Friday, February 04, 2011

What's the Most Embarrassing Part?

During a recent girls' high school basketball game in Utah Christian Heritage High beat West Ridge Academy 108-3.
This called up the usual questions of sportsmanship, self-esteem, competitiveness and the wussification of America.
But the one thing no one is talking about is which is the worst part, allowing 108 points in a 24 minute (I think) game, or scoring only 3.

I think the answer has to be scoring only 3. I'm sure there was a great physical difference between the two teams, which made it impossible to stop them on defense. But unless the ball got stolen everytime and every shot was blocked, they should have been able to make at least two baskets. Let's say they only get 10 shots off the entire game. They only needed to make 2 of them to get 4 points. Scoring only 3 points, blame yourself.


jleary said...

Scoring only 3 is the worst part for sure, you would think they could at least get to the line and hit some free throws

Reissberg said...

Damn... I thought it was bad when my Jewish camp team lost to Kutcher's Sports Academy (athletic Jewish camp) like 64-16.

Scoring 3 definitely more embarrassing.

Bill said...

It's bad, but I'm sure the school proably had to drag 5 girls to play just so they could form a team and the other was a powerhouse or something. Just not fair. The game should have also been called by the officials 5 minutes into the 2nd half.
Make a shot puh-leez!