Wednesday, November 03, 2010

The NFL is Poop - Week 8

I Guess the Big Story This Week Involves the Redskins
I didn't blame Mike Shanahan when he embarrassed Albert Haynesworth in the preseason and I don't blame him for embarrassing Donovan McNabb now. The Redskins were winning that game by 5 points with 4 1/2 minutes left and they had the ball. No way can you lose a game in that situation. But Donovan threw a horrible interception. Brining in Rex Grossman was probably hasty, but McNabb has shown no ability to string together a drive in clutch situations. He couldn't do it against Houston or Indianapolis. I feel strongly McNabb will be the starter after the bye against the Eagles. But in half a season I have learned why Eagles fans complained about him for 11 years.

How Bout Them Cowboys
Jerry Jones has to fire Wade Phillips. It's obvious the team has quit on him. Yes, Tony Romo is hurt, but they were bad with him too. And nothing makes me happier.

You Ain't So Bad
All the talk this year so far has been centered around how the 5 best teams in the league are in the AFC. Until the Steelers and Jets got thumped by NFC teams, the Saints and the Packers. I still think the AFC is a much stronger conference, but at least now we think it's competitive.

What a Dick
Randy Moss just got kicked off his second team in a month. Moss just can't keep his mouth shut. People like Moss, and Terrell Owens, think "keeping it real" means saying exactly what you think about everything at the exact moment you think it. Moss criticized Brad Childress's play-calling, said he love Belichick then said of the catering provided by the team "who ordered this crap? I wouldn't feed this to my dog." That did it. He's now looking for a new team, and no doubt he'll find one. I've heard the Rams mentioned, but I think that would be a big mistake to saddle Sam Bradford with that.

Josh Freeman is Good
I really like the Tampa Bay combination of Josh Freeman, LaGarrette Blount and Mike Williams. I think they are the foundation for a good team for many years, in addition to the strong defense they are building. Unlike McNabb, Freeman continues to make plays late in games to give his team the win. Freeman has six fourth-quarter comebacks in 16 career starts. "It's like he almost did that on purpose," coach Raheem Morris said. "He is throwing games to get another fourth-quarter comeback." Blount had one of the best runs I've ever seen to seal the game, combing a spin move and a hurdle to get the Bucs out of bad field position and prevent the Cardinals from getting the ball back.

This Could Be the Start of Something Big
Every year I fall in love with the Chargers. Every year they start slowly. Every year I give up on them. Every year they launch a huge comeback and win almost all the rest of their games. If that's to happen again, the win over the Titans was a good first step. Philip Rivers has been playing great, if the rest of the team (especially the special teams) joins him they will win the division again.

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