Thursday, February 18, 2010

I Told You Not to Fuck With Me

An argument on a bus in Oakland escalates after the older white gentleman asks the younger black man "how much you charge me for a spit shine?"
The black guy thought he was tough, thought:

Damn that guy got knocked the fuck out. Not sure what happened before the chick started recording but it seems like this guy may have made a racially insensitive remark. I still think the black guy pushed it too far and I'm glad he got his comeuppance. Number one rule of street fights: Strike first, strike aggressively.


ton said...

This is pretty crazy. Here's the post-bus aftermath...basically the old guy going insane outside:

Bill said...

That old dude was my hero until I watched the aftermath. Did he say something about Vietnam and "King Kong ain't got nuthin on me."? Did he go Denzel on the black dude? Awesome, way to work the two man game Poop and Ton.

ton said...

I just ran into so much more on this:
Actual interview with the old guy

More info on him, plus a link to an interview with the filmer

Good blog post with some details you may have missed

A serious blog post

Also, I didn't even realize he was wearing a shirt that says "I am a motherfucker"