Saturday, June 14, 2008

Fat Guy Falls on Ball Girl

An unruly Texas Rangers fan goes too far in reaching for a foul ball, and crushes the ball girl.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Erin Andrews's Dress Helps Cancer Patients

Humorous exchange between Erin Andrews, Dave O'Brien and Rick Sutcliffe, where Sutcliffe basically says "the hell with my cancer treatment, let's talk more about Erin's dress."

I don't have a problem with telling a woman at work that she looks nice, but that's where it should end. In any other line of work Sutcliffe may have taken this too far. I know we can't pity Erin Andrews because she has a great life, a great job, she's gorgeous and everyone loves her, but she does have to put up with a lot of shit. We know she's hot, we got eyes, you don't need to keep bringing it up.

Someone Worth Rooting for at Shea

One of the great things about interleague play is when players from other teams that you might never get to see, come into town.
When the Texas Rangers visit, Mets fans will get to see the greatest story in baseball, Josh Hamilton.
I love Josh Hamilton so much and want to be just like him that I'm considering developing a drug addiction and getting tattoos of flames on my forearms.

If you haven't read the Sports Illustrated article or seen the Real Sports piece, I'll give you the quick update.
Ten years ago Hamilton was considered one of the best high school baseball prospects ever. But he was a little overprotected by his parents who followed him around the minor leagues. When a car accident injured him and his mom, his parents moved back to Raleigh, leaving him alone in Bradenton, Florida without his parents and with too much time on his hands.
He started hanging around a tattoo parlor, 26 tattoos and a near-deadly drug addiction later, Hamilton finally got clean.
After being out of baseball for 3 years he came back with the Reds last year.
Now he's with the Rangers and on pace for 169 RBI.

He never goes out with teammates, seldom goes out at all, never carries more than $20 in his wallet, and is usually accompanied by his shadow/babysitter/caretaker.

But he's a great guy to root for, especially compared to the rest of the guys at Shea.

Proving His Point

Earlier this year I wrote about Milton Bradley Syndrome, where I suggested that Bradley was actually overrated because every time a story about his bad behavior was told, the qualifier was that he'd be such a great player if he could control his emotions.
This year, Bradley was starting to prove me wrong by hitting like one of the best players in baseball.
So on Wednesday he decided to prove the Kansas City Royals play-by-play announcer right.
Bradley who was DHing that day happened to be in the clubhouse and heard these comments from Ryan Lefebvre.

Now I agree with everything Lefebvre said, but Bradley was so mad that he decided to prove Lefebvre's point.
After the game, at least he waited until after the game, he stormed up four flights of stairs to meet Lefebvre, but was stopped by Rangers GM Jon Daniels who had to chase him up the steps.
Bradley's point is that Lefebvre never met him so he shouldn't be talking about his personality like that. That's a fair point in general but that wouldn't have proven anything because Lefebvre was only talking about his outbursts of temper, not his day to day behavior.

Even worse about this is that the Rangers are excusing Bradley's actions, probably because they don't want to make him angry (you wouldn't like him when he's angry).

Daniels said: "It's a situation you want to avoid, but I don't see where disciplinary action is warranted. I was there the whole time. There was no aggressive action. There was no foul action, nothing of the sort. We move on."

Rangers President Nolan Ryan said: "we're disappointed that things were said that upset Milton. From my observations since spring training, he is really trying to change the part of his life that has plagued him during his career. We're very supportive of that, and we feel as if he's made great strides. It's an incident that came up, and I think it was handled properly. Milton was upset and disappointed about it, but I'd like to think this is behind us and we'll move on."

If Bradley is trying to change, then why didn't he try for once ignoring something or someone he didn't like.

So he said you have no self-control. So an umpire said you were a piece of shit. So a fan threw a bottle at you. That's no reason or excuse to act like that.

I actually feel badly for Bradley. I'd hate to go through my life where everything bad someone said about me or did to me, caused me to break into a violent rage.

Diphallic Terata

A baby in China was born with two penises, one on his back.

The condition is actually called Fetus in Fetu and the extra penis was successfully removed in surgery.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

3,000 Words

The Stanley Cup looks huge next to Verne Troyer. Chris Osgood brought the Cup to the premiere of "The Love Guru."

Mini Me Verne Troyer poses with the Stanley Cup at the Premiere of the Love Guru

You can get a pretty good look at a t-bone steak by sticking your head up a tiger's ass.

Zookeepers check out a tiger's hemmrhoids

Donald Trump's hair doesn't hold up too well on a windy day

I hope Rosie reads the Poop, she'll love this one

That Impression Was Horrrrrrrrrible

I've spent years perfecting my Bill Walton impression ("get a rebound"), and I think Jeff Van Gundy needs more practice.

Song of the Week

"Lollipop" - Lil Wayne
In honor of Mrs. Poop's birthday I decided to go with her suggestion this week,

Record Label Link

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Slimming Down Before the Wedding

Most women, and some men, want to lose a couple pounds before their wedding to look good in the pictures and on the honeymoon. Manuel Uribe needs to lose a couple hundred.
The 700-lb Mexican has lost 550 el bees since he was named Guinness's fattest man in the world.
Now he wants to lose even more weight so he can walk for the first time in years.
And the first place he'll walk is down the aisle with his bride.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

30 Years Ago Today

On June 10, 1978 Affirmed edged out Alydar at the Belmont Stakes to win the Triple Crown, a feat no one has been able to duplicate since.

Affirmed beats Alydar in the Belmont Stakes on June 10, 1978, to win the Triple Crown

Also on June 10, 1978, Mrs. Poop was born. Also a feat no one has been able to duplicate since.

Happy Birthday!