Monday, August 29, 2016

Fool Me Twice

Disgraced Congressman Anthony Weiner once again caught in a sexting scandal, as this time he sent pictures of his privates to an internet slut, while lying in bed with his son.

And here's a couple of pics this faceless hottie (probably catfishing him) sent back:

This time his understanding wife Huma Abedin had enough, announcing in a statement that she is separating from her lecherous lover.

I guess she didn't believe that he had been hacked. Yes, he apparently tried that gambit again.

Maybe Damino believed him.

I am actually shocked and impressed Huma had the courage to separate from him. Considering how close she is with Hillary Clinton, I just assumed she would follow Hillary's path to the top and stay with the lying, cheating husband she never loved in the first place.

I guess the difference is, Bill Clinton was President, Anthony Weiner is a disgraced former Congressman.

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Damino said...

LOL I appreciate the needling, but no I don't believe him. I haven't believed a word that has come out of his mouth since the truth was revealed re: the original scandal. And I'm glad that his wife left him. She should've left the first time around, but better late than never.