Friday, March 02, 2012

Let the Jews Play

The good boychiks at the Robert M Beren Academy in Houston made the semifinals of the Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools, but almost didn’t get to play in the game.
Because it was scheduled for 9pm on a Friday, and the Orthodox Jewish players wouldn’t play on Shabbos.
The assholes at TAPPS refused to reschedule the game to accommodate the poor Jews. They said that all schools joining the conference accept that Sunday is the official day of worship. Earleri in the playoffs, schools did alter schedules so the Jews didn’t have to choose between the game and their religion.
Former Knicks Jeff Van Gundy, called TAPPS officials to advocate for the Jews.
“I called because when you’re the head of an association like this, the only thing you should worry about is doing right by the kids,” Van Gundy said. “This decision has nothing to do with the kids. I feel like they made a mistake and they don’t have a vice president of common sense who will tell them that this is silly and it’s O.K. to change your mind.”
Well, they still have changed their minds but they got overruled. Beren got an injunction and rather than fight it TAPPS agreed to move to game to before Shabbos.
I like rules as much as the next guy, but sticking to them blindly, just because they’re rules, is usually the wrong thing to do. Especially when kids are involved. These kids did nothing wrong and they deserve their chance to play for the State title. I’m glad they’re getting it.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Song of the Week

"Very Special" - Debra Laws and Ronnie Laws
You know I love a male/female duet, even when the lyrics don't make sense.
"You need me and I need you
Love and us is very special"
What the fuck? It's even weirder because Ronnie and Debra Laws are not a married couple, they're brother and sister, collaborating on a love song.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Clever Marketing

They may not have written a good script for “Cars 2” but they certainly knew how to cash in on it. In the theater while watching that scene, Mrs. Poop and I immediately knew that each one of Mater’s clever disguises would be made into a toy car. And sure enough, on a recent trip to the Disney Store Mama Poop and I saw the various Maters on sale, 2 for $10.

We got him Vampire Mater since Mrs. Poop loves “Twilight”

And Taco Truck Mater since I like tacos

We both thought Materhosen was cute, but Mama Poop refuses to buy a German car.