Saturday, August 15, 2009

Free the Leash Kids

An Alabama woman was arrested and charged with first-degree cruelty to children.
Melissa Catherine Smith-Means was observed by customers and employees at a Verizon store in Alabama, dragging a small child around by a backpack leash. The child had visible marks on the neck from the incident.
The video hit youtube:

That caused a heated debate among parents and people who have never tried to wrangle an unruly child who kept running away or refused to walk.
We got Chase a leash because it truly is for his own safety. His favorite word is "hiding" so he is constantly running away to duck behind clothing racks.
Sure we get the occassional dirty look for treating our child like a naughty puppy, but our piece of mind is worth it.
Chase actually loves his leash and constantly calls for his monkey and asks to put it on.
Obviously I think the mother in this video went a little too far but I hope she doesn't give a bad name to all the leash-using parents.

Chase loves his leash

Wishful Thinking

The Redskins may have been hoping Ladell Betts will run like Jerome Bettis this season because they put Bettis on his jersey for the preseason game against the Ravens.

Ladell Betts

Friday, August 14, 2009

Adrian Beltre's Nuts

Seattle Mariners third baseman Adrian Beltre was put on the 15-day disabled list with an injury to a testicle after taking a hard one-hopper off the bat of Chicago's Alexei Ramirez to his groin area.

Seattle manager Don Wakamatsu said the Gold Glove infielder is out indefinitely, and could need surgery because of bleeding in a testicle.

After fielding the grounder in the ninth inning, Beltre rushed a throw wide of first base for an error. He winced in pain but finished the game, which the Mariners won in 14 innings.

Beltre does not wear a protective cup because he says it's uncomfortable.

How does a major leaguer, a third baseman especially, not wear a cup? A lifetime of wearing a cup can't be as uncomfortable as one shot to the groin.

I'm actually shocked he finished the game.

Trashy Yankees Fans

Actress Kate Hudson has been spending a lot of time at Yankee Stadium recently watching her new boyfriend, Alex Rodriguez.
She seems to have made some new friends as she was photographed enjoying the game with Karen Burnett, Amber Sabathia and Michelle Damon.
Is it just me or is she the least attractive one here?
She looks like she needs a shower, a bra and some makeup.

from left Karen Burnett, Amber Sabathia, Kate Hudson and Michelle Damon

Karen Burnett has boobs, Kate Hudson does not

And now it turns out Hudson doesn't get along with the smokingest Yankee WAG ever, Minka Kelly. According to the NY Post Minka likes to keep a low profile, sitting in a private box, while Kate Hudson sits in the front row so she can be seen. A Post insider (probably totally made-up), says there is a visible coldness between them and the other wives are choosing sides.

Minka Kelly agrees, Kate Hudson is a skank

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Curtis Brinkley Gets Shot

Former Syracuse running back Curtis Brinkley was shot by his sister's ex-boyfriend.
Police believe it was a case of mistaken identity that caused her baby daddy to shoot Brinkley, believing he was shooting her new boyfriend.
Doctors were unable to remove all of the bullet because of its proximity to Brinkley's heart.
Brinkley had signed a two year free agent contract with the San Diego Chargers but he may never be able to play football again.

An affidavit attached to the criminal complaint gives an account of events just after midnight July 9 in the 7700 block of Spring Avenue, in Philadelphia.

Anthony Peterson had argued with the player's sister, Niveka Cason, over a man, identified as Jamal Hinson, whom she was seeing. Peterson also called Hinson that night to challenge him about the relationship.

Hinson offered to pick up Cason after work at an adult-care center, but she had already called Brinkley. When Brinkley arrived, Peterson was lurking behind bushes on Chapel Road with a clear view of Spring Avenue.

Two of the three rounds fired from a .357 Magnum revolver lodged in the car. The other hit Brinkley in the shoulder area before going deeper into his chest. He was treated at Albert Einstein Medical Center.

Hinson told police that he got a text message from Peterson several days later. "I got the wrong one last time, but I didn't forget about you," the text said.

Detectives who combed the lawn and leaf bags from the Chapel Road area at the township dump recovered the revolver, the papers said, and ballistic tests showed that the .357 was the weapon used to shoot Brinkley.

Brinkley is recovering at the home of his grandmother and is about to begin physical therapy.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Rick Pitino Admits Affair

Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino is finally admitting an affair he had six years ago.
Pitino now says he had sex with Karen Cunagin Sypher at a restaurant in 2003 and he later gave her $3,000 to have an abortion.
This sheds light on an ongoing situation in which she accused Pitino of rape and he accused her of extortion.

But here's where this thing gets strange. Two weeks (not possible) after they had sex she called Pitino and said she was pregnant.
Pitino agreed to meet her at the condo of Louisville's strength coach, Tim Sypher.
Yes, they have the same last name because they later got married.

That's right Pitino calls this guy and says "bitch says I raped her, damn, why she wanna stick me for my paper?", they use his house as the rendezvous spot and he falls in love with her. Crazy.

There was a witness at the restaurant that night. After everyone left, the owner gave Pitino the keys to lock up. Pitino's assistant Vinnie Tatum stayed around too, perhaps hoping he and Coach P could give her the Eiffel tower.
Tatum says he didn't see nothin' that night except "the sounds of two people [who] seemed to be enjoying themselves during a sexual encounter."

Btw, Pitino is the married father of five. And in our society today he will probably be judged more harshly for funding the abortion than for fucking this woman in the first place.

Karen Cunigan Sypher

Song of the Week

"Summer in the City" - Lovin Spoonful
The grittier sound in this song is a departure from the band's jug band roots and earlier hits, particularly "Do You Believe in Magic?"
As the music sound turned in the late 60s the band saw the industry pass them by (helped along by a drug bust that forced the band to break up).
Lead singer John Sebastian had a number one hit in the 70s with "Welcome Back" the theme to "Welcome Back Kotter."
I think of this song everyday when commuting to Manhattan in 90 degree heat.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Reggie Miller Called Out

Reggie Miller met Ali Kay at a party last year. Then he saw her again at a store this spring and waited an hour for her to come out. Then he sent her 53 text messages (how'd he get her number?) in four hours. And when her boyfriend told him to back off he threatened him.
So the boyfriend prepared a restraining order (but never filed it), instead electing to fly this banner of LA: Reggie Miller stop pursuing married women.
The boyfriend, now fiance, is Alex Von Furstenberg, son of Diane Von Furstenberg and Barry Diller, meaning he is about 20 times as rich as Reggie Miller.
Reggie's story is totally different. He says he met Ali at a Lakers game and she went back to his house. Then she sent him sexy photos of herself and then kept texting him.

Reggie Miller stop pursuing married women

Now you must want to know what this woman looks like right?

Ali Kay, the hot chick Reggie Miller wants to fuck