Monday, March 21, 2016

Fantastic Finish

The amazing game between Texas A&M and Northern Iowa was so memorable it deserves its own post. Oh my God What a finish. Some huge mistakes by UNI.
Let's break it all down:
69-57, 44 seconds left: Gilder gets a putback to cut the lead to ten.
69-59, 30 seconds left: After a steal of a wild pass, Texas A&M gets a layup.
69-61, 25 seconds: Jesperson falling out of bounds spikes it into the ground, A&M grabs it easy layup.
69-63, 21 seconds: Lohaus nowhere to inbound throws it right out of bounds. A&M inbounds, House catches, nails a 3.
69-66, 19 seconds: Jesperson long pass to Carlson for a dunk. Why didn't he pull it out, time is more important than points.
71-66, 17 seconds: Caruso drives all the way for the scoop and the foul. Jesperson the hero on Friday maybe the goat. Why foul a guy with a 5 point lead and 12 seconds. Don't even defend, just get away. Caruso makes the free throw.
71-69, 11 seconds: Washpun gets stuck in the corner, trapped, but instead of just flinging it somewhere he spikes it right off the floor, right to Gilder who grabs it and lays it in to tie the game.
71-71, 1.9 seconds: The same girls from A&M who were crying tears of sadness, are now crying tears of joy.

Here's what they looked like with 30 seconds left:

And here's what they looked like with 2 seconds left:

And here's the moving pictures version of their celebration:

And we're going to overtime!

Jesperson wanted to be the hero, to atone for his mistakes. And Wyatt Lohaus with the ONIONS!!!!
I can't believe that was the plan, to dribble for 25 seconds and let Lohaus shoot a 3, but it went in. His first field goal of the game.
He really did want to be the hero, why take a half-court shot with four seconds left? The decision-making by Northern Iowa is very questionable.
And we're going to double overtime.
I don't want to say they were defeated mentally here, because they fought back in the first overtime. Maybe they were a bit physically tired. But all game they were nailing 3s and in the second OT, they were just missing everything.
But I don't understand why every possession late in the second OT was just Morgan, not a single pass. There was plenty of time.
Great game, memorable game, but the Panthers will never forgive themselves for the ridiculous mistakes they made allowing this game to slip through their fingers.

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