Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Song of the Week

"You Make Me Feel Brand New" - The Stylistics
I actually picked a different song because I was sure I had made this an SOTW already. But when I went to confirm I couldn't find it so it must never have happened.
It's long overdue that I give this song, one of my favorites ever, the SOTW treatment it so richly deserves, 40 years after it came out.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A Thin Line Between Genius and Insanity

The death of Robin Williams, while sad actually wasn't all that surprising to me. Someone who is that manic, crazy, etc. is probably living on the edge at all times.
And in truth I don't feel all that badly for him. He had a great life, and if he couldn't beat his personal demons and didn't want to struggle with them anymore, that's his choice. I'm sure his children still love and need him, but they're grown now.
So let's put aside the sadness of his death and remember the humor of his life.
You will see many clips of his movies, but few of you will see, or have ever seen his brilliant standup "Live From the Met" from 1986.
Master Bates had the audio recording on cassette and we loved this part: