Monday, March 21, 2016

Tournament Thoughts: A Few Things on My Mind

With all I've written over the past four days, what else could there to be say?


The Pac-12 was clearly overrated. Ok, so sample sizes are a thing and anything can happen in just a few games in one tournament, but...
Here's what we thought before the tournament: #2 rated conference, all but 1 team in the top 102, 7 tournament teams, all rated 51 or higher
Here's what we know now, six of their teams are out, 5 lost in the first round and only Oregon holds the flag.

On the other hand, you have the ACC, which started with 10% of the teams, and now has 38% of the teams remaining. 12-1 record so far, with only Pitt losing.
And the ACC was 3rd rated conference during the regular season. But at this point the ACC is still alive to have 4 teams in the Final Four and with UNC & Notre Dame as well as Virginia and Syracuse sharing a bracket, it could have 2 teams locked up by Friday.

I didn't comment on the poor Dayton fan who was crying during his team's loss to Syracuse. But if I had, I would have said "sorry. Not sorry."

And it's unlike me to let a good smartass remark pass without acknowledgement, but Taurean Prince's snarky response to a reporter's question came from a place of anger and hurt, making it less funny that had he been obnoxious just for sport.

I usually get annoyed during the tournaments, because watching 48 games over 4 days (saw at least part of 46, significant parts of 30+) you can get fed up with the commercials that are played repeatedly. But I really like the Charles Barkley, Spike Lee, Sam Jackson road trip.

I'm actually surprised Charles is willing to play such a fool in these spots, as last year with "In the Annapolis."

I also like this BMW commercial about superstitions. "Rabbit's foot? I've got four."

But instead of a cute live bunny, it looks like he is holding a dead rabbit.

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