Friday, April 12, 2013

Worst-Dressed Father?

During the NCAA title game, and throughout the tournament, 2 players' fathers embarrassed their sons by looking like idiots on the sidelines.
First, there was Peyton Siva's father who looked like he was wearing a bed sheet which he fashioned into a sleeveless t-shirt and emblazoned some Kevin Ware message on it.
Then there was Tim Hardaway and his winter hat. It wasn't the hat that was so bad, but the way he wore it. He barely pulled it down, so it looked like he was wearing a condom with a reservoir tip.
So which article of clothing was worse, Peyton Siva's father's shirt or Tim Hardaway's hat?

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Are You Wearing My Shirt?

Chase's favorite t-shirt is an orange shirt, depicting a meatball, jumping rope with a strand of spaghetti. He likes it because it's silly and because he loves spaghetti and meatballs, ("ping-pong balls and worms" in Poop family parlance). So it was a pretty cool surprise that Luke Dunphy was wearing exactly the same shirt on "Modern Family." I guess the wardrobe director must shop at Target.

Song of the Week

"What's Forever For" - Michael Martin Murphey
"If this love can't last forever
Then tell me, what's forever for?"

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Cardinals Win

In a tournament of wild upsets, the favorite takes it all. It's the second straight year the overall number one seed took it all. And the second time in 3 years that the Big East Tournament Champion continued its winning streak all the way to the national championship.

It wasn't easy for Louisville had to keep coming back from huge deficits, barely surviving against Wichita State and again against Michigan. What makes Louisville so good is their pressure. When they start playing defense and turning you over, their offense becomes better and all of they sudden they are scoring points in bunches, flying around the court and making opposing coaches call timeout.

The first half was an incredible shooting display by a couple of white guys, Spike Albrecht for Michigan which made these fans happy, and Louisville's Luke Hancock.

Albrecht didn't score in the second half, Hancock had 6 more points, including a dagger that gave Louisville a 10-point lead, and he was named MOP of the Final Four.

Here was the crucial play of the entire game. 5 minutes to go, Louisville up 3, Trey Burke gets a clean block on Peyton Siva and it's called a foul. A horrible call, and it gave Louisville 2 free points.

Bad calls happen. Michigan got some favorable ones against Syracuse, and this one, and maybe a couple others went against it in this game. It was a horrible call, but it probably didn't determine the game. Louisville was just a little better on this night and that's why they got their "One Shining Moment."

I've seen just about enough of Kevin Ware. Yes, I know the guy got hurt, in a very horrific way in a high profile game. But it's just a broken leg. Serious, but not deadly. The coverage and the t-shirts and the slogans makes it seem as if the poor kid is in a hospital bed fighting for his life. He's gonna be fine. Glad he seems to be recovering, now let's all relax.