Wednesday, May 06, 2015

A Brand New -- Treadmill!

Not every "The Price is Right" contestant can win a brand new car, some players have to settle for a hot tub and a treadmill.
Which is what Danielle Perez got. Only problem, -- she's in a wheelchair.

I get that it's not really their fault, they have to have the prizes set up before it is decided who will be playing for them.
Also, I don't believe you actually have to take the prize you win, you can exchange it for a prize of an equal value, or some sum of cash.
But the optics of it look pretty bad, a lady in a wheelchair trying to get excited about a treadmill she can never use.

On a happier note, another recent "The Price is Right" blooper, when model Manuela Arbalaez accidentally gave away a car:

But she's smoking hot so she got away with it.

Song of the Week

"Amenamy" - Purity Ring