Saturday, November 26, 2016

Weekly Picks

The hot streak continues for another week. 14-1 in the past 3 weeks.

new york giants -7 CLEVELAND
I don't see how the Giants aren't bigger favorites.

los angeles +7 NEW ORLEANS
They blew a game in excruciating fashion last week, but they have a pretty good defense that should keep them in this one.

OAKLAND -3 carolina
This isn't last year.

BALTIMORE -4 cincinnati
I know the Ravens aren't that good but the Bengals are in a spiral.

tennessee -5 CHICAGO

The Titans can put points on the board. The Bears can't.

Last Week: 5-0 (6 points)
Season: 29-21 (29 points)
Best Bets: 5-5 (I forgot week 1)

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Song of the Week

"Make Me Yours" - Bettye Swan

Sunday, November 20, 2016

3000 Words

Khabib Nurmagomedov lends Joe Rogan his hat during the post-fight interview at UFC 205 at Madison Square Garden.

The Yale-Harvard game was delayed by naked Yale students participating in the Saybrook Strip.

Syracuse defeats Dartmouth in the NCAA men's soccer tournament on a typical, snowy November day in Syracuse.

Weekly Picks

This thing of quickly hammering out the picks without thinking has been working out. But the descriptions are back, let's hope the streak continues.

INDIANAPOLIS -2 1/2 tennessee
The Titans destroyed the Packers last week. I always look for bad teams coming off a win to revert to form.

MINNESOTA -2 1/2 arizona
How does a team go from being so good to so bad so fast?

DALLAS -7 1/2 baltimore
If Dallas really is the best team in the NFL they need to follow up last week's big win with a dominant performance over the weak Ravens.

new england -11 1/2 SAN FRANCISCO
If any team adheres to my bounceback theory it's the Patriots. When they lose they come back with a vengeance. They're playing a horrible team. This one could be ugly.

miami -2 LOS ANGELES

My only concern is that I think backup quarterbacks are constantly underestimated. But I think the Rams are bad anyway, and that Dolphins have been frisky lately.

Last Week: 4-1 (5 points)
Season: 24-21 (23 points)
Best Bets: 4-5 (I forgot week 1)