Thursday, January 14, 2010

Don't Believe the Hype

The 100th episode of "How I Met Your Mother" was a disappointment on a couple levels.

First, I wasn't thrilled with the show's ballyhooed musical number "Nothing Suits Me Like a Suit."

Note: for some reason the normally youtube friendly HIMYM producers didn't put the full song and dance on the web. All the versions I could find were mirrored. So check out the writing on the newspaper dispenser. You may want to watch this while holding your computer up to a mirror.

Second, I was hopeful Rachel Bilson would be my mother. I fell in love with her on "The O.C." when everyone else was going gaga over heroin-chic Mischa Barton. But that got shot down pretty early on.

Rachel Bilson is my mother's roommate on How I Met Your Mother

That brings me to the conundrum about my mother. It seems clear to me now that they never plan to reveal my mother until they have an end date for the series. She'll either be introduced in the final episode (a typical network trick) or early in the final season which would give them so many great opprtunities for fast forwards until 2030 (which I think would make the final season legend -- wait for it -- dary!)

I don't have a problem with them waiting because I don't watch the show to find out who my mother is. That's not the point. I watch it because it's funny regardless of the plotline hanging above the show like The Sword of Damocles.

But I actually wouldn't mind if the outed my mother sooner rather than later because I trust them to do smart and funny courtship and maybe even marriage episodes.

After all, these are the same people who cast Stacy Keibler as the hot bartender.

Someone actually told me she didn't think Stacy Keibler has big enough boobs to play the part of a bartender with big boobs. That may be true but she's got a GREAT ASS!

Stacy Keibler guest stars as the hot bartender on How I Met Your Mother

In another bit of inspired casting Carrie Underwood makes her acting debut in a HIMYM episode set to air in March.


ton said...

I agree with pretty much everything you said. Also, I knew instantly that Rachel Bilson wasn't your mother..cuz it was just way too quick and easy. I'm a little disappointed in the musical bit, but that's because I'm expecting something on the level of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog

Had no idea about my girl Carrie Underwood....good stuff.

When it's all said and done, I bet the series sticks to cheesy sitcom roots, and only does the reveal in the last episode. Probably better to do it earlier like you said, but we'll see.

OH...what does the newspaper dispenser say? Kinda looks like New York Times, but I didn't find it in a quick google. BTW, I searched "HIMYM, newspaper dispenser" and you're #1. Kinda cool to see you in the top spot

Paul said...

Sorry if I was misleading, I just meant the newspaper dispenser is an example of how the video was weirdly mirrored. Not that it contained a secret message or funny joke, just that it was an example that while everything in the video looked normal it was really the opposite. His right hand is his left, Keibler's right breast is her left. No idea why the video is like that.

Bill said...

disappointing sing along, hope they keep the hot women coming with many Bilson and Keibler returns.