Friday, September 02, 2016

I Read An Entire New York Times Article

Normally I don't read the New York Times because it's a liberal rag. And when I do I seldom make it through an entire article.
But today, I actually made it through the entire "tech tip," advice for a person asking "When I'm mistakenly put on an email chain, should I hit 'reply all' asking to be removed?"
Here's the answer:

Kudos to Daniel Victor, for publishing this important information.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Song of the Week

"My Love" - Syleena Johnson
"Truth is sometimes you get on my nerves
when you act like, you act like you know it all
you walk like your God's gift to Earth
and I swear, that my patience you just use it all."

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Diver and a Marathoner

The Brazilian synchronized diving pair of Ingrid Oliveira and Giovanna Pedroso finished dead last in their Olympic competition.
A possible reason: the night before the competition, Oliveira is said to have had a "marathon sex session" with canoeist Pedro Goncalves.
And to do so, she kicked Pedroso, who is only 17, out of the room they shared.
Needless to say, the two will no longer be diving together.

It wasn't the first time Oliveira has gotten in trouble. When she posted this picture last year, Brazilian officials said she's more interested in posting pictures of her behind on the internet than she is in diving.

No word on whether Goncalves will continue to dive, and marathon, with Oliveira.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Fool Me Twice

Disgraced Congressman Anthony Weiner once again caught in a sexting scandal, as this time he sent pictures of his privates to an internet slut, while lying in bed with his son.

And here's a couple of pics this faceless hottie (probably catfishing him) sent back:

This time his understanding wife Huma Abedin had enough, announcing in a statement that she is separating from her lecherous lover.

I guess she didn't believe that he had been hacked. Yes, he apparently tried that gambit again.

Maybe Damino believed him.

I am actually shocked and impressed Huma had the courage to separate from him. Considering how close she is with Hillary Clinton, I just assumed she would follow Hillary's path to the top and stay with the lying, cheating husband she never loved in the first place.

I guess the difference is, Bill Clinton was President, Anthony Weiner is a disgraced former Congressman.

3000 Words - Olympic Edition

Usain Bolt smiles as he crosses the finish line in the 100m.

Team Great Britain gives all its athletes luggage, which seems nice, until you get to baggage claim.

A wrestler needed a full cloth helmet to bandage a wound that opened several times during the match.