off day. Also, if any contending team is willing to offer anything decent for Niese or Colon, the Mets should absolutely take it.

Pure Joy
Pirates outfielder Andrew McCutchen spotted two Pirates fans along the wall in San Diego so he gave the kids his batting gloves.
Don't you wish you could do something for someone, or have someone do for you, something that would make you as happy as these kids are?

Rewrite the Future Night
Obviously, Miami can't beat the Cubs in the 2015 World Series as predicted in Back to the Future II. But they did play each other this season, in what the Marlins billed as "Rewrite History Night" in which they gave out t-shirts and had pictures of Billy the Marlin riding a hoverboard.

Song of the Week

"Options" [corrected] - Luke James

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Funny or Douchey?

I hate bananas. Just the sight of them makes me sick. But I actually like what TON has done here, making a regular disgusting, mushy, foul-smelling banana, seem like a cool bro.