Thursday, April 07, 2011

Chase's Life as a Dog

Every parent worries. We all hope our child will grow up to become a happy, healthy person. With Chase, I just hope he grows up to be a person.
He seems to be going through an identity crisis right now. He has at least 5 imaginary dogs (his girlfriend Sarah once said to Mrs. Poop after school "Chase's mommy, can I come to your house and play with your three dogs), so he thinks he is a dog, this manifests itself in the following ways:
1) he pantomimes pooping in the grass and demands that we pick up his poop
2) he pantomimes urinating on trees by lifting his leg
3) after doing 1 and 2 he kicks the dirt to spread his scent
4) he refuses to hold hands while crossing the street because he insists he is on a leash
5) everyday when I get home he is lying under the table barking "arf! arf!"
6) he sleeps on the floor and not his bed
7) he thinks his Kix are kibbles


ton said...

heh heh, that's a pretty awesome photo. I wouldn't worry, from what I've been told, I had a phase just like this, and I turned out perfectly nor....I'm sure he'll be fine.

Paul said...

thanks TON, we'll have him evaluated immediately

Paul said...

8) He just humped Diesel's bed.

master bates said...

he's gonna be disappointed when he figures out he can lick himself like Diesel