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Tournament Thoughts: #10 Syracuse vs. #11 Gonzaga

What an awful start for the Orange.

Gonzaga is made to attack the zone. They have good big men who can pass, and good outside shooters. And in the case of Wiltjer, both.

SU getting their hands on everything but can't grab a loose ball.

It's such a joke that SU's defense is so good and that teams can't figure it out. It's not that revolutionary, and it's not like no one else plays it. And you know exactly what you're getting. It's not that hard to figure out, you just have to have the right personnel to attack it. And Gonzaga does.

SU weathered the early storm, but they're not just at a disadvantage on defense, on offense they're also having trouble with Gonzaga's size, every inside shot is contested.

After that early barrage by Gonzaga, Syracuse has to be pleased only trailing by 1 at the half.

Combined halftime points in Syracuse's 3 tournament games: 58 (30-28), 58 (31-27) and now 57 (29-28).

Frank Howard is playing the game of his life. He made a 3-pointer. Only his second all season.

Wiltjer is just unbelievable. He will not miss.

Reggie Miller can't add. When Gonzaga had 41 points he said Wiltjer has 23, Sabonis has 8 and everyone else has 5.

Gonzaga went through four stretches in this game, they were attacking the zone inside out and nailing threes, then they stopped, played one-on-one and missed everything. Then they went back to getting it to Sabonis and he dominated and they almost put the game away. But then they went cold again. And on those last two possessions, in 20 seconds, they never got it in to Sabonis.

That call was terrible. It was a great steal by Cooney and the referee was not in position to see it. He was 25 feet away behind the play. He cannot be expected to see the 1/4-inch piece of floor between Cooney's sneaker and the line. That's why they have replay. For them to rule it wasn't indisputable evidence was bullshit. At that point it was karmic justice that we find another way to hold on to that 1-point lead.

Beautiful block by Lydon to save the game.

Two great steals by Cooney. Also couldn't have won without those.

One adjustment Boeheim did make was encouraging the guys to drive to the basket. Richardson and Gbinije made some key plays by driving it to the hole.

Wiltjer and Sabonis were freaking awesome. No one else on their team did anything. And I felt like they still weren't making enough effort to get those two guys the ball.

Amazing victory in continuing what has been an amazing tournament run.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Tournament Thoughts: Sweet 16 Friday

#1 Virginia vs. #4 Iowa State

So many games in this tournament have just been huge blowouts right from the very start and never really had much suspense.

Virginia scored 29 points in the first ten minutes. That used to be a nice total for them for the entire first half.

One way to close a big lead is to start bombing 3s and make a few. That's what Iowa State did mostly thanks to Niang.

Malcolm Brogdan is a fine player but I would take Niang over him any day.

That fourth foul on Niang was total bullshit. Just a tiny bump. He wasn't even denying him the spot, he was total in retreat.

An Iowa State cheerleader got drilled in the face by a kicked ball. She went down on her side and they had to stop the game and escort her to the locker room. She seemed ok, poor thing was even trying to shake her pom-poms as she walked off. But tears were coming down her cheeks.

Huge win for Virginia. Two straight disappointing second round exits in a row and now they are in the Elite 8 with a great chance to make the Final Four.

#6 Notre Dame vs. #7 Wisconsin

If we're looking for a team to suffer a letdown or keep the momentum going after a dramatic win, I'm not such which team to pick. Both teams used dramatic in the last round to win at the last second.

These two teams scored fewer points combined that Virginia did in the first half.

Ethan Happ is the cousins of Blue Jays pitcher JA Happ.

Let's remember that the Badgers started this season with Bo Ryan as their head coach before he abruptly resigned in December. Ryan says he wanted to resign in June, but assistant coach Greg Gard, whom he wanted to bequeath the job, was not able to take over because his father was gravely ill. Gard's father died in October and Gard was promoted to head coach after Ryan's resignation. But a lot of people are now suggesting Ryan was forced out, or chose to quit as word of his extra-marital affair became public.

Both teams really turned it up in the second half, making some shots and scoring some points.

What a finish! The Irish looked dead after Vitto Brown nailed that 3. But Nigel Hayes got stripped, so did Bronson Koenig and that's how it ends. Amazing, two steals in 20 seconds by Demetrius Jackson.

#1 North Carolina vs. #5 Indiana

They did a pregame feature on Yogi Ferrell's sisters. I guess those t-shirts paid off.

I've said it before, and many others have as well: if Marcus Paige makes his 3s, North Carolina wins the whole thing. His fourth one tied him with Michael Jordan for 12th on North Carolina's all-time scoring list.

Carolina just has too much size and too much talent. I expect them to win it all.

Women Are Oranges Too

While most of the Syracuse University community is thrilled, rightfully so, with the surprising run of the men's team to the Sweet 16, we shouldn't forget about the women.
The women's team is continuing to set new high-water marks in program history.
This year it was most wins (27 and counting) and highest tournament seed (#4) which entitled them to host the first two rounds at the Carrier Dome.
They dominated #13 Army in the first round and then dispatched #12 Albany in round 2.
Unfortunately in the Sweet 16 Syracuse will face one of the best teams in college, 1-seeded South Carolina, led by Coach Dawn Staley and 6'5" sophomore star A'Ja Wilson.
The Gamecocks beat the Orange twice last year, once in a close game at a preseason tournament in the Bahamas, and again in the NCAA Tournament's second round, this time by 29 points.
But this year the Orange are healthy (several key players missed that game last season) and improved.
I don't have high hopes for them winning this game, but one of the most exciting developments around the athletic department in recent years has been the improvement in other sports, besides just men's basketball and men's lacrosse.
The ascension of the women's basketball team has been a key part of SU's emergence as an intercollegiate athletics power.
And these young ladies deserve our support. Their game will be on ESPN tonight at 7, before the men's game.
Especially point guard Alexis Peterson who is one of the most fun players to watch.

Tournament Thoughts: Sweet 16 Thursday

#2 Villanova vs. #3 Miami

Villanova was probably the most dominant team throughout the first two rounds, and they came out like a house of fire in this game, taking a 29-14 lead. But Miami scored the next 12 points, and we do have a ballgame.

I'm sure everyone knows it by now but since I point out every other son of well-known offspring, I should mention that Jalen Brunson is the son of former Knicks guard and Temple star Rick Brunson. They have a complicated history though.

Miami shot the lights out but didn't play a lick of defense and Villanova buried them, never letting them get close in the second half.

So the expected Villanova collapse hasn't happened. And they look pretty damn good.

#2 Oklahoma vs 3 Texas A&M

These games tonight are in the side of the bracket that held to form. It's tomorrow night when things get funky.

I'm not as convinced as everyone else about the pro potential of Buddy Hield but I certainly like him as a college player.

I soured on Oklahoma before the tournament after reading that they rely on 3-pointers for an unusually large portion of their points. History has said teams like that are often unable to 4 or 6 games against tough competition without going through one cold night. Well, they've made it through three games so far.

Funny how people talk about shit like momentum and destiny, and yet they never say that shit when Northern Iowa hits a miracle shot and loses the next game. And Texas A&M has the most ridiculous comeback ever, and loses the next game.

Shame on Ryan Spangler's parents for not naming him Egon.

#1 Oregon vs. #4 Duke

Oregon has a clear plan to attack Duke inside where they are thin.

Speaking of thin, I love Brandon Ingram, and apparently so do many NBA scouts, but he needs to get bigger and stronger. He's like paper on defense.

Is it just me or are foul shooters 100% after a lane violation?

I love Allie LaForce, because she's hot and I like to think I helped discover her by writing about her in this space more than 3 years. But she asks the dumbest, most trite questions. She asked every single player she interviewed "what makes this group so special?"

The same problem that has undone Duke in years when they have been knocked out early, cost them again in this game. They just don't have guys that can play and are willing to play tough physical defense.

I actually picked Duke as my surprise Final Four team so all my brackets are officially busted. But at least know I can go back to hating these whiny little bitches again.

#1 Kansas vs. #5 Maryland

I know everyone says how important guard play is, if so I do not like Kansas's Frank Mason III. He makes some stupid mistakes, and isn't the distributor a point guard needs to be.

Also we're very angry at the Ellises for naming their kid Perry Ellis. But I'm not sure if Perry Ellis was a famous designer back when their son was born 35 years ago.

I do like Ellis as a player though. He has a jump shot for a big man. He plays good disciplined defense.

Another blowout win for the Jayhawks. But Villanova's been killing people too. Should be a good match-up.

Not a single good game this evening. Let's hope for better tomorrow. Though I wouldn't mind if Syracuse beat Gonzaga by 25.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Congratulations On Your Car Crash

I don't know why this makes me laugh so hard but it does.
Watch what happens during this car accident in Toronto.

Song of the Week

"Never Forget You" - Zara Larsson & MNEK

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Monday, March 21, 2016

Tournament Thoughts: A Few Things on My Mind

With all I've written over the past four days, what else could there to be say?


The Pac-12 was clearly overrated. Ok, so sample sizes are a thing and anything can happen in just a few games in one tournament, but...
Here's what we thought before the tournament: #2 rated conference, all but 1 team in the top 102, 7 tournament teams, all rated 51 or higher
Here's what we know now, six of their teams are out, 5 lost in the first round and only Oregon holds the flag.

On the other hand, you have the ACC, which started with 10% of the teams, and now has 38% of the teams remaining. 12-1 record so far, with only Pitt losing.
And the ACC was 3rd rated conference during the regular season. But at this point the ACC is still alive to have 4 teams in the Final Four and with UNC & Notre Dame as well as Virginia and Syracuse sharing a bracket, it could have 2 teams locked up by Friday.

I didn't comment on the poor Dayton fan who was crying during his team's loss to Syracuse. But if I had, I would have said "sorry. Not sorry."

And it's unlike me to let a good smartass remark pass without acknowledgement, but Taurean Prince's snarky response to a reporter's question came from a place of anger and hurt, making it less funny that had he been obnoxious just for sport.

I usually get annoyed during the tournaments, because watching 48 games over 4 days (saw at least part of 46, significant parts of 30+) you can get fed up with the commercials that are played repeatedly. But I really like the Charles Barkley, Spike Lee, Sam Jackson road trip.

I'm actually surprised Charles is willing to play such a fool in these spots, as last year with "In the Annapolis."

I also like this BMW commercial about superstitions. "Rabbit's foot? I've got four."

But instead of a cute live bunny, it looks like he is holding a dead rabbit.

Fantastic Finish

The amazing game between Texas A&M and Northern Iowa was so memorable it deserves its own post. Oh my God What a finish. Some huge mistakes by UNI.
Let's break it all down:
69-57, 44 seconds left: Gilder gets a putback to cut the lead to ten.
69-59, 30 seconds left: After a steal of a wild pass, Texas A&M gets a layup.
69-61, 25 seconds: Jesperson falling out of bounds spikes it into the ground, A&M grabs it easy layup.
69-63, 21 seconds: Lohaus nowhere to inbound throws it right out of bounds. A&M inbounds, House catches, nails a 3.
69-66, 19 seconds: Jesperson long pass to Carlson for a dunk. Why didn't he pull it out, time is more important than points.
71-66, 17 seconds: Caruso drives all the way for the scoop and the foul. Jesperson the hero on Friday maybe the goat. Why foul a guy with a 5 point lead and 12 seconds. Don't even defend, just get away. Caruso makes the free throw.
71-69, 11 seconds: Washpun gets stuck in the corner, trapped, but instead of just flinging it somewhere he spikes it right off the floor, right to Gilder who grabs it and lays it in to tie the game.
71-71, 1.9 seconds: The same girls from A&M who were crying tears of sadness, are now crying tears of joy.

Here's what they looked like with 30 seconds left:

And here's what they looked like with 2 seconds left:

And here's the moving pictures version of their celebration:

And we're going to overtime!

Jesperson wanted to be the hero, to atone for his mistakes. And Wyatt Lohaus with the ONIONS!!!!
I can't believe that was the plan, to dribble for 25 seconds and let Lohaus shoot a 3, but it went in. His first field goal of the game.
He really did want to be the hero, why take a half-court shot with four seconds left? The decision-making by Northern Iowa is very questionable.
And we're going to double overtime.
I don't want to say they were defeated mentally here, because they fought back in the first overtime. Maybe they were a bit physically tired. But all game they were nailing 3s and in the second OT, they were just missing everything.
But I don't understand why every possession late in the second OT was just Morgan, not a single pass. There was plenty of time.
Great game, memorable game, but the Panthers will never forgive themselves for the ridiculous mistakes they made allowing this game to slip through their fingers.

They Called the Poop Poo

The Isle of Wight Zoo in the UK is opening up a National Poo Museum.

A spokeswoman says “It’s stinky, unpleasant and sometimes dangerous stuff — but it’s all around us and inside us too — and perhaps surprisingly our planet would be a much poorer place without it.”

The museum "is set to be the place to immerse oneself in the wonder of excrement while finding out lots of extraordinary nuggets of information about all things poo-y, kids will love it!” the spokeswoman said.

The museum will feature relics such as freeze-dried poo, poop hanging from the ceiling and poop from various different species like meerkats, foxes, cows, owls and even human babies.

There will even be a 38 million-year-old fecal specimen.

Story Suggested by Razor

Note: this is the 6969th post in the history of The Poop.

Tournament Thoughts: Second Round Sunday

#2 Villanova vs. #7 Iowa

Total domination. Villanova just could not miss. There was one point in the first half where Iowa was shooting 50% from the field, and still down by 10, because Villanova was making 60% and getting many more shots because of steals and rebounds.

Impressive performance. Maybe this wasn't the year to keep picking against those heretofore underachieving high seeds, Villanova and Virginia.

But this is what I don't like about spread out the start times are. You have a blowout in the early game and then the next games doesn't start til 3pm. They need to stagger them a little better so there are at least two games on all the time, instead of 3 running concurrently at night.

#6 Notre Dame vs. #14 Stephen F. Austin

Thomas Walkup is this year's Harold "The Show" Arceneaux, the guy on an underdog whom everyone falls in love with. He really plays the game the right way. Make his free throws, distributes the ball, hustles. Good player.

Also a member of Mrs. Poop's All-Facial-Hair team.

There's been at least 3 times in this tournament when CBS showed a "Notre Dame has made its last 6 field goal attempts" graphic.

Huge mistake by SFA to waste possession dribbling around trying to kill time with 3 minutes left and getting a shot clock violation instead of a chance to make the lead 5.
And they did the same thing on the next possession but Walkup drew a foul. And of course he never misses a free throw.

I love how they continued to press, perhaps risking giving up an easy basket. Strange to see a team completely passive on offense and aggressive to the max on defense.

Wow, I hate that defense on the final play. Everyone runs at the shooter who's off balance and falling away, and no one boxes out. Easy putback chance for Notre Dame. Too easy.

#2 Oklahoma vs. #10 VCU If there were turning points and momentum one might have occurred when VCU led 67-66, then gambled for a steal and left Buddy Hield open for a 3. He drilled it of course. And then on the other end, Mo Alie-Cox got called for a travel right before what could have been a 3-point play.

Speaking of Alie-Cox, at his size, 6-6, 250 and muscular build, he could follow Antonio Gates, Jimmy Graham and Tony Gonzalez on the path from college power forward, to NFL tight end.

Big win for Oklahoma, Buddy Hield was awesome. Not sure how he'll be as a pro but a great college player.

#5 Maryland vs. #13 Hawaii

Just cuz you coach at Hawaii does that mean you can't wear a suit and tie like everyone else? I understand the Aloha spirit and everything but Eran Ganot is from Tenafly, NJ.

Great game by Hawaii, they did everything an underdog is supposed to do, they pressed, they ran, they spaced the floor, they shot 3s, but Maryland when on a brief spurt and just buried them.

#3 Texas A&M vs. #11 Northern Iowa

This game was so good, it deserves a separate post.

#2 Xavier vs. #10 Wisconsin Huge game of runs. Every time one team gets some separation, the other team storms right back.

I didn't like too many of Xavier's possessions, being no passes and just a shot. Need to work the ball around.

ONIONS!!! Bronson Koenig!

I hate to say it but that offensive foul was the proper call. I hate that kind of basketball. End of game give the ball to one guy and have him dribble into his man and see what the refs call. Hate that. I want to see games decided by players making plays, not refs making calls.

ONIONS!!! Bronson Koenig! A double order! Holy shit. What a shot. Great play call to get him open as well. Amazing!!!!

This is why they need to stagger these games better and play them earlier. Great finishes but people are worn out and starting to go to bed. And basically action doesn't begin in earnest until 6pm. People would love to watch all day Sunday.

#1 Oregon vs #8 St. Joseph's This is my first chance to really check out Oregon since I didn't see much of them in the regular season or their first round game.

I love DeAndre Bembry's game and his look, and I've seen some projections of him as a first round pick but I don't like his chances to be a great pro. At 6'6", 210 pounds he projects as a shooting guard, but doesn't really have a great jump shot, only 26% on 3s this year.

I don't understand why teams get behind and the first thing they want to do is give the ball to one guy and have him dribble past his man, into three other men and throw up a bad shot. You need passes, you need ball movement.

Oregon took some bad shots, but I'll be damned if they didn't make a lot of them.

How do you get a shot clock violation that late in the game? Just a terrible lack of awareness. You can't have a guy in there who doesn't want to take the big shot.

Oregon survives, and it's going to be fun to watch them against Duke.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Tournament Thoughts: #10 Syracuse vs. #15 Middle Tennessee

Let's Go Orange!

Michael Gbinije drinks pickle juice? And grape pedialyte? I actually read something about the company marketing pedialyte to adults as a hangover cure.

I liked Reggie Upshaw more when he had the Kid N Play haircut.

DaJuan Coleman: foul machine. Not even a minute in and Boeheim yanks him.

When Franklin Howard has the ball in his hands something bad is bound to happen. I actually thought he was going to make a shot, before he committed an offensive foul.

When Cooney gets hot he is tough to stop. And there were a couple possessions where he threatened a deep shot and was able to pass and get an open lane for a driver.

Huge swing on that waved off 3-pointer, it was close but waving it off was the right call.

Can't give Roberson the ball. He's basically had it twice and committed offensive fouls both times. If he gets in foul trouble and has to come out of the game SU won't get a single rebound.

1 for 7 from the line in the first half. Typical Syracuse. But that is not going to get it done if they want to make the Sweet 16.

31-27 at the half. It was 30-28 vs. Dayton before Syracuse came out line a house on fire.

As much as I tend not to say it, Syracuse does do a good job defending the 3, percetage-wise. But if they are lazy closing out on shooters, that's when they get open shots and pick apart the zone.

You knew that Middle Tennessee wouldn't be able to keep up their level of play and shooting accuracy they had against Michigan State, probably a once in a lifetime performance for that team. But Syracuse played great defense, other than a few lapses, and got the ball inside and worked the offense, and came out with another big second half run.

I've also been critical of Tyler Lydon's ability to play the middle of the zone. But he has stepped up the aggressive, two strong blocked shots in a short sequence. He's almost too aggressive. He almost killed Tyler Roberson with overaggressive pursuit of a rebound.

Great victory. It often happens that a team no one thinks should be gets a win, a favorable draw and then they are shoving it up everyone's ass in the Sweet 16. And they have a great chance to advance to the Elite 8 though Gonzaga with Wiltjer and Sabonis will be a tall task. Literally.

Let's Go Orange!

Tournament Thoughts: Second Round Saturday

#3 Miami vs. #11 Wichita State

Wichita State's stifling defense doesn't have a chance to set up when they can't hit a shot and keep turning it over.

Is it less shocking that Wichita State only had 6 points in 12 minutes or that they had given up 27?

First half shooting percentages, 23% for Wichita State and 60% for Miami.

Angel Rodriguez is out-VanVleeting VanVleet.

When you hear the name Shaq Morris do you think of Jack Morris or Zack Morris? I think your answer to this question says a lot about you as a person.

There are 3 stages to a comeback this big: 1) cut the lead in half, you need to go on a run at some point to make it at least seem possible, and mentally put it in your head that you can win and theirs that they can lose. 2) you have to get it down to one possession, give yourself some chances to make a shot or get a steal and be within striking distance. And then the hardest part often times 3) you need to take the lead at some point otherwise the other team is still dictating how the game will be played, especially in the final possessions of a game, the team with the lead has a huge advantage, even if it's only one point.

Baker did briefly give them the lead at 43-42 but Miami immediately took it back and held it, forcing Wichita State into at times frantic offense.

One of my least favorite things in basketball is when a player on a fast break tries to take it himself instead of passing to an open teammate.

But Miami was able to hang out and knock out a very popular pick to go to the Sweet 16 and perhaps beyond.

#4 Duke vs. #12 Yale

If seeds were based on highest tuition, these to schools would have been #1 seeds, along with Notre Dame and USC. All above $65,000 per year.

My hatred of Duke is not based on class or race like most people's, mine is mostly due to the couple assholes they have, and their success. Since the team is having a down year, and because Syracuse beat them, and because I was able to choose them for the Final Four as a sleeper, I am rooting for them. I also like their style of play. Lots of guys who can dribble and shoot. They look for teammates and they knock down shots. Fun to watch.

Amazing comeback by Yale. They did the same thing every time and attacked the basket. Either got baskets or got offensive rebounds. Plumlee is the only guy Duke can rely on for interior defense. And their Yale's disrupted Duke's offense. They stopped driving and dishing and played too much 1-on-1.

But Duke was able to pull it off and advance to the Sweet 16.

#4 Kentucky vs. #5 Indiana

This is probably one of the games people were most looking forward to in the first weekend. Two of basketballs bluebloods.

Yogi Ferrell's sisters changed their shirts. Today the say "Yogi's a bear to have as a brother" and "I can beat Yogi in 1-on-1."

Jamal Murray's 20.1 points per game were the most on a Calipari-coached team since DaJuan Wagner 14 years ago. I know it's hard to score 20 in college but it's amazing that with all those great players he's had during that span none ever did it. Shows that with all that talent, no one got enough play time or utilization to score that much.

Kentucky got rattled and started to make some bad decisions and take some rushed shots.

I have never seen so many offensive fouls called. And most of them because of that little push off with the forearm.

Patrick Thomas knocking down the free throws and earnings the "ONIONS!"

Indiana just played a better more disciplined game. Common against Calipari teams, all talent, no discipline.

#4 Iowa State vs. #12 Little Rock

Little Rock was hanging in until Niang went nuts.

14-2 run to end the first half by Iowa State but Little Rock came out with some fight couldn't keep pace. Easy win for Iowa State. They are a serious contender to come out of the annual upset regional, this year it being the Midwest.

#1 Virginia vs. #9 Butler Virginia has not one but two candidates for Mrs. Poop's All-Hair team:
London Perrantes

and Anthony Gill

Virginia's big men Gill and Tomey were just too much for Butler. They made 14 of their first 16 field goals in the second half, mostly because it was all layups and close in shots.

Valiant effort by Butler but a strong hold by Virginia. Maybe this is the year they don't fold. We know they won't be losing to Michigan State.

#1 Kansas vs. #9 Connecticut

Perry Ellis a 22-year-old senior, Wayne Selden is a 21-year-old junior. Rarely does a program the caliber of Kansas actually keep two good players this deep into their careers.

UConn led 5-2 and then allowed a 16-0 run. After cutting the lead back to 5 at 21-16, Kansas went on a 19-0 run. 44-24 halftime score isn't that dissimilar to Duke and Yale, but Yale made a run to get it close.

UConn made a run too, but just couldn't get close enough to threaten. Impressive victory for Kansas.

#3 Utah vs. #11 Gonzaga

In case you missed my pre-tournament preview, Utah was rated much lower in efficiency ratings than their seed would have you believe. 28th overall as compared to a top 12 implied ranking by seeding. About the only area they were really highly rated by kenpom was luck. That's why I picked Gonzaga to win two games (emboldening my to pick Fresno State, which didn't work out).

I also loved the HBO reality series on Gonzaga "The March to Madness." But that assistant coach is such a dick.

Sabonis against this monster Austrian (Jakob Poeltl) is quite the match-up.

This Steve Lappas-Andrew Catalon announce team is definitely underrated. They'd be a 12 over a 5 in the announcer bracket.

Gonzaga got incredibly hot from 3, but they do a good job of working inside out with Wiltjer and Sabonis both of whom can pass.

Gonzaga and UConn share a name, Huskies, and their uniform colors are similar as well.

What an impressive win for the Zags. Mrs. Poop used to pick them every year but now she's sick of them.

With a matchup against either Syracuse or Middle Tennessee, Gonzaga has a pretty good shot at the Elite 8 and I wouldn't hate their chances against Virginia or Iowa State either.

#1 North Carolina vs. #9 Providence

Bentil and Dunn play that 2-man game like Butch and Neon.

UNC just has so many good players. If Marcus Page hits shots from the outside UNC will win it all.

Scary team. I am really like UNC & Kansas right now.

The ACC is 10-1 so far. 4 teams already in the Sweet 16 and the two who play tomorrow (Notre Dame and Syracuse) play the lowest remaining seeds (Stephen F Austin & Middle Tennessee).