Saturday, November 26, 2011

Weekly Picks

I am in a terrible slump. I actually was having a good season through 7 weeks. Now I have no idea how to pick a correct game. This week I am not overthinking things. Let's see if that works.


After I put them in the Super Bowl we learned Matt Schaub was out for the season. I don't think Matt Leinart is good but they have the talent to severely limit what he has to do. Especially against Jacksonville.

carolina -3 INDIANAPOLIS
I honestly think the Colts will go 0-16.

OAKLAND -3 chicago

I think the Bears will still figure out how to play without Cutler, enough to get into the playoffs. But it may take a short adjustment period.

ATLANTA -9 1/2 minnesota

Not sure if I think this one could be a blowout. But I'm pretty sure the Falcons are going to win it so I will roll the dice on the point spread.

SAN DIEGO -6 1/2 denver

The Chargers late season charge starts right now. Plus Tim Tebow still sucks as a passer. I just can't see him keeping this going.

Last Week: 2-3 (0 points)
Season: 26-29 (25 points)
Best Bets: 0-1 (5-6)
Home Favorites: 1-0 (12-13)
Home Underdogs: 0-1 (0-1)
Road Favorites: 1-1 (7-7)
Road Underdogs: 0-2 (7-8)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Song of the Week

"Luv U Better" - LL Cool J
This song contains one of my favorite parts of any song ever.
"Do you think I meant to hurt you?
Do you think I meant to hurt you?

This Billboard Offends Me

There's a new billboard on the West Side Highway that I find highly offensive.

It's an ad for a generically named vokda, Wodka. It shows two dogs, a chihuahua in a Santa hat and an Afghan in a yarmulke.

It says "Christmas Quality. Hanukkah Pricing."

That's an overt reference that Christmas is better than Hanukkah. But it's also a subtle reference that Jews are cheap.

I don't have a problem with any of that. What bothers me is the poor dogs dressed up.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The NFL is Poop - Week 11

A Brief Rant About the Redskins
Graham Gano fucking sucks. End of rant.

fuck you Graham Gano

Now They Love Cutler
The last time Caleb Hanie had to enter a game for the Chicago Bears it was because Jay Cutler was hurt and the Bears were in the NFC Championship game. At that point Bears fans insisted Cutler wasn't really hurt, and they hated him and never wanted to see him quarterback their team again. My how things have changed. Cutler has been mostly brilliant this season and Bears fans love him. But now Caleb Hanie is back. Cutler broke the thumb on his throwing hand while making a tackle. Without him Bears fans say all hope is lost. I say not so fast. If Hanie can go 3-3 down the stretch they can get a wildcard and maybe Cutler can return in time to play the winner of the NFC East or South. If not, the Bears can always sign Kyle Orton who was released by the Broncos.

Break Up the Dolphins
I really don't understand this, but the previously miserable Dolphins are now on a 3-game winning streak. I really don't see how they're playing so much better, but Matt Moore has been more consistent.

The Best Slate of Thanksgiving Games in a Long Time
Everyone is looking forward to this week's match-up of the Packers and Lions. It will be the first time in a long time the Lions will be relevant on Thanksgiving. Maybe since Barry Sanders retired. Though they sucked many years with him too. The Packers are still perfect, and once you get to double digits it starts to become real.
But that's not the game I'm looking forward to most, too many points. I will be anxiously watching the brothers Harbaugh go at it in the Ravens-49ers game. I feel like a lot of people are still doubting the Niners because they play in a week division. But they can play some defense which will make their match-up against the hard-hitting Ravens a great game to watch.


I guess I will have to write this every week. I still don't think Tim Tebow is a legitimate NFL quarterback. But with a 4-1 record as a starter I have to admit he certainly does have something special that he calls upon to make plays when the game is on the line.

Picture of the Week
Referee Ron Winter gets trapped at the bottom of the pile of players trying to recover a fumble in the Ravens-Bengals game.

But Seriously...
Graham Gano really does fuckin suck. He has missed 8 field goals so far this year. He is 30th of 32 kickers in percentage. And it's not just long kicks like the ones he missed against Dallas, he has 3 misses in 6 tries from 30 - 39 yards. He missed 2 field goals against Dallas this time, 1 field goal in a 2-point game against them last time. And two misses in an 11-point loss to Miami, which the Skins would have at least had a chance at if not for Gano. And lest you think this is an abberation, Gano missed 11 field goals last year. He hasn't been over 70% either of the last two years. 24 kickers are above 80 this year. He is clearly one of the worst 3 kickers in the game, why won't they cut him and try someone new?

If the Super Bowl Were Played Today
Green Bay 35 Houston 3

Why not the Texans? They have the same record as Baltimore, Pittsburgh and New England. Only difference, is they are hot, on a 4-game winning streak. They also have a pretty decent schedule with 1 game remaining against all the weak teams in their divisions. An AFC title game in Houston would be a big surprise.