Thursday, August 21, 2008

Last Year on The Poop

It's amazing to think back to that day one year ago and remember the doctor saying "today's baby day" then coming home and running around the house like a lunatic packing stuff, but taking the time to post this message.

And then a few hours later, Chase was born.

Facebook in Real Life

Funny British comedy sketch about the absurdity of Facebook.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Last Year on The Poop

Last year, August 20th was the first day of Poop Taking Care of Business Week. And unfortunately, I was dicking around writing this post instead of doing the shit I was supposed to.
But that classic post include this line "Baby Poop isn't doing anything to indicate he or she is ready to come out early." What a fool I was.

Almost There

I'm absolutely in shock about how much has happened in the last year since Chase was born. And a lot more is going to start happening in year number two. Chase is just about ready to start talking (he's got about half a word) and walking. He can stand for about 15 seconds on his own, and once he realizes that he has his balance, he'll take his first step.

Chase is standing on his own.  Up next: walking

Song of the Week

"To Zion" - Lauryn Hill
One of the best songs I've ever heard about parenthood. She named her first son Zion and this song obviously, is written to him.
"I've never been in love like this before"

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mrs. Poop's Opus

It was this day 52 weeks ago, the third Tuesday in August, the second day of my week off, that we went for a routine ultrasound. Then the doctor said "today is baby day" (words that still cause me to lose control of my bowels), and we were off to the hospital. At 4:07 pm the best 52 weeks of my life began.
In order to document this momentus time we decided to take a picture of Chase every Tuesday to document his growth.
Sounds simple right? But it became anything but. At first it was easy, then it became harder to remember to do it every Tuesday, then at about week 30 Chase started grabbing the cards. Then he started sitting up. Eventually we had to fill his hands with props and dance around the room to get him to look at us and smile instead of standing up in the crib or attacking the stuffed dog.
But 52 great pictures later, Mrs. Poop is very pround that she was able to finish what she started and I urge you to check out her work.

They Don't Call Her Mrs. Poop For Nothing

There are few things in the world more boring than baby showers. Wedding showers are bad too, except there's usually one old lady who spices things up by giving the bride-to-be a pair of crotchless panties and a riding crop.
Anyway, baby showers are so boring that women usually have to create a series of inane games just to prevent the guests from saying "here's the gift, now please let me go home."
Reflecting on that, it actually makes some sense. What makes no sense is that men play drinking games, do we really need something to make drinking more fun?
But I digress, the point is Mrs. Poop is the best baby shower-planner ever. Instead of Word Scrambles, she plays "Taste the Poop."
She took 6 chocolate bars, melted them in the microwave, and put them in diapers. The object of the game is to guess what the chocolate bar is. Despite the fact that it's just chocolate, because it's brown and mushy and in a diaper, people get grossed out and refuse to touch or taste the Poop.

It's a Baby Ruth

Monday, August 18, 2008

I Like My Seat, I Paid For My Seat

To many people Shea Stadium is a dump, but to me it's a very special place. It's where I saw my first baseball game, where the greatest moment of my life occurred (sorry, Chase) and where I watched countless games with my dad, brother and friends.
Shea will be torn down after the season but Mets fans have the option to buy a small piece of the Stadium for a memento.
The Mets are selling pairs of seats for an expensive, but not exorbitant, $869.

That includes shipping and since I'm a NJ resident I don't have to pay sales tax.
I am really considering this but I haven't discussed it with Mrs. Poop yet. First of all, we really have no place to put the seats in our current home. But one day I hope to have a much bigger house with a den/memorabilia room and these seats would be the perfect centerpiece. Imagine watching a Mets playoff game from your living room while seated in authentic seats from Shea Stadium?

I've been saving money to buy a big-screen TV in our new house (whenever that is) and I've accumulated about $1500 so far, I am strongly considering dipping into that warchest to buy two Shea seats.

By the way, the seats go on sale to the general public next Monday, season ticket and plan holders can buy this week.

I think I would buy Orange if available, not sure what my second choice would be.

Who Are These Guys?

Player A: 216 at bats 64 hits 10 HR 36 RBI 18 BB 50 K .296 BA .354 OBP .491 SLUG
Player B: 205 at bats 63 hits 10 HR 36 RBI 19 BB 50 K .307 BA .370 OBP .512 SLUG

Story Suggested by Reissberg

Sunday, August 17, 2008

I Hate Goodbyes

Even though there would be no "Farewell Show," (which is fine, we saw how that worked out for Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in "Get Paris") Chris "Mad Dog" Russo called to talk to Mike Francesa during the first show of the rest of his life.