Friday, February 04, 2011

This is Why 3 Million People Watch Sean Hannity Every Night

Sean Hannity arguing with Anjem Choudary. You must stick with this until the end. The good-bye is priceless.

"You're one sick miserable evil SOB but thank you for coming on anyway."


Bill said...

I don't know the muslim dude at all, but this is exactly why I don't watch Fox News. Nothing but arrogant anchors who bully and grandstand instead of having meaningful discussions. But you're right, that's why people watch.

Paul said...

Billy, you are way offbase on this one. People like him because he doesn't pretend to be neutral. On other networks they would interview this guy and sit there as he said this bullshit because they let him speak unchallenged because they think that's what a good journalist would do.
Real people at home would be screaming at the TV for someone to shut that guy up. And that is why 3 million people watch Sean Hannity every night.