Friday, March 25, 2016

Tournament Thoughts: Sweet 16 Thursday

#2 Villanova vs. #3 Miami

Villanova was probably the most dominant team throughout the first two rounds, and they came out like a house of fire in this game, taking a 29-14 lead. But Miami scored the next 12 points, and we do have a ballgame.

I'm sure everyone knows it by now but since I point out every other son of well-known offspring, I should mention that Jalen Brunson is the son of former Knicks guard and Temple star Rick Brunson. They have a complicated history though.

Miami shot the lights out but didn't play a lick of defense and Villanova buried them, never letting them get close in the second half.

So the expected Villanova collapse hasn't happened. And they look pretty damn good.

#2 Oklahoma vs 3 Texas A&M

These games tonight are in the side of the bracket that held to form. It's tomorrow night when things get funky.

I'm not as convinced as everyone else about the pro potential of Buddy Hield but I certainly like him as a college player.

I soured on Oklahoma before the tournament after reading that they rely on 3-pointers for an unusually large portion of their points. History has said teams like that are often unable to 4 or 6 games against tough competition without going through one cold night. Well, they've made it through three games so far.

Funny how people talk about shit like momentum and destiny, and yet they never say that shit when Northern Iowa hits a miracle shot and loses the next game. And Texas A&M has the most ridiculous comeback ever, and loses the next game.

Shame on Ryan Spangler's parents for not naming him Egon.

#1 Oregon vs. #4 Duke

Oregon has a clear plan to attack Duke inside where they are thin.

Speaking of thin, I love Brandon Ingram, and apparently so do many NBA scouts, but he needs to get bigger and stronger. He's like paper on defense.

Is it just me or are foul shooters 100% after a lane violation?

I love Allie LaForce, because she's hot and I like to think I helped discover her by writing about her in this space more than 3 years. But she asks the dumbest, most trite questions. She asked every single player she interviewed "what makes this group so special?"

The same problem that has undone Duke in years when they have been knocked out early, cost them again in this game. They just don't have guys that can play and are willing to play tough physical defense.

I actually picked Duke as my surprise Final Four team so all my brackets are officially busted. But at least know I can go back to hating these whiny little bitches again.

#1 Kansas vs. #5 Maryland

I know everyone says how important guard play is, if so I do not like Kansas's Frank Mason III. He makes some stupid mistakes, and isn't the distributor a point guard needs to be.

Also we're very angry at the Ellises for naming their kid Perry Ellis. But I'm not sure if Perry Ellis was a famous designer back when their son was born 35 years ago.

I do like Ellis as a player though. He has a jump shot for a big man. He plays good disciplined defense.

Another blowout win for the Jayhawks. But Villanova's been killing people too. Should be a good match-up.

Not a single good game this evening. Let's hope for better tomorrow. Though I wouldn't mind if Syracuse beat Gonzaga by 25.

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