Sunday, March 20, 2016

Tournament Thoughts: Second Round Saturday

#3 Miami vs. #11 Wichita State

Wichita State's stifling defense doesn't have a chance to set up when they can't hit a shot and keep turning it over.

Is it less shocking that Wichita State only had 6 points in 12 minutes or that they had given up 27?

First half shooting percentages, 23% for Wichita State and 60% for Miami.

Angel Rodriguez is out-VanVleeting VanVleet.

When you hear the name Shaq Morris do you think of Jack Morris or Zack Morris? I think your answer to this question says a lot about you as a person.

There are 3 stages to a comeback this big: 1) cut the lead in half, you need to go on a run at some point to make it at least seem possible, and mentally put it in your head that you can win and theirs that they can lose. 2) you have to get it down to one possession, give yourself some chances to make a shot or get a steal and be within striking distance. And then the hardest part often times 3) you need to take the lead at some point otherwise the other team is still dictating how the game will be played, especially in the final possessions of a game, the team with the lead has a huge advantage, even if it's only one point.

Baker did briefly give them the lead at 43-42 but Miami immediately took it back and held it, forcing Wichita State into at times frantic offense.

One of my least favorite things in basketball is when a player on a fast break tries to take it himself instead of passing to an open teammate.

But Miami was able to hang out and knock out a very popular pick to go to the Sweet 16 and perhaps beyond.

#4 Duke vs. #12 Yale

If seeds were based on highest tuition, these to schools would have been #1 seeds, along with Notre Dame and USC. All above $65,000 per year.

My hatred of Duke is not based on class or race like most people's, mine is mostly due to the couple assholes they have, and their success. Since the team is having a down year, and because Syracuse beat them, and because I was able to choose them for the Final Four as a sleeper, I am rooting for them. I also like their style of play. Lots of guys who can dribble and shoot. They look for teammates and they knock down shots. Fun to watch.

Amazing comeback by Yale. They did the same thing every time and attacked the basket. Either got baskets or got offensive rebounds. Plumlee is the only guy Duke can rely on for interior defense. And their Yale's disrupted Duke's offense. They stopped driving and dishing and played too much 1-on-1.

But Duke was able to pull it off and advance to the Sweet 16.

#4 Kentucky vs. #5 Indiana

This is probably one of the games people were most looking forward to in the first weekend. Two of basketballs bluebloods.

Yogi Ferrell's sisters changed their shirts. Today the say "Yogi's a bear to have as a brother" and "I can beat Yogi in 1-on-1."

Jamal Murray's 20.1 points per game were the most on a Calipari-coached team since DaJuan Wagner 14 years ago. I know it's hard to score 20 in college but it's amazing that with all those great players he's had during that span none ever did it. Shows that with all that talent, no one got enough play time or utilization to score that much.

Kentucky got rattled and started to make some bad decisions and take some rushed shots.

I have never seen so many offensive fouls called. And most of them because of that little push off with the forearm.

Patrick Thomas knocking down the free throws and earnings the "ONIONS!"

Indiana just played a better more disciplined game. Common against Calipari teams, all talent, no discipline.

#4 Iowa State vs. #12 Little Rock

Little Rock was hanging in until Niang went nuts.

14-2 run to end the first half by Iowa State but Little Rock came out with some fight couldn't keep pace. Easy win for Iowa State. They are a serious contender to come out of the annual upset regional, this year it being the Midwest.

#1 Virginia vs. #9 Butler Virginia has not one but two candidates for Mrs. Poop's All-Hair team:
London Perrantes

and Anthony Gill

Virginia's big men Gill and Tomey were just too much for Butler. They made 14 of their first 16 field goals in the second half, mostly because it was all layups and close in shots.

Valiant effort by Butler but a strong hold by Virginia. Maybe this is the year they don't fold. We know they won't be losing to Michigan State.

#1 Kansas vs. #9 Connecticut

Perry Ellis a 22-year-old senior, Wayne Selden is a 21-year-old junior. Rarely does a program the caliber of Kansas actually keep two good players this deep into their careers.

UConn led 5-2 and then allowed a 16-0 run. After cutting the lead back to 5 at 21-16, Kansas went on a 19-0 run. 44-24 halftime score isn't that dissimilar to Duke and Yale, but Yale made a run to get it close.

UConn made a run too, but just couldn't get close enough to threaten. Impressive victory for Kansas.

#3 Utah vs. #11 Gonzaga

In case you missed my pre-tournament preview, Utah was rated much lower in efficiency ratings than their seed would have you believe. 28th overall as compared to a top 12 implied ranking by seeding. About the only area they were really highly rated by kenpom was luck. That's why I picked Gonzaga to win two games (emboldening my to pick Fresno State, which didn't work out).

I also loved the HBO reality series on Gonzaga "The March to Madness." But that assistant coach is such a dick.

Sabonis against this monster Austrian (Jakob Poeltl) is quite the match-up.

This Steve Lappas-Andrew Catalon announce team is definitely underrated. They'd be a 12 over a 5 in the announcer bracket.

Gonzaga got incredibly hot from 3, but they do a good job of working inside out with Wiltjer and Sabonis both of whom can pass.

Gonzaga and UConn share a name, Huskies, and their uniform colors are similar as well.

What an impressive win for the Zags. Mrs. Poop used to pick them every year but now she's sick of them.

With a matchup against either Syracuse or Middle Tennessee, Gonzaga has a pretty good shot at the Elite 8 and I wouldn't hate their chances against Virginia or Iowa State either.

#1 North Carolina vs. #9 Providence

Bentil and Dunn play that 2-man game like Butch and Neon.

UNC just has so many good players. If Marcus Page hits shots from the outside UNC will win it all.

Scary team. I am really like UNC & Kansas right now.

The ACC is 10-1 so far. 4 teams already in the Sweet 16 and the two who play tomorrow (Notre Dame and Syracuse) play the lowest remaining seeds (Stephen F Austin & Middle Tennessee).

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