Wednesday, February 17, 2010

You Blew It!

For four years Lindsey Jacobellis has stewed over her loss in the snowboard cross at the 2006 Olympics and had to deal with the public embarrassment. In case you’ve forgotten like the incredibly obnoxious Mrs. Poop Jacobellis was the prohibitive favorite and cruising to victory when she did a trick (“dude she did a method!”) causing her to fall, and get passed. She won a silver but blew a chance at the gold.

Four years later, she won her opening heat and was leading the semifinal run when she lost her balance and overcorrected right into the flag on the other side. That’s an automatic DQ and four more years of waiting for the next chance to embarrass herself.

Lindsey Jacobellis blows her chance at Olympic gold, again

But that’s not as bad was what John Shuster did. Shuster who won a bronze medal in curling in 2006 under skip Pete Fenson, is now the skip himself, and he’s failing miserably. The skip gets the last rocks and he blew two major chances against Germany. Then with a chance against Norway in the 11th end, Shuster had the hammer, and an easy shot to the button for the win. He went right past the button and cost the U.S. the match. Horrible.

John Shuster blew two games in one day

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