Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Song of the Week

"Stay - Soul Lifted" - Liv Warfield
Another great neo-soul chanteuse with a smooth jam to relax to.
"I keep a clean house baby, so we can mess it up all night long, if you want to."

Monday, May 25, 2015

First Responder

Chase is marching/riding in the town's Memorial Day parade so I always walk ahead and wait at the end (a park) for him. 
I was sitting on a bench in the park minding my own business (playing candy crush on my phone) and I heard an unusual noise.
I look up and an elderly woman (70s for sure quite possibly older) is trying to catch up as her car rolls away. 
I jump up and think I'm going to have to jump in and hit the brake before it starts mowing people down. 
Eventually the woman falls down but thankfully the car hit a fence which was enough to stop it. 

I turned my attention to the driver. She told me she thought it was in park while she went to get something out of the trunk. 
When it started to roll she tried to get back in but it ran over her foot. 
A minute later the EMS and police arrived and took the woman to Mrs. Poop's hospital. 
Minor damage to the car, likely minor damage to her foot and a good test for my reflexes. Though it would have been kind of cool if I'd actually needed to hop in and apply the brake. 
Oh well. Maybe next year.