Sunday, April 10, 2011

Idol Chatter

Biggest outrage in the history of American Idol. Pia was clearly the best singer, the hottest idol contestant, (maybe ever) she was likable, I just don't get it.

A few theories:

1) the voters are overwhelmingly teenaged girls. They vote for male contestants, to wit, the first five people voted off so far this year are all female.

2) Pia was too hot. She made the aforementioned teenage girls and older women feel insecure about themselves, or she reminded them of a pretty girl who was mean to them in high school

3) Simon is gone. Without Simon to bash the weaker contestants, the stronger ones, like Pia did not stand out. The judge's praise every contestant all the time (except Randy occasionally) which likely energizes voters for people like Stefano. Also, I doubt they would have saved Casey so early in the season if Simon had been around.

4) Prejudice. When reached for comment, Joe Pesci said, "Can you believe this shit? Prejudice 'gainst 'Talians? In this day and age? What is this world comin' to, Hendry?"

Note: Reader JustMan contributed that witty remark

5) Too many ballads. Pia's song choice was repeatedly called into question as she sang ballads every week. She killed them, admittedly, but some may have found it boring. When she finally went uptempo perhaps some people found the effort uninspiring

6) Gwen Stefani sabotaged her. What the fuck was that thing Pia was wearing?

what the fuck was with this outfit Gwen Stefani dressed Pia Toscano in?

No matter what the reason it as an absolute travesty that she didn't even make the top 8. Our only consolation would come if she is a complete washout in the music industry and has to resort to softcore porn.

hopefully this will send Pia Toscano into a downward spiral ending in an appearance in softcore porn

A few other non-Pia related thoughts:
Jacob was also in the bottom 3. If he gets voted out who the fuck is going to win this thing? Scotty? He's one of the few left who I don't think has been in the bottom 3.

The Hulk Hogan appearance was very cheesy.

I call Casey "bearded Taylor Hicks" and James is "Adam Lambert on Ritalin."

I hate Naima's reggae performance of an Elton John song. Good idea but why couldn't she have done the exact same thing without the phony accent.

Would anyone have complained if they randomly decided to give the judge's another save?

Despite what I have said previously about Hayley's legs I really don't like her face and I think she overdoes the huskiness in her voice.

I do like that this year they have been showing more behind the scene's stuff. The results shows seem less boring for whatever reason. Though I always scan through the awful performances by people like Constantine Maroulis and Iggy Pop.

Chase thought Russell Brand and Constantine were the same person.

Hayley seemed interested in a threesome with Brand and Katy Perry.

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ton said...

You did yourself a huge favor by skipping those performances.

So I think you missed out on one, in my opinion more feasible, scenario. People like multiple contestants, but only cast one vote. So lets say you liked Pia and Casey, a common thought might be "Well, Pia is obviously dominating this thing, she doesn't need my vote, I'll just vote for Casey". The end result is that the perceived best gets the least votes.