Friday, March 14, 2014

You Can't Fix Stupid

A great op-ed on expertly points out the major problem with Obamacare: the poor, downtrodden section of society that we are trying to help, is unwilling or unable to help itself. Of the supposed 40 million uninsured, some estimates say only 400,000 have even signed up for Obamacare.
My major issue with this country right now is the lack of personal responsibility. We continue to make rules and laws to diminish the responsibility each individual has over his/her own life. But we're like a mother babying her children, eventually everyone needs to stand on his own and do for himself.
There is a certain segment of society that it too stupid or too irresponsible to make the right decision for himself and his family. We cannot help these people by giving them less responsibility, we can only help them by giving them more.
We have created an atmosphere where people can never work, and get food, housing, health insurance, cell phones (CELL PHONES!!!!) and extra spending money all from the government.
It seems like a lousy life to you and I, but to a lot of people it's better than going to McDonald's and busting your ass everyday for 8 hours and earning less money.
And until we get those people back to work and off the dole we will jump keep giving more and more to more people with no hope for people to every provide from themselves.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

What Do You Give Me For?

What do you give me for a horseradish root and...oh never mind

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A Threat to JLeary's Throne

Jleary is well known for being the undisputed undefeated king of movie lines. But in about 20 years, with continued study, hard work and perseverance this kid may be able to take Jleary down.


Ok, so it's cute, a 4-year-old memorizing every word to Jack Nicholson's famous speech in "A Few Good Men" and for added comic value he's reciting it while in the bath and playing with his ding-a-ling.
But obviously the kid didn't choose this movie, it's very questionably appropriate for a child that young so it makes me wonder how this came to be.
I just have to assume the parents had this idea for a youtube video and forced their son to learn it, withholding his cookies until he memorized the soliloquy.
That kind of ruins the cuteness of this for me.

Song of the Week

"Help! I've Been Robbed" - J-Bru featuring Jay Bizzy and Ghettosocks
When I was listening to "Stick Up" - by Honey Cone (SOTW, 2/5/14), I realized that the "Help! I've been robbed" line would make a great sample for a rap. So I ventured over to my favorite website,, and found the list of songs that have done so.
This one is my favorite.
But do me a favor, listen to this song once without watching the video. Then go back and listen again, while looking at the video.
I think you'll like Ghettosocks.

Note: this song accidentally published on February 12, when I wanted March 12, so I corrected it.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The One Fuckable Girl at Duke

I feel like I've let you down. There is a Duke student moonlighting as a porn star and I had the story pretty early on but I never took the time to write a post about it.
In case you don't know, her porn name is Belle Knox, her real name is reportedly Miriam Weeks, which probably makes her Jewish.
She shot a few porn scenes in November and a few more over December break, when she flew to LA instead of going home. A classmate, now identified as Thomas Bagley saw her on (because he has a $1,000/month porn habit) and then he told a few frat boy buddies, who started friending her on Facebook, it exploded around campus, the school paper did an article on her, and eventually the whole world knows about her.
She's 94 pounds, has no tits and no ass, but as long as she's willing to fuck on camera the porn industry has a place for her.
Knox says she's doing it to pay her way through Duke, which is admirable but a little dubious. It's likely the same employers who value a Duke education will be turned off by her porn career, especially after all the attention it's received.
She talks about how empowering her porn career is, but if she really wanted to be empowered she would admit that she is doing it because she likes sex and likes money.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Diesel Don't Care

Many dog owners claim that when their dogs do something wrong, they get a "guilty look."
Well, that's bullshit.
One woman who calls herself a K9 scientist says that dogs have a guilty look only if they're scolded by their owner, not if they simply do something wrong.
"The guilty look does not signify a knowledge of a misdeed," said Julie Hect, of the Barnard College Dog Cognition Lab in New York City. "We found that the dog's behavior is not dependent on what the dog did, but what the owner did."
In other words, they don't know that their actions are wrong, only that it will bring a negative reaction from their owners. The 2009 study by Barnard College supports her point. In that study, dogs gave the guilty look whenever they were scolded, whether they actually misbehaved or not.
Does Diesel look guilty for sleeping on our new memory foam bathmat? And climbing into the tub so he can close the door and get some privacy?