Saturday, September 11, 2010

Weekly Picks

Back for another season. Week 1 is always difficult because we really don't know how teams will play. And neither do the oddsmakers so there are a lot of close spreads.

dallas -3 1/2 WASHINGTON
I really have no confidence in the Redskins this season and they always do poorly against the Cowboys, especially on Sunday/Monday night.

san francisco -3 SEATTLE
I think the Seahawks have the chance to be very very bad this season. I like the 49ers defense even though their offense is probably the equal to Seattle's.

baltimore +2 1/2 NEW YORK JETS
I hate the Jets this year. I think they are incredibly overrated and really bad on offense. I also don't even see their defense being as good this year as it was last year.

indianapolis -2 HOUSTON
The Colts always have bad preseasons then turn it on once the games start to count. I like the Texans this year but not against the Colts. They never beat the Colts.

miami -3 BUFFALO

Buffalo can quite possibly be the worst team in the NFL this year. The Dolphins, while not spectacular will do enough to win this game by at least a touchdown.

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The Swami said...

Betting all road teams = prett risky