Thursday, February 18, 2010

TON's Favorite Olympian Ever

Meet Norwegian cross-country skier Petter Northug, bronze medalist in the individual sprint.


ton said...

LOL, took me a second....VERY funny

jleary said...

That is probably over most peoples head...certainly not the Concierge though

Paul said...

Petter Northug is the favorite to win gold in the 30K pursuit. NBC will be airing some of this event at around 4:30 eastern Saturday.

We might get the chance to hear Al Trautwig say some unintentionally funny things.

There are some jokes that you just can't or shouldn't explain, this is one of them.

ton said...

I just watched the end of that race. He had an uncharacteristically limp performance.

Paul said...

I too was expecting him to explode at the finish.
But unfortunately he had a problem with his pole.